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Western Springs, LA, United States

Southeastern Louisiana University is a state-funded public university in Hammond, Louisiana, United States. It was founded in 1925 by Linus A. Sims, the principal of Hammond High School, as Hammond Junior College, located in a wing of the high school building. Sims succeeded in getting the campus moved to north Hammond in 1928, when it became known as Southeastern Louisiana College. It achieved university status in 1970. Wikipedia.

In this study, the anterior testicular ducts of the North American natricine snake Seminatrix pygaea are described using light and electron microscopy. From the seminiferous tubules, the rete testis passes into the epididymal sheath, a structure along the medial border of the testis heavily invested with collagen fibers. The rete testis consists of simple, nonciliated cuboidal epithelium (principal cells). The intratesticular ducts of the rete testis are narrow (50-70 lm) at their junction with the seminiferous tubules, widen (80-100 lm) as they extend extratesticularly, and divide into smaller branches as they anastomose with the next tubules, the ductuli efferentes. The ductuli efferentes are lined by simple cuboidal epithelium but possess nonciliated principal cells as well as ciliated cells. These are the only ducts in the male reproductive system with ciliated cells. The ductuli efferentes are narrow (25-45 lm), divide into numerous branches, and are highly convoluted. The ductus epididymis is the largest duct in diameter (240-330 lm), and the diameter widens and the epithelium thins posteriorly. The ductus epididymis is lined by nonciliated, columnar principal cells and basal cells. No regional differences in the ductus epididymis are apparent. Ultrastructural evidence suggests that all of the nonciliated principal cells in each of the anterior testicular ducts function in both absorption and secretion. Absorption occurs via small endocytic vesicles, some of which appear coated. Secretion is by a constitutive pathway in which small vesicles and a flocculent material are released via a merocrine process or through the formation of apocrine blebs. The secretory product is a glycoprotein. Overall, the characteristics of the anterior testicular ducts of this snake are concordant with those of other amniotes, and the traditional names used for snakes are changed to conform with those used for other sauropsids and mammals. © 2009 Wiley-Liss, Inc.

Sommerfeld T.,Southeastern Louisiana University
Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation | Year: 2013

States formed by attachment of excess electrons to molecules or clusters can be broadly classified into valence and nonvalence states, but many of these states do have both, some valence and some nonvalence character. Here a new analysis scheme for this type of state is presented. It is based on considering the density of the excess electron as a function of the distance to the nearest atom, and this vantage point yields, in the first place, an intuitive picture akin to the well-known atomic radial distribution function, and, in the second place, a distance-from-the-atoms measure that is directly related to the nonvalence character of the excess electron. As a first test the analysis scheme is applied to the occupied orbitals of the water monomer, the water hexamer, and benzene, and its properties are contrasted to those of other frequently employed measures, such as the radius of gyration. Then its utility is demonstrated for three anions: CH3NO2-, which has both a valence and a nonvalence state, NaCl-, whose ground state has been classified as valence or nonvalence by different authors, and two conformations of the water hexamer anion, (H2O)6, the so-called AA isomer, which supports a surface state, and a Kevan-like structure, which has served as a model for a cavity state. © 2013 American Chemical Society.

Sommerfeld T.,Southeastern Louisiana University
Journal of Chemical Physics | Year: 2010

Full-valence complete-active-space self-consistent-field and coupled-cluster methods are used to investigate excitation and electron detachment energies of the Al 4- cluster anion. Both, Al4 and Al 4-, have electronic structures with many low-energy electron configurations and exhibit accordingly pronounced configuration mixing. The complete-active-space self-consistent-field calculations show that all low-energy states of the neutral and the cluster anion can nevertheless be characterized by a single configuration, and in contrast to Møller-Plesset perturbation theory, coupled-cluster methods are found to recover enough static correlation to describe these states accurately. Coupled-cluster methods are then used to find minimal-energy structures of four states of the anion and four states of the neutral cluster, the respective ground states are identified, and vertical and adiabatic detachment energies are computed. The computed vertical detachment energies suggest that the first peak in the experimental photoelectron spectrum consists of at least three different transitions, and the computed excitation energies corroborate the conclusions from the analysis of the recently observed delayed detachment from excited Al 4- ions in an electrostatic trap. © 2010 American Institute of Physics.

Billingsley L.,Southeastern Louisiana University
Clinical nurse specialist CNS | Year: 2013

The purpose of this mixed-methods pilot study was to explore the feasibility of using Second Life to conduct research and to describe nurses' experiences in using Second Life to facilitate nursing journal clubs. A QUAN→qual sequential design using survey and qualitative methods was used to guide scientific inquiry. Survey data were analyzed using descriptive statistics, and t, Mann-Whitney U, and χ tests were used to test for presurvey and postsurvey group differences. Journal club screencast recordings were thematically analyzed. This study was conducted in an Internet-accessible, 3-dimensional multiuser virtual environment. A convenience sample of registered nurses from 7 facilities consented to participate. Completed data from 29 presurveys and 20 postsurveys were included in data analyses. Overall, nurses reported a benefit in using Second Life to facilitate journal clubs. The Mann-Whitney U test identified (P < .05) improvement in 7 of 8 critical appraisal competencies after journal club activities: determining design, determining population, interpreting statistics, linking findings/conclusions, identifying limitations, identifying implications, and interpreting qualitative findings. Qualitative analyses of screencastings validated reports of improved critical appraisal competencies and identified 3 inworld themes: presence, learning strategies, and learning outcomes. Registered nurse study participants reported a benefit of using Second Life for nursing journal clubs. Participants perceived and demonstrated improvement in critical appraisal competencies. Further research is warranted on outcomes associated with nurses' appraisal of evidence for application to practice using a multiuser virtual environment.

Culotta A.,Southeastern Louisiana University
SOMA 2010 - Proceedings of the 1st Workshop on Social Media Analytics | Year: 2010

Rapid response to a health epidemic is critical to reduce loss of life. Existing methods mostly rely on expensive surveys of hospitals across the country, typically with lag times of one to two weeks for influenza reporting, and even longer for less common diseases. In response, there have been several recently proposed solutions to estimate a population's health from Internet activity, most notably Google's Flu Trends service, which correlates search term frequency with influenza statistics reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). In this paper, we analyze messages posted on the micro-blogging site Twitter.com to determine if a similar correlation can be uncovered. We propose several methods to identify influenza-related messages and compare a number of regression models to correlate these messages with CDC statistics. Using over 500,000 messages spanning 10 weeks, we find that our best model achieves a correlation of .78 with CDC statistics by leveraging a document classifier to identify relevant messages. Copyright 2010 ACM.

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