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Sultanov K.S.,Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan | Khalikulov E.Kh.,State Enterprise Navoi Mining and Metallurgical Combine | Loginov P.V.,Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan
Gornyi Zhurnal | Year: 2013

There are considered the aspects of stability of Muruntau open pit edges and complex of high-angle conveyor KNK-270 during the interconnection of possible seismic loads and dynamic loads, which appear in the conditions of mining operations in open pit. The basic characteristics of dynamic loads were defined on the basis of obtained records of detectors of seismic signals of autonomous seismic monitoring complex, functioning in Muruntau open pit. Both dynamic loads appear because of large scale blasts in open pit, and because of functioning of the conveyor KNK-270. There were defined the amplitudes and frequencies of oscillations of blast and technological loads, which make an influence on open pit's eastern edge, where the conveyor KNK-270 is situated. Parameters of possible seismic loads were also defined on the basis of microseismic zoning methods. There is substantiated that seismic loads are the most significant dynamic loads. Amplitude technological loads are insignificant and constant. However they can cause the oscillations of high-angle conveyor in dangerous directions. That's why, all possible types of dynamic loads should be taken into account during the calculations of eastern edge stability. Source

Khalikulov E.Kh.,State Enterprise Navoi Mining and Metallurgical Combine
Gornyi Zhurnal | Year: 2013

Central Mining Department is the largest production facility of Navoi Mining and Metallurgical Complex. This facility has the following basic areas of activities: open cast mining of Muruntau gold deposit at Muruntau open pit; extraction of gold by heap leaching method; open cast mining of Dzheroi-Sardarinskoe phosphorites deposit at Tashkura open pit; manufacturing of phosphorite concentrate and ground phosphate rock; processing of gold-containing and phosphorite ores at Mining and Metallurgical Plant; works for mineral reserves increasing and following development of mineral raw materials base. Scientific investigations with participation of profile institutes of Uzbkistan, Russia and Ukraine are carried out for the purpose of improvement of mining technology. Central Mining Department of Navoi Mining and Metallurgical Combine has the following priority measures: development of Muruntau open pit to the depth of 950-1000 m; open-cast and underground mining of contour reserves of Muruntau deposit; involving of small-scale and anthropogenic mineral objects into development; development of gold heap leaching shop with re-orientation for processing of poor and off-balance ores of inner stripping of Muruntau open pit; construction of facilities for production of complex mineral ferlitizers on the basis of Dzheroi-Sardarinskoe deposit. Source

Rakhimov V.R.,Tashkent State Technical University | Pyankov A.G.,Tashkent State Technical University | Shemetov P.A.,State Enterprise Navoi Mining and Metallurgical Combine | Petrosov Yu.E.,Tashkent State Technical University
Gornyi Zhurnal | Year: 2013

An integral assessment of technical and economic indices of «open-ended» technology of the whole cycle of final marketable products manufacturing (subject to the influence of each technological conversion on the others) is an urgent task in the following conditions: exhausting of reserves of rich ores with development depth; more significant involving of poor and off-balance ores and anthropogenic splashes into extraction and processing; complex usage of mineral raw material resources. Researches and analysis of energy intensity of the basic stages of mining production and preparation of ore mass to concentration were carried out by the joint collaboration of scientists of Tashkent State Technical University and specialists of largest Uzbekistan open pits (Muruntau gold ore open pit and Kalmakir copper ore open pit). According to results of these researches, the numerical values of power inputs were stated in terms of developed rock strength and average size of blasted ore mass in Muruntau open pit. The basic conclusion of researches became the substantiation of technological and economic feasibility of redistribution of energy consumptions by intensification of drilling and blasting crushing of durable rock massifs. A new technology of intensive drilling and blasting crushing of ore mass is developed, proposed and directed on obtaining of average size of parts of broken ore mass, optimal for following conversions of mining production and ore mass processing. Source

Rakhimov V.R.,Tashkent State Technical University | Shemetov P.A.,State Enterprise Navoi Mining and Metallurgical Combine | Snitka N.P.,State Enterprise Navoi Mining and Metallurgical Combine
Gornyi Zhurnal | Year: 2013

Methods and technical means of formation of mineral raw material flow during the joint extraction of natural and anthropogenic mineral raw materials are shown by the example of open cast mining of Muruntau and Myutenbai deposits. Both deposits have significant sizes and open-pit mine reserves in horizontal and vertical projection. These deposits are characterized by complex structure of ore bodies with balance and off-balance ores and inclusions of conditionally waste rocks in one mine section. Specific character of these deposits substantiated the following operations: separate extraction, transporting and warehousing of ore mass into four grades, together with management of qualitative and quantitative parameters of open pit's mineral raw material flow and regulation of intensity of works in bottoms; wide range of mining operations both in vertical projection of open pit and in its working area; formation of mineral raw material flow not only for processing from open pit, but also for processing with usage of reserves of external stock locations of off-balance ore, with simultaneous increasing of its part in ore flow structure. On the basis of the carried out researches, an urgent scientific and practical task was solved for substantiation of technology and organization of formation of mineral raw material flow and its processing to marketable metal during the joint development of natural and anthropogenic deposits. The deposits are developed by realization of improved system of continuous projecting and planning of open cast mining. Mastering of the proposed system in joint open pit «Muruntau - Myutenbai» (Navoi Mining and Metallurgical Complex) makes it possible to prolong the period of effective (profitable) operation of «open pit - plant» complex and provides the obtaining of total economic effect of near 2.5 mln USD per year. Source

Sanakulov K.S.,State Enterprise Navoi Mining and Metallurgical Combine | Umarov F.Ya.,Tashkent State Technical University | Shemetov P.A.,State Enterprise Navoi Mining and Metallurgical Combine
Gornyi Zhurnal | Year: 2013

Together with increasing of open pit's depth, there takes place the sharp increasing of amounts of transported mined rock and range of its wheeled transport delivery to the surface. This increasing makes a negative influence on economic efficiency of opencast mining of this deposit. In this situation, transfer of open pit to the shortest way of mined rock delivery is a fundamental compensating decision. The shortest way of delivery of mined rock is carried out by installation of conveyor elevator on the pit edge, with preliminary crushing of transport material. Such transfer was realized at the Muruntau open pit (Navoi Mining and Metallurgical Combine). In 1984, the traditionnaly-designed elevator (elevation angle is 15°) was installed at this open pit for the purpose of overburden rocks transporting. Such elevator made it possible to provide the long-term efficient activity of enterprise. However, it gradually started to hold the development of mining at its installation boundary. As a result, it could not solve the problem of ore transporting from more and more deepen horizons of open pit. Unique high angle transporter (37°) with mined rock lifting height of 270 m and productivity of 3500 t/hour was introduced in 2011 on another edge of Muruntau open pit. Firstly, this transporter was oriented only on ore transporting. Nowadays, it became used for transportation of overburden rocks, by including of approximately half amount of the whole open pit materials traffic. Introduction of high angle conveyor at Muruntau open pit helped to realize the significant improvement of technical and economic indices of open pit's operation. Introduction of such facility to the deeper depth is planned to be realized. Source

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