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Enix, Japan

An image display program executed in an image display apparatus includes a display section that displays an image, and the program causes the image display apparatus to function as: an image size determiner that determines whether an image size satisfies a predetermined condition; an image size adjuster that adjusts the image size, when it is determined by the image size determiner that the image size does not satisfy the predetermined condition, in a state where the ratio of vertical length and horizontal length of the image is maintained; and an image displayer that displays the adjusted image by the image size adjuster in the display section, when the image size does not satisfy the predetermined condition, and displays an image stored by an image size storage in the display section, when the image size satisfies the predetermined condition.

An information processing apparatus obtains a number of fragments existing on a straight line defined by each pixel of a rectangular image into which a 3D scene is to be rendered for a predetermined viewpoint and a viewpoint, and divides a two-dimensional region in a screen coordinate system corresponding to the rectangular image into a plurality of regions which are processing units for which a predetermined calculation is performed. The apparatus divides the two-dimensional region into different regions by one or more straight line such that a difference in summations of the numbers of fragments included in the regions after the division becomes a minimum.

An information processing apparatus analyzes an importance distribution in a render target range for which a three-dimensional scene is to be rendered in a perspective for generating a map for use in rendering the three-dimensional scene. The apparatus acquires eigenvectors of the importance distribution by performing principal component analysis on the distribution. In a case where the eigenvectors of the distribution satisfies a predetermined condition, the apparatus rotates the importance distribution such that a direction defined by the eigenvector is to be a predetermined direction, and determines the number of pixels assigned to each partial region based on the rotated distribution.

Square Enix Co. | Date: 2015-08-18

A computer that executes processing for game content, for which a plurality of kinds of roles are arranged, in which operation corresponding to at least a portion of the roles is assigned to players, is caused to execute processing for acquiring device information including at least one of a specification of the computer and a usage condition, processing for determining one role of the plurality of kinds of roles based on the acquired device information, and processing for executing the processing for the game content for the determined one role in accordance with operation input by a player.

To provide an electronic-book display processing program for displaying a passage of an electronic book which has the same content as a paper book on a display portion of a terminal device based on electronic book data including reflowable document data, which allows a computer to execute a passage specifying function which extracts part of the electronic book data including data corresponding to a passage written in a page of the paper book corresponding to a page number based on the page number of the paper book designated by the user through an operating portion of the terminal device, a page-number specifying function which specifies a page number of a page of the paper book in which at least part of display information is written from the electronic book data based on the display information of the electronic book displayed on the display portion.

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