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Parsippany, NJ, United States

Spinal USA | Date: 2013-03-13

A bone plate screw-blocking system and method that comprises a plate with at least two bone screw receiving holes, blocking elements, bone screws, and a tool capable of simultaneously actuating at least two blocking elements. The plate includes an upper surface and a lower surface with bone screw receiving holes that extend through both surfaces of the plate. The bone screws couple the plate to the bone via the bone screw receiving holes. The blocking elements are movably positioned proximate each bone screw receiving hole. In an initial unblocked position, the blocking elements do not cover the bone screw receiving holes. Upon movement into final blocked positions, the blocking elements cover at least a portion of the bone screw receiving holes and preferably extend over at least a portion of the bone screw during use.

Spinal USA | Date: 2014-11-07

Pedicle screws that can include a pedicle screw body, housing, plurality of clamps, rod, and set screw are disclosed herein. The clamps may be positioned side by side inside the lower portion of the housing. When the rod and set screw are provided in the housing, the set screw applies a force on the rod and the rod engages the plurality of clamps, causing the clamps to frictionally engage a head of the pedicle screw between the clamps.

Spinal USA | Date: 2014-12-29

This invention concerns a vertebral body replacement element to be inserted into an intervertebral space, thus supporting the spinal column of a patient. The present invention further concerns a system and method for expanding and distracting a vertebral body replacement into and within the spinal column of a patient.

A retractor assembly for defining a working channel to a surgical site for conducting minimally invasive spinal surgery includes a plurality of relatively articulable components. Temporary interconnections are formed between adjacent sidewalls of the components to hold the components in a desired configuration, such as in a closed triangular form. The components are articulable relative to each other for adjusting the working channel or for performing surgical functions.

Devices and methods are provided for assisting with spinal stabilization. One or more spinal stabilization systems can be coupled to one or more tower access devices for delivery to target locations in a patient. The spinal stabilization systems can include a bone screw, a housing for the bone screw and a spinal rod. A screw delivery device can be inserted through the tower access device and used to anchor the bone screws to the spine. A rod delivery device can be used to insert the rod along the tower access devices to the housings. A rod reducer can thread onto the tower access device and urge the rod into position. A hinge can couple two tower access devices at a desired lateral spacing while allowing some pivotal movement of the access devices. Systems, kits, and methods combining and utilizing the aforementioned devices are also provided.

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