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fortaleza, Brazil

The State University of Ceará is a public university in the Brazilian state of Ceará. It is the second largest university in Ceará and the eighth best state university in Brazil.Established in 1975 by the Act No. 9.753 which authorizes the State Executive Branch to create Ceará State Educational Foundation, UECE is the largest state university of Ceará. It is involved in teaching, research and science outreach in many areas of knowledge. Its structure consists of a network of campuses that privileges the courses aimed at the training of teachers. The undergraduate programs in Business Administration, Accounting and Psychology are among the best in the country according to Students Performance National Exam .It has ten campuses, two of them in Fortaleza . The other campuses are in the cities of Quixadá, Itapipoca, Crateús, Limoeiro do Norte, Iguatu, Tauá and Pacoti. Wikipedia.

This work reports the experience of implementation of the School Health Program (PSE) by a team from the Family Health Strategy (FHS) in a public school in Fortaleza-CE, Brazil. The activities included conference about the deployment of the PSE with teachers and members of the FHS, workshops with students, clinical and dental assessment for adolescents and delivery of Booklets of Adolescent Health. The implementation of the PSE allowed health professionals to perceive their social role as educators and provided adolescents a greater contact with the staff from FHS. The rapprochement between the school and the FHS is crucial to help teenagers to transform scientific knowledge into healthy behaviors. Source

Guedes M.V.,State University of Ceara
Revista brasileira de enfermagem | Year: 2013

The objective was to understand how users of an emergency service see the nursing action in the user embracement. Interviews were carried out with 382 service users from October 2008 to March 2009. We randomly approached subjects that were assessed in the embracement and they directed to the emergency ward. It was verified that even though most users (34.5%) reported having being assisted by the nursing team, few reported having been guided by some professional of the embracement team (49.2%). The major difficulties experienced by users referred to the lack of information on care and respect in the assistance. We emphasize the importance of more nursing activities in user embracement, understanding it as an activity not restricted to a service entrance. Source

Alencar G.,Federal University of Ceara | Landim R.R.,Federal University of Ceara | Tahim M.O.,State University of Ceara | Costa Filho R.N.,Federal University of Ceara
Physics Letters, Section B: Nuclear, Elementary Particle and High-Energy Physics | Year: 2015

A new mechanism, valid for any smooth version of the Randall-Sundrum model, of getting localized massless vector field on the brane is described here. This is obtained by dimensional reduction of a five dimension massive two form, or Kalb-Ramond field, giving a Kalb-Ramond and an emergent vector field in four dimensions. A geometrical coupling with the Ricci scalar is proposed and the coupling constant is fixed such that the components of the fields are localized. The solution is obtained by decomposing the fields in transversal and longitudinal parts and showing that this gives decoupled equations of motion for the transverse vector and KR fields in four dimensions. We also prove some identities satisfied by the transverse components of the fields. With this is possible to fix the coupling constant in a way that a localized zero mode for both components on the brane is obtained. Then, all the above results are generalized to the massive p-form field. It is also shown that in general an effective p and (p- 1)-forms cannot be localized on the brane and we have to sort one of them to localize. Therefore, we cannot have a vector and a scalar field localized by dimensional reduction of the five dimensional vector field. In fact we find the expression p= (d- 1)/2 which determines what forms will give rise to both fields localized. For D= 5, as expected, this is valid only for the KR field. © 2015. Source

Vieira H.S.,Federal University of Paraiba | Bezerra V.B.,Federal University of Paraiba | Muniz C.R.,State University of Ceara
Annals of Physics | Year: 2014

This work considers the influence of the gravitational field produced by a charged and rotating black hole (Kerr-Newman spacetime) on a charged massive scalar field. We obtain exact solutions of both angular and radial parts of the Klein-Gordon equation in this spacetime, which are given in terms of the confluent Heun functions. From the radial solution, we obtain the exact wave solutions near the exterior horizon of the black hole, and discuss the Hawking radiation of charged massive scalar particles. © 2014 Elsevier Inc. Source

Muniz C.R.,State University of Ceara | Bezerra V.B.,Federal University of Paraiba
Annals of Physics | Year: 2014

We calculate the electrostatic self-force on an electric dipole in the spacetime generated by a static, thin, infinite and straight cosmic string. The electric dipole is held fixed in different configurations, namely, parallel, perpendicular to the cosmic string and oriented along the azimuthal direction around this topological defect, which is stretched along the z axis. We show that the self-force is equivalent to an interaction of the electric dipole with an effective dipole moment which depends on the linear mass density of the cosmic string and on the configuration. The plots of the self-forces as functions of the parameter which determines the angular deficit of the cosmic string are shown for those different configurations. © 2013 Elsevier Inc. Source

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