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Kinasih I.,State Islamic University Sunan Gunung Djati
IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science | Year: 2017

Tomatoes is considered as one of important horticulture commodities which highly consume by Indonesia consumer. However, this horticulture product is perishable with high rate which reduce quantity and quality of marketable products. One of the method could be used to prevent this problem by application of edible biocoating. In this study, various concentration of ethanolic propolis extract was applied to tomatoes in order to find the effect of propolis coating in tomato preservation and best concentration for application. Tomatoes were grouped into 5 group, namely control group (no coating application), ethanol group (tomato wash with ethanol), and application group (coated with 5%, 10%, and 15% propolis). Variables observed during study were weight change, fruit firmness, total soluble solute, vitamin C, and lycopene. All tomatoes were kept in room temperature for 14 days and observation conducted every 2 days. Result showed that application of 10% propolis as biocoating reduced rate of weight loss and maintained fruit firmness while other variables relatively unaffected by propolis coating. © Published under licence by IOP Publishing Ltd.

Nasrudin A.,State Islamic University Sunan Gunung Djati | Viridi S.,Bandung Institute of Technology | Irwanto D.,Bandung Institute of Technology
Journal of Physics: Conference Series | Year: 2017

Ferrofluid have magnetic behavior. In this review, has study about mesoscale colloidal system. Coupling MPCD-MD method was constructed to build a charged particle flow base on mesoscale simulation in two dimension channel. Various variation of charge and temperature to observe behavior of viscous fluid. Particle interacted with each other and external field in two dimension system. The fluid is flow in same direction in x coordinate. This simulation that was presented here covers the essential flow effect due charge and temperature in the pipe geometry. Dynamic viscosity is rising when charge. And dynamic viscosity is tend to lower value when temperature is rising. © 2017, Institute of Physics Publishing. All rights reserved.

Nuryadin B.W.,State Islamic University Sunan Gunung Djati | Sawitri A.,State Islamic University Sunan Gunung Djati | Mahen E.C.S.,State Islamic University Sunan Gunung Djati | Nuryantini A.Y.,State Islamic University Sunan Gunung Djati
Journal of Physics: Conference Series | Year: 2017

ZnAl2O4: Mn4+ particle were synthesize using co-precipitation using NaOH and PVA as precipitating agent and surfactants, followed by microwave-assisted thermal treatment. The morphology properties and absorption spectral of particles were investigate using SEM and UV-Vis spectrometer. The results showed that the ZnAl2O4 particles has a spinel structure with various particle size. Absorption spectral exhibits that particle has a potential photo catalytic properties at visible light spectra, especially for the pollutant degradation. © Published under licence by IOP Publishing Ltd.

Sundari C.D.D.,Bandung Institute of Technology | Sundari C.D.D.,State Islamic University Sunan Gunung Djati | Martoprawiro M.A.,Bandung Institute of Technology | Ivansyah A.L.,Bandung Institute of Technology
Journal of Physics: Conference Series | Year: 2017

Dye Sensitized Solar Cell (DSSC) is one kind of low-cost third generation solar cell which employed organic or complex dye molecule as photon harvester. [Ru(H2dcbpy)2(SCN)2], known as N3 dye, one of the best sensitizer for DSSC, was the focus of this research. All calculations were carried out with Gaussian03, using B3LYP hybrid functional DFT and TDDFT for ground state geometry optimization and excited states calculations respectively. Basis setused in all calculations was 3-21G∗ for all elements. Polarized Continuum Model was used for modelling the complex in ethanol solution. Combination of 3-21G∗ basis set with PCM in N3 dye calculation achieve the better approach regarding to experimental absorption spectra. The last two maximum absorption peaks dominated by charge transfer excitation are red shifted in ethanol solution with respect to the gas phase. Electronic polarization between complex and solvent caused the structure to relax, permitting a greater charge separation. © Published under licence by IOP Publishing Ltd.

Sunaryo M.S.W.,State Islamic University Sunan Gunung Djati | Salleh Z.,University of Malaysia, Terengganu | Mamat M.,University of Malaysia, Terengganu
International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics | Year: 2013

In this paper, we study ecological model with a tritrophic food chain composed of a classical Lotka-Volterra functional response for prey and predator, and a Holling type-III functional response for predator and superpredator. There are two equilibrium points of the system. In the parameter space, there are passages from instability to stability, which are called Hopf bifurcation points. For the first equilibrium point, it is possible to find bifurcation points analytically and to prove that the system has periodic solutions around these points. Furthermore the dynamical behavior of this models are investigated. The dynamical behavior is found to be very sensitive to parameter values as well as the parameters of the practical life. Computer simulations are carried out to explain the analytical findings. © 2013 Academic Publications, Ltd.

Sambas A.,State Islamic University Sunan Gunung Djati | Sanjaya Ws M.,State Islamic University Sunan Gunung Djati | Halimatussadiyah,State Islamic University Sunan Gunung Djati
WSEAS Transactions on Systems | Year: 2012

Synchronization is considered as the complete coincidence of the states of individual systems. Such a regime can result from an interaction between systems or subsystems, as well as from the influence of external noisy or regular fields. In this paper, we have performed the design and numerical simulation of the synchronization between two identical coupled Rossler circuits and applied to a security system of communication. We have demonstrated in simulations that chaotic systems can be synchronized and this technique can be applied to signal masking communications by using MATLAB and MultiSIM programs. All simulations results performed on Rossler system, verify the applicable of secure communication.

Eka Putra R.,Bandung Institute of Technology | Kinasih I.,State Islamic University Sunan Gunung Djati
Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences | Year: 2013

Tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.) is considered as one of major agricultural commodity of Indonesia farming. However, monthly production is unstable due to lack of pollination services. Common pollinator agent of tomatoes is bumblebees which is unsuitable for tropical climate of Indonesia and the possibility of alteration of local wild plant interaction with their pollinator. Indonesia is rich with wild bees and some of the species already domesticated for years with prospect as pollinating agent for tomatoes. This research aimed to assess the efficiency of local honey bee (Apis cerana L.) and stingless bee (Trigona iridipennis), as pollinator of tomato. During this research, total visitation rate and total numbers of pollinated flowers by honey bee and stingless bee were compared between them with bagged flowers as control. Total fruit production, average weight and size also measured in order to correlated pollination efficiency with quantity and quality of fruit produced. Result of this research showed that A. cerana has slightly higher rate of visitation (p>0.05) and significantly shorter handling time (p<0.05) than T. iridipennis due to their larger colony demand and low reward provide by tomato flowers. However, honey bee pollinated tomato flowers more efficient pollinator than stingless bee (80.3 and 70.2% efficiency, respectively; p<0.05) even though the average weight and size of tomatoes were similar (p>0.05). Based on the results, it is concluded that the use of Apis cerana and Trigona spp., for pollinating tomatoes in tropical climates could be an alternative to the use of non-native Apis mettifera and bumblebees (Bombus spp.). However, more researches are needed to evaluate the cost/benefit on large-scale farming and greenhouse pollination using both bees against other bee species and pollination methods. © 2014 Asian Network for Scientific Information.

Maslani,State Islamic University Sunan Gunung Djati
Advances in Natural and Applied Sciences | Year: 2012

The article aims to analyze education process in the circle of Islamic Boarding School. As the oldest educational institution in Indonesia, Islamic Boarding School executes exceedingly noble duty that is to maintain and teach good conduct to the society. Based on the analitical result, it can be seen that the education process in the Islamic Boarding School runs quite conservativelly. In order to work effectivelly, it requires multicultural education process.

Achmad Sudja'i Dr. H.,State Islamic University Sunan Gunung Djati
Advances in Natural and Applied Sciences | Year: 2012

Unorganized truth can be beaten by organized lies or crimes. An organization needs a good leader who has qualified characteristic, leadership qualification, and he or she is smart, rational, communicative, sociological, anthropological, wise, mandatable and deliberated. This paper reveals designs, purposes, and concepts which can be used and applied in the leadership as a successful capital of an organization.

Effendi H.M.,State Islamic University Sunan Gunung Djati
Advances in Natural and Applied Sciences | Year: 2012

Islam urges and proposes the followers to have the prosperous life in this world and the hereafter (Al- Baqarah: 201). Qur'an also shows some verses which motivate the followers to have commitment in finding sustenance, just like Allah says: "So when you have finished [your duties], then stand up [for worship] sustenance" (Al-Inshirah: 7). Afterward, Allah also says: "And when the prayer has been concluded, disperse within the land and seek from the bounty of Allah, and remember Allah often that you may succeed" (Al- Jumu'a:10). Islamic law (sharia) is a part of islamic principles that becomes the source of legistation for the followers including the appearance of charity institutions designed in order to allocate Muslims' wealth correctly to the poor and needy people. Thus, the community economic institutions play important roles to formulate community welfare based on Al-Qur'an and Hadith. Afterward, people will get their prosperous life and the development of the institutions will move correctly.

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