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Boulder, CO, United States

Star Llc | Date: 2015-08-26

A cushion system includes an interchangeable cushion cover having atop member and a band portion extending downwardly from the top member. The band portion includes atop edge portion attached to the top member and a bottom edge portion. A bottom member is attached to the bottom edge portion and an interior space is defined between the top member, the band portion, and the bottom member. A bottom opening is defined in the bottom member that is arranged for insertion of a conformable cushion insert into the interior space and draining of the cushion insert while the bottom member retains the cushion insert within the interior space. A releasable fastener system is located within the interior space on the bottom member such that it is concealed within the cushion cover and is selectively attachable to and detachable from a bottom face of the cushion insert.

The present invention relates to illumination display(s) and/or communication devices. The device may contain one (1) or more lights and/or light emitting members, which may be arranged in certain configuration(s) to simulate Body Parts, other parts, and/or Accessories in or on humans, animals, objects, things, Fantasy Creatures or characters or things. The lights and/or light emitting members may illuminate in patterns in response to internal or external signal(s), such as sound(s), or music, or audio, phrases, and/or words. The lights and/or light emitting members in the eye and mouth complexes may illuminate in patterns to simulate crying in humans, animals, objects, things, creatures, Fantasy Creatures, characters, and/or things, as well as other eye, mouth or other movement(s) displayed by humans, animals, objects, things, creatures, Fantasy Creatures, fantasy characters, and/or fantasy things when feeling different kind of emotions, such as happiness, excitement, painfulness, anger, and/or sadness.

A light assembly includes a light source and a reflector having a reflective interior surface and a central opening. A toroidal-shaped toroid optic includes a central bore and the light source is positioned in the central bore. The toroid optic is positioned within the central opening of the reflector. A broadening lens is attached to the reflector and positioned adjacent to the toroid optic. The broadening lens includes a central optic.

Star Llc | Date: 2015-04-29

The invention is defined by an elongate member having a handle end and an opposite sock-engaging end. The member is longitudinally flexible and may be shaped into a generally frusto-conically shaped tube onto which a sock is applied. The sock-engaging lower portion includes longitudinally outwardly projecting shoulders, and preferably sock engaging structures, that engage the sock to retain the sock in place during use. Immediately adjacent to and contiguous with the sock-engaging lower portion is a heel portion that is flexible transversely to the longitudinal axis along the device and which defines a heel-receiving area where the users heel is placed when being used. Immediately adjacent to and contiguous with the heel portion is an elongate portion and an extended handle portion that the user grasps to pull the entire device upwardly to cause the sock to be properly placed on the users foot. With the users toes inserted into the top of the sock, held open by the lower sock-engaging portion and the users heel resting in the heel-receiving portion, the device is pulled upwardly by the user and the sock is pulled onto the users foot in a normal manner. The shoulders on the device cause resistance to the force that tends to pull the sock off the device and the sock is thus pulled onto the users foot in substantially the same way as the sock would be donned without the devicethe sock is released from the shoulders as the resistive force is overcome by the upward pulling action.

Star Llc | Date: 2015-04-06

A handle weighted bat according to various embodiments can include an elongated barrel portion. A handle weighted portion is included such that the largest concentration of mass is provided in the handle portion and for positioning the center of gravity within the handle portion of the bat. The handle weighted portion is configured as a one-piece, solid body construction that forms an integral knob and rod portion.

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