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New Britain, CT, United States

Stanley Black & Decker, Inc., formerly known as The Stanley Works, is a Fortune 500 American manufacturer of industrial tools and household hardware and provider of security products and locks headquartered in New Britain, Connecticut Wikipedia.

Stanley Black & Decker | Date: 2015-09-11

According to an embodiment, a toolbox includes a housing, one or more drawers received in the housing, and a handle extending from the housing. The handle comprises a pair of spaced grasping surfaces connected by a central grasping surface, the spaced grasping surface and the central grasping surface each spaced from the housing. According to another embodiment, a toolbox includes a housing and one or more drawers slidably received in the housing. The one or more drawers each comprise an integral latch, and the housing comprises an integral latch receptacle. Closing the drawer of the toolbox with a first amount of force does not engage the integral latch with the latch receptacle, while closing the drawer of the toolbox with a second amount of force automatically engages the integral latch with the latch receptacle, securing the one or more drawers within the housing.

Stanley Black & Decker | Date: 2015-08-21

Disclosed is a rule assembly having a housing, a reel rotatably mounted in the housing, an elongated blade wound on the reel and extendable through an opening in the housing, and an end hook member attached to the elongated blade. A hook portion extends downwardly below a bottom surface of the housing when the blade is in a fully retracted position. The housing has an opening having an upper portion disposed above the blade, and a flexible cover overhanging the opening to inhibit or prevent penetration of debris therein. The cover is flexed by the end hook member upon impact by force (e.g., when dropped) and permits movement of the end hook member into the opening to reduce deformation of the end hook member. Optionally, a grip cover made of elastomeric material is provided on the housing and the cover is part of the grip cover.

Stanley Black & Decker | Date: 2015-08-25

A reel assembly includes a housing, an axle within the housing, a reel within the housing, a first spring and a second spring. The housing has a fixed connection portion. The fixed connection portion is fixed from rotation relative to the housing. The axle is configured to rotate about an axis of rotation. The reel is configured to rotate about the axis of rotation and the axle. The first spring is coupled between the axle and the fixed connection portion of the housing. The second spring is coupled between the axle and the reel. The second spring has a torque profile associated therewith different from a torque profile of the first spring. Rotation of the reel relative to the housing in a direction tending to tension the second spring transmits rotational movement to the axle through the tensioning of the second spring. Such rotational movement of the axle is applied to the first spring to tension the first spring.

Stanley Black & Decker | Date: 2013-03-11

Embodiments generally relate to a clamp. In one embodiment, the clamp includes a bar, and a first jaw, movable along the bar and positioned on a first side of the bar. The clamp also includes a second jaw positioned on the bar on a second side of the bar, opposite the first side. The clamp also includes an actuator for moving the first jaw toward the second jaw for clamping one or more workpieces, and the actuator includes one or more drive plates operatively coupled to the bar when the first jaw is in a driving mode.

Stanley Black & Decker | Date: 2015-03-23

A composite level and a method to manufacture the composite level are provided. A composite level can have three layers of material. A first layer comprises a glass-mat material, a second layer comprises carbon fiber, and a third layer comprises a glass fabric material. A composite level can also have only two layers of material. At least one bubble vial is mounted on the level body. The method to manufacture the carbon fiber composite level comprises a pultrusion process wherein a fiber glass material and carbon fiber are saturated with resin and molded into a final shape.

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