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Houston, TX, United States

Spectrum | Date: 2015-02-24

Methods, apparatus and computer program products allow a user of DSL or the like to implement user preferences to the extent feasible in light of operational limits and conditions. In some embodiments, an operational profile is imposed on the user. User preference data is evaluated to determine the extent to which one or more user preferences can be implemented in light of the operational profile. One or more controllers can assist in collecting user preference data, evaluating the user preference data, operational data and other data and information, and implementing user preferences as feasible. Evaluation of the user preference data and operational profile and/or data can include considering the compatibility of the users preferences and the operational profile and/or data. Controllers assisting users can include a local controller at the users location, one or more upstream-end local controllers, one or more remote location controllers, and/or one or more other downstream-end device controllers at locations other than the users location. Data and information can be shared among the various controllers, either using the DSL system itself or using a proprietary or other alternative data system.

Spectrum | Date: 2015-02-13

An electric hand-held apparatus for trimming hair includes a housing having an inlet at the upstream end for receiving air and hair clippings into an airway that extends within the housing to an exhaust. The apparatus also includes a vacuum source and a cutting assembly. Additionally, the apparatus includes a motor having a motor output shaft rotatable about a motor axis. The motor axis is parallel to and transversely offset from a vacuum-source axis of rotation. The at least one reciprocating blade is driven by the motor at a first speed. The vacuum source is driven by the motor at a second speed greater than the first speed.

At&T and Spectrum | Date: 2015-08-07

A method for detecting a defect in wiring in a DSL system. The method includes collecting data including instantaneous values, a history of values, and/or parameters relating to a central office or customer premises equipment, analyzing a line for a wiring defect based on the collected data, and reporting whether or not a wiring defect was detected responsive to the analyzing step.

Spectrum | Date: 2015-03-13

A wirelessly operable cooking appliance for cooking food products includes a wireless communication device. A computing device, such as a smartphone, can wirelessly communicate with the cooking appliance to control and monitor the cooking appliance.

An expandable vertebral body replacement is presented. The device has an inner and outer housing longitudinally moveable on one-another which locks in place using a retention member. This can be locked or fortified by several described options. Also presented is a method for expanding said device embodiments and a system for an expandable vertebral body replacement.

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