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Jakarta, Indonesia

Safitri D.,State University of Jakarta
Advanced Science Letters | Year: 2015

The purpose of this study provides a description of the learning model rhetorical argumentation in social media effectively and emancipatory. Learning model used is replication of the model Tolumin argument. The research method used is a case study with qualitative methodology. The results showed that the learning model of rhetorical argumentation in social media on political decisions Jokowi case studies, during the 100-day rule, shows that many claims are built not effective, because there are many people who ask for social media Jokowi think back on that decision. The data support the residents claim is weak leadership Jokowi as party officials. Warrants used social media community is a decision that raised volunteers Jokowi Jokowi, sitting as a leader in a number of strategic positions of government. © 2015 American Scientific Publishers. Source

Prayitno T.B.,State University of Jakarta
AIP Conference Proceedings | Year: 2013

We propose a schematic way to obtain solution of the outcoupled atom laser beam wave function in the presence of a source term where the beam is influenced by gravity. In this case, we only focus on the external potentials inside the region of Bose-Einstein condensate that are generated by electromagnetic source and gravity. Since the evolution of the atom laser beam can be portrayed through the ordinary Schrödinger equation with a source, we are allowed to express the general solution as the superposition of the homogeneous solution and particular solution. With the given external potentials and ansatz solutions, we attain that the obtained energy depends on the parameter constituting to the ratio between the longitudinal frequency and transverse frequency. © 2013 AIP Publishing LLC. Source

Kuncoro H.,State University of Jakarta
Economic Computation and Economic Cybernetics Studies and Research | Year: 2015

The impact of government expenditure shock on exchange rate is controversial. In standard macroeconomics theory of open economies, it is argued that an increase in government expenditure leads to an appreciation of the domestic currency. More recent papers, in contrast, find the opposite results. Unlike the previous studies, this paper synthesizes the two competing paradigms to empirically investigate whether it has had any relationship with the exchange rate stabilization instead of the exchange rate determination. After analyzing the quarterly data covering 1998-2012 in the case of Indonesia by employing auto-regressive distributed lag model, the study found that the impact of discretionary fiscal policy on the exchange rate stabilization typically depends on the characteristics of fiscal policy shock. In one hand, the government spending policy shock reduces the exchange rate volatility. In contrast, the discretionary of fiscal policy shock induces the exchange rate volatility. The results are robust across three types of exchange rates volatility specification. Those findings above suggest that fiscal policy should be conducted based on the fiscal rule to maintain exchange rates stabilization. © 2015, Academy of Economic Studies. All rights reserved. Source

Irnidayanti Y.,State University of Jakarta
Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences | Year: 2015

Heavy metals contamination on the coast of Jakarta Bay has led to the level of pollution and can cause toxicity to organisms living in the sea, i.e., green mussels. Green mussels have the ability to detoxify metals entering their bodies. Their ability to accumulate metals is higher than other aquatic animals. This is due to their sedentary life which prevents them from avoiding the effects of pollution and their high tolerance to certain metals. The high concentration of metal content would be toxic to the cell because metal ions can act as oxidants and bind to organic and protein molecules. The results of the study showed that traces of heavy metals were detected in the hepatopancreas, gills, muscles and gonads organs of the mussels living in the waters of Muara Angke. Lead (Pb) and cadmium (Cd) were found in all four organs, while mercury (Hg) was not detected in the muscles. Traces of Hg and Cd were not detected in hepatopancreas, gills, muscles and gonads of green mussels inPanimbang, while Pb was detected by 0.001 in the male gonads and 0.01 in hepatopancreas. The concentration of Pb in the male gonads are still below the acceptable limit and concentration of Pb in the hepatopancreas is relatively equivalent to the acceptable limit. Metal detection in the organs above shows that the Muara Angke waters tend to be polluted and have an impact on the mussels weight loss as a result of heavy metal toxicity. © 2015 Asian Network for Scientific Information. Source

Prayitno T.B.,State University of Jakarta
Journal of Physics: Conference Series | Year: 2014

We have constructed the equation of state of one-dimensional Gross-Pitaevskii equation by benefiting from the formulation of a single macroscopic particle partition function and then modeling N undistinguishable macroscopic particles in canonical ensemble. This macroscopic particle, in which two or more atoms include, is literally a condensate that can be observed as an assembly in the system. In this case, we suppose all condensates are confined in the anisotropic parabolic trap and interaction between two condensates can be ignored by applying semi infinite cigar-shaped trap. It is also shown that the equation of state is indeed an ideal gas with the new thermodynamic interpretation of volume and pressure. Moreover, Even though our resulting partition function was portrayed as a sum of exponential functions, we prove that the series is indeed convergent. © Published under licence by IOP Publishing Ltd. Source

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