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Warminster, PA, United States

Skowronek K.,Poznan University of Technology | Wozniak A.,SP Industries
Eksploatacja i Niezawodnosc | Year: 2013

The methods of A.C. generator diagnostics are discussed. The need of developing new methods is justified. A new classification method is presented that is used for diagnostics of A.C. generator damages. Features of the method are specified. Functioning of the method is analyzed based on examination of damages of A.C. generator diodes. The method is compared with other methods of electric machine diagnostics used in practice.

Santos R.G.D.,University of Sao Paulo | Santos R.G.D.,SP Industries | Coelho R.T.,University of Sao Paulo
Journal of Manufacturing Science and Engineering, Transactions of the ASME | Year: 2014

The chatter phenomenon can severely limit the power available for milling. The stability lobe diagram (SLD) is a very fast and simple method to predict the chatter free zone, allowing the selection of the most adequate spindle speed and depth of cut for higher productivity. However, the data used to calculate the SLD, coming from frequency response functions (FRFs), must be acquired adequately to improve the predictability. FRFs result differently depending on the activation of the spindle electronic control. The present work uses SLDs to investigate these differences and experimental end milling tests to assess the accuracy of SLDs curves. Results indicate that the inclusion of spindle electronic control provides better accuracy in predicting the chatter in milling. © 2014 by ASME.

Agency: Cordis | Branch: FP7 | Program: BSG-SME | Phase: SME-2013-1 | Award Amount: 1.45M | Year: 2014

A large amount of wastewater in the form of oil-in-water is generated in different industries such as olive mills, metal processing and offshore oil and gas. The wastewater treatment equipment market was worth >1 billion in 2010. All the industries face the same problems: to separate emulsified oil from water in a cost-effective way and to handle large volumes of oily waste in an economical way. Among available technologies membrane processes exhibit undisputable advantages over the conventional approaches, especially in treatment of highly emulsified oily wastewater. The O-WaR project aims to develop an integrated process able to efficiently remove emulsified oil from wastewater, to reuse treated water, to recover by-products in wastewater and to reduce volumes of oily waste for disposal. Our solution consists of a SiC membrane coated with an anti-fouling layer, an Induced Gas Flotation (IGF) unit for membrane concentrate treatment and a NF/RO unit for purification of SiC permeate and/or valuable by-products recovery from wastewater. The O-WaR technology will be able to remove >99% of oil, solids and chemical oxygen demand, making treated oily wastewaters to easily meet discharge or reuse requirements, and produce <2% oily waste for off-site disposal, greatly reducing waste disposal cost. In the case of olive mill wastewater (OMW) treatment the O-WaR technology can effectively recover valuable by-products in OMW and create high values (up to 700/kg of recovered small phenolics for functional food, nutraceuticals and cosmeceuticals) for the industry. With the O-WaR technology we expect an annual profit of 1.4 million generated in an OMW treatment plant (20,000 m3/year capacity) and a total annual OPEX savings of 0.17 million for a metal processing factory with 20,000 m3/year wastewater produced compared to using a conventional technology. Also, the SMEs in this project are predicted to have a market opportunity of 11.7 million in first 5 years post project.

SP Industries | Date: 2015-12-22

gas supply lines, valve manifold assemblies and computer software used in freeze drying equipment for controlling nucleation during freezing in lyophilizers.


SP Industries | Date: 2015-04-10

vacuum pumps, namely, rotary vane, cole principle, roots blowers and oil-less for evaporation and freeze drying ; peristaltic pumps; automated laboratory glassware washers; industrial machinery for generating a stream of filtered, dehumidified and thermally controlled gas for industrial use; components of vacuum pumps, namely, vapor traps; structural parts and components for the aforementioned goods. knives, forks and spoons with special built-up handles for handicapped persons; shears; personal grooming items, namely nail clippers, structural parts and components for the aforementioned goods. laboratory equipment, namely, distillation units, laboratory filters, photometers, incubators, freeze dryers, freeze drying equipment, namely, lyophilizers, controlled temperature baths, , vacuum pumps, embryo freezers, electric inoculators, centrifuges, pumps, grinders, shakers and stirrers, and rotators and vacuum dryers; scientific apparatus and instruments, namely, centrifugal, rotary, vortex and nitrogen blow-down evaporators; laboratory equipment, namely, temperature and density measuring instruments, vacuum and temperature instrumentation and recording devices; laboratory equipment, namely, testing and research chambers, namely, controlled temperature, humidity and lighting chambers; temperature controlled immersion and direct contact probe coolers for laboratory use, namely, electronic component testing; laboratory equipment for generating a stream of filtered, dehumidified and thermally controlled gas for laboratory use; laboratory equipment, namely automatic valves and electric valve actuators used in testing electronic components, circuit boards and electromechanical devices; temperature controls for medical, research, and commercial laboratories and processes; computer software used for scientific and industrial testing of laboratory equipment; programmable computer based control systems for temperature control and thermal management systems, centrifugal evaporation and concentration equipment, lyophilization systems, freeze dryers, temperature measurement, magnetic stirring and dry ice makers comprised of LCD display screens, control panel, microprocessor, human-machine interface, programmable logic controllers and graphical user interface software ; scientific glassware and related components, namely, air sensitive laboratory glassware, beakers, burets, microscope condensers, distilling apparatus for scientific purposes,flasks, funnels, homogenizers, test tubes, microlab glassware, pipets, stopcocks for use on laboratory glassware, automatic valves and vials; laboratory equipment and supplies, namely glass and plastic bottles, graduated containers for measuring liquids, dispensers, scoops, beakers, flasks, racks, containers, test tubes, desiccators and safety glasses, safety goggles; small animal apparatus in the form of restrainers and surgical tables; fire extinguishers and refills therefor; glass tubes for use in nuclear magnetic resonance instruments; Laboratory equipment, namely, plastic,rubber and elastomer closures, seals and stoppers for laboratory bottles; Reaction systems for catalyst research; Laboratory equipment, namely, microscope slides; laboratory glassware in the shape of a cone; Laboratory equipment, namely, pipette racks; Laboratory equipment and supplies, namely, test tubes and polypropylene tube connectors for use in connection therewith; Hand-operated laboratory tools for manipulating laboratory samples; Laboratory equipment, namely, plastic, rubber and elastomer closures, seals and stoppers for laboratory bottles; Protective gloves for industrial use; structural parts and components for the aforementioned goods. Orthopedic walkers; medicine dispensing cups; syringe containers; Patient x-ray radiation shields; incontinence sheets and covers; dropper bottles and irrigating eye wash bottles for medical surgical and hospital uses; invalid and convalescent vacuum feeding cup for persons who cannot use a regular drinking cup; plastic disposable tongue depressors; convalescent gowns for men and women; polycarbonate pencil holders to aid persons who have lost muscular control of fingers; plastic utensils hand clip for holding spoons or forks used by persons who have difficulty in grasping and holding small utensils; polycarbonate page turners used to aid persons who have difficulty manipulating pages; clear vinyl flexible tubing for dental, medical and surgical use in transfusion and administering drugs; Blood containers for medical purposes sold empty; Blood tubing sets for medical purposes comprised of tubing and rods, clamps, racks and holders for holding and storing test tubes; Protective gloves for medical use; Medical procedure tables; personal grooming items consisting of specialty toilet fittings and equipment to assist in toileting of disabled persons; structural parts and components for the aforementioned goods. industrial apparatus for evaporating volatile solvents, namely, centrifugal, rotary, vortex and nitrogen blow-down evaporators; Freeze drying equipment, namely, lyophilizers; vacuum dryers for use in laboratories; Gas condensers, other than parts of machines; solvent waste condensers and exhaust condensers; recirculating fluid chillers for use in industrial applications, namely, with lasers, plasma etchers, diffusion pumps, graphite furnaces, reaction vessels, sputtering equipment, vacuum systems, electron microscopes and power supplies; temperature controlled immersion and direct contact probe coolers for use in industrial applications, namely, nuclear magnetic resonance instruments and electronic component testing; centrifugal evaporators for use in biological, pharmaceutical, environmental and industrial applications; industrial freeze and vacuum dryers for use in biological, pharmaceutical, chemical, educational, agricultural, industrial and food applications; cooling systems comprised of low temperature coolers used in medical, research, and commercial laboratories and processes; freezers, freeze dryers; non-coin operated dry ice making machines and compactors therefore, sold as a unit, and immersion and infrared heaters for commercial use; Equipment for thermal management of materials, namely freezing baths for use in histology and pathology labs; freeze concentrators namely freeze dryers used to concentrate samples for laboratory and industrial use; Process chillers that provide temperature controlled fluid to various applications in the analytical, semiconductor, laser, plastics and packaging markets; Laboratory equipment, namely, ductless fume enclosures and drying cabinets; structural parts and components for the aforementioned goods. domestic utensils and containers consisting of adaptive plates bowls, knives, forks, spoons, cups, mugs and bottles for use by the disabled; personal grooming containers and tools consisting of denture baths, cleaning sponges; Stirring rods; Glass vials and ampoules for medication sold empty; Glass and plastic bottles sold empty; polycarbonate snap-on food bumpers to keep food from falling off a plate; structural parts and components for the aforementioned goods. repair, maintenance, installation services for laboratory and pharmaceutical and biotech production equipment; validation and commissioning services for laboratory and pharmaceutical and biotech production equipment, namely, providing assistance in the installation of laboratory and pharmaceutical and biotech production equipment; restoration in the field of machinery equipment and parts thereof, for use in the pharmaceutical, chemical, industrial and food industries; and restoration in the field of pharmaceutical, industrial, chemical and food freeze dryers, lyophilizers and vacuum dryers. scientific and technological services and research and development relating to dryers, evaporators and thermal control systems; design and development of computer control software and systems therefor; Testing or research on electricity.

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