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Gupta M.,SreeBalaji Medical College and Hospital | Seth A.,Kasturba Hospital | Parijatham B.O.,SreeBalaji Medical College and Hospital
Biomedicine | Year: 2011

Giant fibroids are known to arise from uterus but occasionally, from broad ligament also. One such case is presented here, which was clinically diagnosed to be an ovarian tumor.

Parthiban R.,Government Trichy Medical College and Hospital | Anand S.,SreeBalaji Medical College and Hospital | Vishnupriya R.,Government Stanley Medical College and Hospital | Mathiazhagan S.,Government Stanley Medical College and Hospital
Research Journal of Pharmaceutical, Biological and Chemical Sciences | Year: 2015

Depression is the most prevalent mental disorder and depression is recognized to be symptomatically, psychologically and biologically heterogeneous. The complexity of daily life in modern society frequently leads to varying degree of anxiety and depression. Mood, depression and anxiety disorders havebeen found to be associated with chronic pain among medical patients in both developed and developing countries. These considerations implicate the search for new anxiolytic and antidepressant agents that havea fast onset of action present with less side effects and a wider safety margin. Mustard is among the oldest recorded spices as seen in sanskrit records dating back to about 3000BC (8) and was one of the first domesticated crops. Brassica nigra (Mustard) is used as remedy for the following few problems:-Bronchitis, Muscular and skeletal pains.It stimulates circulation in pain area and thus help to relieve pain.The plant is a folk remedy for arthritis, foot ache, lumbago, and rheumatism. The seed is used in the treatment of tumours in China. In Korea, the seeds are used in the treatment of abscesses, cold, lumbago, rheumatism, and stomach disorders. The root is used as a galactagogue in Africa. The present study has been undertaken with the following to evaluate the antidepressant action of ethanolic extract of Brassica nigra by forced swim test in albino rats and swiss mice.

Sumitha R.,SreeBalaji Medical College and Hospital | Narayan V.,SreeBalaji Medical College and Hospital
Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical and Clinical Research | Year: 2014

Objective-Cholesteatoma has been discussed in all International and National conferences periodically because it is an enigma. The treatment options keep on changing due to sustained recurrence even after perfect surgery. It is a silent killer and therefore is of utmost importance to diagnose and treat this condition early to reduce the mortality and morbidity. Method-In this study we discuss in detail about the etiopathogenesis and various modalities of treatment of Cholesteatoma with reference to modern surgical management. This study has been done in our hospital for a cross section of patients attending the outpatient department during the period January 2012 to Sep 2013 with evidence of cholesteatoma. Various aspects of the disease including age, socio economic status, clinical presentation, Per Op findings and complications were also analysed. Results-In this study of 30 patients with cholesteatoma all of them underwent surgery-Modified Radical Mastoidectomy with exenteration of all accessible diseased air cells. The disease was common in middle aged females of lower socio economic class. The incidence of complication due to disease was 30% [n=9]. The Post op follow up showed recurrence in only 20% [n=6]. Conclusion-Cholesteatoma is one of the entities in ear which requires immediate attention to prevent devastating complications. In the present era with the advent of higher antibiotics and advanced surgical methods the incidence of complications has drastically come down and the disease is also managed more effectively with least morbidity. This study aims to be a comprehensive one to throw light on the dimension of this disease and its management.

Girinath Venkat J.,SreeBalaji Medical College and Hospital | Alexander J.,SreeBalaji Medical College and Hospital | Jayapriya J.,SreeBalaji Medical College and Hospital
Research Journal of Pharmaceutical, Biological and Chemical Sciences | Year: 2015

A case of malrotation of midgut loop with right para duodenal hernia in an adult male who presented with recurrent abdominal pain, vomiting and features suggestive of intestinal obstruction .Intestinal rotation is a well-known cause of obstruction in neonates and children and may present as midgut volvulus. Thiscondition is uncommon in adults and may present as vague intermittent abdominal pain or sometimes acutely as upper GI obstruction. CT abdomen showed abnormally positioned duodenojejunal flexure on the right side of abdomen suggesting mal- rotation. Clustered and dilated small bowel loops with narrow mesenteric pedicle and features of closed loop obstruction were seen in the right para duodenal region suggesting internal hernia. The diagnosis of malrotation with or without associated complications like internal hernia or volvulus should always be kept in mind when evaluating adult patients with symptoms of vomiting and pain.

Einstien A.,Chettinad Hospital and Research Institute | Kumar P.,Chettinad Hospital and Research Institute | Einstien D.,SreeBalaji Medical College and Hospital
Research Journal of Pharmaceutical, Biological and Chemical Sciences | Year: 2015

Bone tumors may be benign or malignant. The need for accurate preoperative local staging techniques to allow planning of limited or limb-saving surgery in patients with primary bone sarcoma has fostered an interest in radiologic staging techniques. The modalities used in analyzing bone tumors include: a) conventional radiography, b) computed tomography (CT), c) magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) andd) surgical/histo-pathological examination. In this study, the role of imaging modalities and various MRI sequences in evaluating primary bone tumors were analysed. 1) To compare the role of plain radiograph, CT and MRI in the evaluation of bone tumors and correlate with the surgical and histo-pathological findings. 2) To determine the role of various MR sequences in primary bone tumors. In this five year study, 50 patients who had strongly suspected (clinically or radiographically) primary malignant neoplasm arising from bone underwent the following procedures: Plain radiograph, CT and MR. All the imaging findings were recorded and compared with the surgical/histopathological examination. Statistical analyses were made with IBM SPSS software version 20.0. Conventional radiography yielded the most useful information about the location and morphology of a lesion, whereas, CT was excellent in demonstrating the type of bone destruction, calcifications, ossifications and periosteal reaction and MRI was crucial in the evaluation of intraosseous and extraosseous extensions of a tumor. Both MRI and CT have advantages and disadvantages, and circumstances exist in which either can be the preferential or complementary study.

Nithya A.S.,SreeBalaji Medical College and Hospital | Norman P.,Karpaga Vinayaga Medical College | Uma Devi,Sree Balaji medical college | Shankar U.,Sree Balaji medical college
Research Journal of Pharmaceutical, Biological and Chemical Sciences | Year: 2015

Rhinosporodiosis is defined as a chronic granulomatous disease of the mucous membranes of the nasal cavity which is usually characterized by polyps or other forms of hyperplasia and caused by a yeast like microorganism, Rhinosporidium seeberi. It is one of the most common granulomatous condition of the nose which is characterised by nasal obstruction, epistaxis, rhinoorhea, foreign body sensation. In about 70% of the caes, the usual presentation site is the nasal cavity. It also occurs in connjunctiva and lacrimal apparatus of the eye in 15% of the cases. Skin, genital organs, rectum, mouth and upper airway is also affected in 15% of the cases. Diagnosis is confimed through a biopsy of the polyp which shows several round or oval shaped sporangia bursting through the chitinous wall when seen under a microscopy. The following is a detailed case discussion of a case of rhinosporodiosis in a 47 year old female who was treated and cured in our clinic.

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