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Los Angeles, CA, United States

Mount Saint Mary's University is a private, independent, Catholic liberal arts college, primarily for women, in Los Angeles, California, United States. The college was founded in 1925 by the Sisters of St Wikipedia.

Gabard D.L.,Chapman University | Lowe D.L.,Mount St. Marys College | Deusinger S.S.,Washington University in St. Louis | Stelzner D.M.,University of Colorado at Denver
Journal of Allied Health | Year: 2013

BACKGROUND: Empathy is a human emotion that is important in the effective provision of health care and amenable to change through explicit and implicit experiences in an individual's life. This study measured levels of empathy in students pursuing doctoral degrees in physical therapy and compared the influence of professional education at different institutions on these levels. METHODS: Our cross-sectional, two-cohort, multisite study used a modified version of the Jefferson Scale of Physician Empathy, Student Version, to investigate empathy levels at enrollment, mid-curriculum, and end-of-curriculum. Statistical tests of differences were performed between institutions, within institutions for each cohort across the three time points, and within institutions between cohorts. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics, ANOVA, and the least squared difference test. Alpha was set at 0.05 for main test of difference and 0.04 for all post-hoc tests. RESULTS: For both cohorts, empathy levels differed significantly between institutions at program entry (Cohort 1, p=0.0150; Cohort 2, p=0.0273); within institutions the two cohorts were similar at the beginning of the first semester. In Cohort 1, no significant changes occurred within any institution; students at the two institutions with higher entering scores maintained their higher scores at the end of the last didactic semester. Students in Cohort 2 showed significant differences in empathy levels at the end of the last didactic semester within and between institutions (p=0.0251; p<0.0001). CONCLUSIONS: Empathy levels may differ at enrollment for PT students at different institutions even with similar recruitment approaches and no significant differences in student demographics between institutions. Despite uniform accreditation requirements for curriculum content, significant differences between institutions did exist in the last didactic semester in Cohort 2 but not Cohort 1. The direction and magnitude of such changes were not explained by institutional characteristics. This study challenges assumptions that measurements of empathy in students at one institution can be generalized to students at other institutions and that one cohort in the same institution can predict another cohort. © 2013 Association of Schools of Allied Health Professions, Wash., DC.

Bolterstein E.,Tufts University | Bolterstein E.,Training in Education and Critical Research Skills TEACRS | Rivero R.,Tufts University | Marquez M.,Mount St. Marys College | And 2 more authors.
Genetics | Year: 2014

Members of the RecQ family of helicases are known for their roles in DNA repair, replication, and recombination. Mutations in the human RecQ helicases, WRN and BLM, cause Werner and Bloom syndromes, which are diseases characterized by genome instability and an increased risk of cancer. While WRN contains both a helicase and an exonuclease domain, the Drosophila melanogaster homolog, WRNexo, contains only the exonuclease domain. Therefore the Drosophila model system provides a unique opportunity to study the exonuclease functions of WRN separate from the helicase. We created a null allele of WRNexo via imprecise P-element excision. The null WRNexo mutants are not sensitive to double-strand break-inducing reagents, suggesting that the exonuclease does not play a key role in homologous recombination-mediated repair of DSBs. However, WRNexo mutant embryos have a reduced hatching frequency and larvae are sensitive to the replication fork-stalling reagent, hydroxyurea (HU), suggesting that WRNexo is important in responding to replication stress. The role of WRNexo in the HU-induced stress response is independent of Rad51. Interestingly, the hatching defect and HU sensitivity of WRNexo mutants do not occur in flies containing an exonuclease-dead copy of WRNexo, suggesting that the role of WRNexo in replication is independent of exonuclease activity. Additionally, WRNexo and Blm mutants exhibit similar sensitivity to HU and synthetic lethality in combination with mutations in structure-selective endonucleases. We propose that WRNexo and BLM interact to promote fork reversal following replication fork stalling and in their absence regressed forks are restarted through a Rad51-mediated process. © 2014 by the Genetics Society of America.

Fields D.A.,Utah State University | Giang M.,Mount St. Marys College | Kafai Y.B.,University of Pennsylvania
Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning Conference, CSCL | Year: 2013

Most research in massive online youth communities has focused on understanding patterns of participation and collaboration in games, social networks, and virtual worlds. Few studies have examined the nature and dynamics in amateur design communities where youth contribute content they have designed themselves. In this paper, we examine quantitative trends of participation in a youth design site focused on programming. Scratch is an online community with over 1 million registered youth designers 11-18 years of age. Drawing on a random sample of 5,000 youth programmers and their activities over three months in early 2012, we examined log files that captured the frequency of their contributions and comments on the site, making visible distinct classes of users who engaged in different sets of practices that support design on a collective scale. In the discussion we discuss implications for the design of collaborative spaces, tools, and communities. © ISLS.

Jokinen N.,University of Northern British Columbia | Janicki M.P.,University of Illinois at Chicago | Keller S.M.,American Academy of Developmental Medicine and Dentistry | Mccallion P.,University at Albany | Force L.T.,Mount St. Marys College
Journal of Policy and Practice in Intellectual Disabilities | Year: 2013

To assist families and organizations in their planning for extended care that accompanies the diagnosis of dementia, the National Task Group on Intellectual Disabilities and Dementia Practices (NTG) in the United States adopted a set of practice guidelines covering the period from when suspicions are aroused to when care ends with eventual death. These guidelines are drawn from the research literature as well as clinical experiences and demonstrated best practices. The guidelines delineate what actions should be undertaken and are presented in a manner that reflects the progressive nature of prevalent dementias. To enable the development of the most appropriate and useful services and care management for adults with intellectual disabilities affected by dementia, the NTG adopted the staging model generally accepted for practice among generic dementia services. The staging model follows the flow from a prediagnosis stage when early recognition of symptoms associated with cognitive decline are recognized through to early, mid, and late stages of dementia, and characterizes the expected changes in behavior and function. In keeping with the National Plan to Address Alzheimer's Disease recommendations for earlier and more widespread efforts to detect possible symptoms, the guidelines cite the application of the NTG-Early Detection Screen for Dementia as a first step in documenting early signs of cognitive and functional changes among people with intellectual disabilities. The guidelines also provide information on nonpharmacological options for providing community care for persons affected by dementia as well as commentary on abuse, financial, managing choice and liability, medication, and nutritional issues. © 2013 International Association for the Scientific Study of Intellectual Disabilities and Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

Mount St. Mary's College | Date: 2012-07-16

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