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Naperville, IL, United States

Spraying Systems Co. | Date: 2013-10-10

A fluidized bed coating apparatus for coating liquid onto the surfaces of particles directed into a coating chamber. A liquid spray nozzle assembly disposed below a hollow separator within the coating chamber includes an ultrasonic atomizer for atomizing coating liquid into a fine liquid particle cloud and a pressurized air directing air cap for forming the ultrasonically atomized fine liquid particle cloud into a cone shaped spray pattern and propelling the liquid particles through the separator into an upbed region of the coating chamber for recirculation in an outbed region, and through the separator. A cooling air passageway system is provided within the spray nozzle assembly for cooing the ultrasonic atomizer during operation.

Spraying Systems Co. | Date: 2014-08-26

The disclosure describes a method for operating a flow-control valve that includes comparing a desired flow with an actual flow through the valve and re-calibrating a valve iso-curve at periodic intervals when the actual flow falls outside of a predetermined threshold relative to the desired flow. When operating in a nested control loop based on a control parameter, a flow setpoint is selected based on the control parameter and maintained independently of pressure across the flow-control valve.

Spraying Systems Co. | Date: 2012-11-15

A liquid flow monitoring device for monitoring the supply of liquid to a spray nozzle including a deflectable check valve in a liquid supply passage to the spray nozzle, a light sensing device having a light emitter and a light receiver disposed on opposite sides of the check valve, the check valve being deflectable into at least partially obstructing relation to a light beam directed from the light emitter to the light receiver as an incident to liquid flow through the monitoring device to the spray nozzle, and a control system for receiving signals from the sensing device.

Spraying Systems Co. | Date: 2013-07-24

An internal mix air atomizing spray nozzle assembly having a nozzle body that defines a central liquid flow passage, an air guide for directing pressurized air within the nozzle, and a downstream air cap having an upstanding impingement post and a plurality of discharge orifice defining passages about the impingement post. The air cap passages each are oriented at compound angle with respect to a central axis for discharging atomized liquid flow streams in a conical spray pattern swirling in a predetermined rotative direction about the central axis, and the impingement post has a diffuser cap that defines a flat central liquid impingement surface and an outer annular array of non radial diffuser veins for directing the atomized liquid and pressurized air in a swirling fashion about the impingement post in the same relative direction as the swirling spray pattern from the air cap passages.

Spraying Systems Co. | Date: 2014-04-23

A modular spray gun manifold having a plurality of spray gun modules arranged in a lateral array each separated by an adjacent support assembly. Each spray gun module has a central liquid passage communicating with a spray nozzle and a transversely oriented liquid inlet port communicating through an outer side of the spray gun module for connection with an independently controllable liquid supply. The spray gun modules further include a recirculation port communicating between the central passageway and a recirculation conduit in an adjacent support assembly. A control valve of each module is operable when in open spraying position for blocking communication of liquid from the central passageway to the circulation port and when in a valve closing position blocking the liquid flow to the spray nozzle while redirecting liquid from the liquid inlet to the recirculation port for recirculation through the manifold array.

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