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Arlington, VA, United States

Stanley Inc. | Date: 2013-04-23

A closure lock has a wireless power coupling. The wireless power coupling is used to determine whether the closure is in an open or closed position.

Stanley Inc. | Date: 2013-07-16

A lock system is provided including a plurality of access point controls and at least one access memory device. The access memory device is configured to communicate information between access point controls.

Stanley Inc. | Date: 2014-01-24

A door closer assembly is configured to controllably close a door and to accommodate several door closer assembly installation configurations. The door closer assembly includes a housing that carries a pinion having a pinion shaft with a tri-lobe end portion. A closer arm having a tri-lobe opening is configured to receive the tri-lobe end portion of the pinion shaft in driving engagement. The tri-lobe end portion of the pinion shaft and the corresponding tri-lobe opening in the closer arm cooperate to limit the number of orientations that the closer arm may be connected to the pinion shaft.

Stanley Inc. | Date: 2013-12-13

A lock assembly includes a mounting fire plate configured for attachment to the door. A first lockset includes a lockset fire plate and a first operator assembly having a first operator handle. The first operator assembly is mounted to the lockset fire plate. At least one fusible link is configured to releasably couple the lockset fire plate of the first lockset to the mounting fire plate. The at least one fusible link is configured to melt during a fire condition to release the lockset fire plate from the mounting fire plate to facilitate a separation of the first lockset including the lockset fire plate from the mounting fire plate and the door by force of gravity.

Stanley Inc. | Date: 2013-12-16

A lock assembly includes an exterior operator assembly, an interior operator assembly, and a latch assembly. An outer spindle is operatively coupled to a latch assembly, is drivably coupled to the interior operator assembly, and has a longitudinal bore. A coupling mechanism is coupled to the outer spindle. A locking spindle assembly is rotatably received in the longitudinal bore, and is configured to selectively operate the coupling mechanism to couple the exterior operator assembly to the outer spindle upon actuation of a drive assembly. The locking spindle assembly has a fire compliant component made of a first material that melts during a fire to prevent operation of the latch assembly with the exterior operator assembly, and has a fire resistant component made of a second material and configured to block the longitudinal bore of the outer spindle to aid in preventing the spread of the fire through the door.

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