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State College, MI, United States

State University | Date: 2012-06-14

Embodiments of embedded MEMS sensors and related methods are described herein. Other embodiments and related methods are also disclosed herein.

State University | Date: 2012-11-30

Disclosed herein are embodiments of an essential oil extraction apparatus. In some embodiments, the apparatus comprises a container configured to hold an essential oil-containing material, an essential oil extract receiver contained in the container, a condenser having an outlet fluidly coupled to the receiver and located relative to the container so as to receive essential oil-containing vapor emitted by the essential oil-containing material; and at least one microwave reflection structure associated with at least one of the container, the receiver or the condenser. The apparatus can have an overall dimension that is sufficiently small so that the apparatus fits inside a standard-sized kitchen microwave oven.

State University | Date: 2012-12-05

A method for making a pressure sensitive adhesive comprising: A method for making a pressure sensitive adhesive comprising:

State University | Date: 2013-04-02

Sensors include nano-porous alumina membranes that are sensitized by immobilization of antibodies in the nano-pores. The nano-membranes can be sensitized to respond to a single target compound, or different portions of the nano-membrane can be differently sensitized. Capture of the target compound can be detected based on a spectral signature associated with electrical conductance in the nano-pores.

State University | Date: 2012-12-24

A new and distinct cultivar of

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