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Shanghai, China

Spreadtrum Communications, Inc. is a fabless semiconductor company headquartered in Shanghai, China which produces chipsets for mobile phones. It is the world's 17th-largest fabless semiconductor company measured by 2011 revenues.The company originally produced chips for GSM handsets, but most of its resources are now focused on the Chinese TD-SCDMA 3G standard. In addition to GSM and combined GSM/TD-SCDMA baseband chipsets, Spreadtrum also supplies chips for two Chinese mobile TV standards: TD-MBMS and CMMB. Spreadtrum's customers accounted for 50% of TD-SCDMA handset sales in China Mobile's current round of TD-SCDMA trials.In June 2008 the company's stock had fallen to a 52 week low owing to stalled sales, Later, the stock has increased steadily, reaching an all-time high in November 2011.Spreadtrum agreed an acquisition by Tsinghua Unigroup in July 2013 for about $1.78 billion; the deal completed on 23 December 2013. Wikipedia.

Spreadtrum Communications | Date: 2015-08-06

Embodiments include a novel receiver architecture to optimize receiver performance in the presence of interference. In various embodiments, the presence of interference is detected, and the relative frequency location of the interference is detected. The relative frequency location specifies whether the frequency of the interference is high side (above the desired signal, i.e., at a higher frequency) or low side (below the desired signal). The receiver is configured based on the detected interference and relative location thereof. For a device such as a cellular phone that operates in a dynamic and changing environment where interference is variable, embodiments advantageously provide the capability to modify the receivers operational state depending on the interference.

Spreadtrum Communications | Date: 2015-07-02

A call verification system in mobile terminals, including a calling/called unit, and the calling unit includes: a verification code acquiring module, a packaging module, a transmitting module; the called unit comprises a receiving module, a storage module, an analysis module, a verification code module and a call control module. A method includes steps of acquiring and packaging the verification code; transmitting verification code while calling; parsing and acquiring the verification code at the called terminal; matching the verification code with the standard verification code and intercepting the mismatched call establishment request. The effects are achieved without configuration of a mobile network and the service of operators; no delay for the users no effect on existing communication business; intercepting crank calls without answering or hanging up.

Spreadtrum Communications | Date: 2015-03-18

A mobile terminal includes: a peripheral interface having four terminals; an I2C interface; a first detection unit adapted to detect if an I2C device is inserted into the peripheral interface; and a first control unit adapted to, when the first detection unit detects there is an I2C device inserted into the peripheral interface, connect the I2C interface with the peripheral interface, such that the I2C interface is connected with the detected I2C device plugged in the peripheral interface. Accordingly, information exchange between mobile terminals and I2C devices can be achieved, thus adaptability of the mobile terminals can be expanded.

Spreadtrum Communications | Date: 2015-05-21

A USB charger, a mobile terminal, and a charging method are provided. The USB charger for charging a mobile terminal, includes a first logic control unit through which bidirectional communication is established between the USB charger and the mobile terminal, wherein the first logic control unit is configured to: send, to the mobile terminal, a first signal which includes a maximum output capability of the USB charger; receive, from the mobile terminal, a second signal which indicates magnitude of a voltage requested by the mobile terminal; and adjust a voltage output from the USB charger to be consistent with the voltage requested by the mobile terminal. Accordingly, the USB charger and the mobile terminal can communicate with each other through a single signal wire. Thus, the voltage output from the USB charger can be intelligently controlled, so as to charge the mobile terminal in a fast, safe, and simply way.

Method and apparatus for controlling startup of RTS/CTS mechanism is provided. The method includes: obtaining a noisy level of a channel based on the number of first data received by a first terminal in a first period, where the first terminal is a STA or an AP in a wireless network, and the first data include aggregation frames or non-aggregation frames; and if the noisy level is greater than or equal to a noisy level threshold, controlling the first terminal to start up the RTS/CTS mechanism when data is transmitted in a second period which is following and adjacent to the first period along a time axis. The noisy level of the channel may be obtained in real time, and the RTS/CTS mechanism may be controlled to be started up reasonably in real time, so that channel resources is utilized sufficiently, and a throughput rate is improved.

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