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Fremont, CA, United States

Soraa Inc | Date: 2015-07-20

A light control apparatus comprising a first region, a second region and a connector rotationally coupling the first region to the second region, wherein a cumulative refraction angle is selectable based upon a relative rotation angle of the first region with respect to the second region and wherein a rotation angle with respect to the first and second region and an axis controls a steering of a light beam.

Soraa Inc | Date: 2015-07-17

The present invention is directed to a laser light source for a vehicle.

Soraa Inc | Date: 2015-01-20

A method for manufacturing a multi-emitter laser diode device includes providing a substrate having a surface region and forming epitaxial material overlying the surface region, the epitaxial material comprising an n-type cladding region, an active region comprising at least one active layer overlying the n-type cladding region, and a p-type cladding region overlying the active layer region. The epitaxial material is patterned to form a plurality of dice, each of the dice corresponding to at least one laser device, characterized by a first pitch between a pair of dice, the first pitch being less than a design width. Each of the plurality of dice are transferred to a carrier wafer such that each pair of dice is configured with a second pitch between each pair of dice, the second pitch being larger than the first pitch.

Soraa Inc | Date: 2015-04-28

LED lamp systems having improved light quality are disclosed. The lamps emit more than 500 lm and more than 2% of the power in the spectral power distribution is emitted within a wavelength range from about 390 nm to about 430 nm.

A method for fabricating LED devices. The method includes providing a gallium and nitrogen containing substrate member (e.g., GaN) comprising a backside surface and a front side surface. The method includes subjecting the backside surface to a polishing process, causing a backside surface to be characterized by a surface roughness, subjecting the backside surface to an anisotropic etching process exposing various crystal planes to form a plurality of pyramid-like structures distributed spatially in a non-periodic manner on the backside surface, treating the backside surface comprising the plurality of pyramid-like structures, to a plasma species, and subjecting the backside surface to a surface treatment. The method further includes forming a contact material comprising an aluminum bearing species or a titanium bearing species overlying the surface-treated backside to form a plurality of LED devices with the contact material.

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