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Santi V.M.,State University of Jakarta
AIP Conference Proceedings | Year: 2015

Resampling methods offer strategies to estimate the sampling distribution of a statistic. In this article, the problem involving the use of Bootstrap Method for estimating linear regression parameters have been indentified. We developed resampling Bootstrap algorithms for estimation of linear regression parameters. Computer programs were written in R for the implementation of these algorithms to estimate linear regression parameters. © 2015 AIP Publishing LLC.

Safitri D.,State University of Jakarta
Advanced Science Letters | Year: 2017

The purpose of this study is to describe, how the media constructs the business interest to women. This study examine texts produced by two popular news sites in Indonesia, which has a special section of women. The results showed that the media do some labels to the business interests of women as objects, which is labeled as a modern woman, trendy woman, a beautiful woman, and attractive woman. © 2017 American Scientific Publishers All rights reserved.

Putrawan I.M.,State University of Jakarta
Advanced Science Letters | Year: 2017

An organization is important thing to be studied since the quality of management process depends on how well organization is directed and managed. In this case, the key person who is responsible for is a leader and a manager. Therefore, organization supervisors could be leader and manager as well. So, how employees will perceive leadership might affect employees motivation based on employees self-efficacy is research question of this study. This is our research problems which is going to be solved by applying an Ex post facto method with 2×2 factorial design. Each cell of design has 12 sample and those three variables (leadership styles, selfefficacy, and motivation) have been measured by 5 categories scales. Most of the items have high items validity and reliability. The data analyzed by using two-way ANOVA. Research findings reveal that leadership (transformational vs transactional) and self-efficacy affect significantly employees motivation. There is an interaction effect between leadership and self-efficacy on motivation. It means that if employees have high self-efficacy, strong motivation of employees could be achieved when they perceive that leadership would be transformational. On the other hand, strong employees motivation could be attained when they perceive their leader are transactional, especially for those employees who are low in self-efficacy. Therefore, in trying to strengthen employees motivation, our focus would not be merely on what styles of leadership could be implemented, but employees self-efficacy might be needed to be taken into account. © 2017 American Scientific Publishers All rights reserved.

Wesnina,State University of Jakarta
Advanced Science Letters | Year: 2016

The Indonesian archipelago that stretches from Sabang (tip of Sumatra island) to Merauke (island of Irian) inhabited by various tribes. Various tribes establish their lives with the regulations of each so that they look into different cultures. The difference involves the clothes they wear, daily habits and use of equipment that they inherited from generation to generation. One characteristic of the famous Minang culture is matrilineal; the system makes women as a head of the family, which also means to be a family in a rumah gadang. This paper aims to explore a few of Minang culture related to bundo kanduang and symbolic meaning of clothing and found that Minang as one of the tribes in the archipelago, on the island of Sumatra, West Sumatra, has a specific culture and traditions of their ancestor. © 2016 American Scientific Publishers All rights reserved.

Tahki J.K.,State University of Jakarta
Advanced Science Letters | Year: 2017

Development of instruments in sport psychology is necessary regarding the number of sports existed until today. More specific instrument that are developed will be better because appropriating to the specific situation in the sport. This study aimed to develop an instrument of sources of sport-confidence for junior soccer player. The study was conducted during the month of March 2015 with 166 samples. Sample is junior soccer players aged fifteen to eighteen years old in Jakarta, Indonesia. Instruments such as questionnaires adaptation of Sources of sport-confidence concept by Vealey et al. which consists of a 9-dimensional and 45 questions, posted from strongly disagree (1) to the strongly agree (5). The results showed that the 33 questions that tested can be used to assess sources of sport-confidence for junior soccer player. Validity of the instrument ranged from 0.301 to 0.748. While the reliability of the instrument r = 0.918 (based on Alpha-Cronbach analysis). © 2017 American Scientific Publishers All rights reserved.

Novitaria I.,State University of Jakarta
Advanced Science Letters | Year: 2017

This research focuses on the role of public relation programs conducted by sport organizations in Indonesia in marketing the sport and improve the image of the sport. Public relation was very beneficial for an organization to manage a conducive organizational climate and created a good image in the eyes of the public, as well as in sports organizations. This research was used a qualitative descriptive design. The subjects that used in this studied were six sports organizations were chosen based on merit sports that follow multi events like SEA Games, ASEAN Games and the Olympic Games. The methods that used to collected data was by conducted depth interviews with public relations division or organization competent committee to answer questions related to the research problem of the six sport organizations. The results of this study stated that the role of public relations in sport organizations act as the role of a technician, while for public relations programs carried out by sport organizations only tentative of if there are sporting events. The suggestions for sports organizations was sport organizations have to make more sporting events and made it regularly especially the event in the country. In addition to made communication between the public and the sport organization, the organization’s public relations should be more proactive and innovative in making public relations programs and in making news, so it will be delivered to the public. © 2017 American Scientific Publishers All rights reserved.

Siregar J.S.,State University of Jakarta
Advanced Science Letters | Year: 2017

The use of clothing is used to understand the dynamics of community life in Yogyakarta Palace. It turned out that the use of clothing is not only natural but also coercion by the authorities. Paès Ageng is one of the official royal clothing worn in the wedding ceremony by the nobility including the king when it became the bride and groom. This research was produced using a variety of sources such contemporaries staatsblad, rijksblad, magazines, newspapers, serat, manuscripts, advertising sales and a photo with the aim of producing data that have high accuracy. This research shows the influence of Europe in bridal fashion Paès Ageng due to the process of interaction between the native and foreign officials in the region of Yogyakarta Palace which become part of the territory of the Dutch East Indies. © 2017 American Scientific Publishers All rights reserved.

In the end of 2015 is the time for Indonesia to enter the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) that will integrate with 10 Southeast Asia countries. AEC itself is expected can bring Indonesian economy to be better by expanding the market share. The applicability of AEC not only affects the free trade sectors, but also makes a various workers from ASEAN countries can compete to fill a variety sectors across the ASEAN countries. To be able to compete with other ASEAN countries, Indonesia must have qualified human resources. One of the ways that could be done is through the development of education in Indonesia in order to make high quality human resources. Meanwhile there are still a lot of inequality in Indonesia, both educational inequality and economic inequality itself. This study aims to determine the inequality of education and economic development within the framework of the preparation of AEC. The research methods used are descriptive statistics and statistical inference to know the relationships between the variables. The variables are National Exam on the other variables: Teachers’ Competency Test score, government expenditure in education sector (GE), Specific Allocation Fund of education. The study was conducted in 33 provinces of Indonesia in 2012–2013. From the results of the estimation using Eviews 7 software, are known that economic inequality education inequality variable positively affects UN inequality. © 2017 American Scientific Publishers All rights reserved.

As a methodology, bricolage has potential for connecting variable elements from multiple disciplines into a holistic research. Hence, bricolage will able to frame and locate art making as the heart of research. The flexibility of bricolage methodology led eclectic approach including tacit knowledge united into one academic project. This research compares utilization of bricolage methodology through observation and practices of installation art in postgraduate and undergraduate level in two countries: Australia and Indonesia. There are evidences that bricolage is a robust research methodology in both countries and levels. Using methodology of participant observation, this research highlights the power of bricolage in framing installation art practice in academic context. © 2017 American Scientific Publishers All rights reserved.

Kuncoro H.,State University of Jakarta
Journal of Environmental Management and Tourism | Year: 2016

The impact of exchange rate on tourism arrivals fluctuation has been well accepted in the frame work of demand function. However, literature on the influence of tourism arrivals on exchange rate stabilization revealed inconclusive. This paper attempts to analyze the economic importance of international tourism arrivals in Indonesia based on the question of whether tourism arrivals contribute to stabilize exchange rate. Estimation of monthly time series data for the period of 2004-13 presents that Hedrick-Prescott filtered cyclical components of tourism arrivals and exchange rate are co-integrated and bi-directional Granger-causality. The results of VAR present that cyclical characteristics of tourism arrivals are pro-cyclical to exchange rate implying that the increase in tourism arrivals induce the destination currency appreciation. These results indicate that tourism arrivals are sustainable inflow and have a big potency to absorb other external funding resources volatility in order to maintain adequate international reserve and therefore contribute to achieve the stable exchange rate. In such a case, improving the competitiveness of tourism sector should be an integral part of the exchange rate stabilization program. © 2016, ASERS Publishing House. All rights reserved.

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