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Bothell, WA, United States

The disclosed technology features methods for the manufacture of electrical components such as ultrasound transducers. In particular, the disclosed technology provides methods of creating an ultrasonic transducer by connecting one or more multi-layer printed circuits to an array of ultrasound transducer elements. In one embodiment, the printed circuits have traces in a single layer that are spaced by a distance that is greater than a pitch of the transducer elements to which the multi-layer printed circuit is to be connected. However the traces from all the layers in the multi-layer printed circuit are interleaved to have a pitch that is equal to the pitch of the transducer elements. The disclosed technology also features ultrasound transducers produced by the methods described herein.

Systems and methods which implement a plurality of different imaging signatures in generating an image frame are shown. A first imaging signature may be configured for providing relatively high quality images with respect to subsurface regions of living tissue, for example, whereas a second imaging signature may be configured for providing relatively high quality images with respect to interventional instruments inserted into living tissue at a steep angle. Image sub-frames generated using each such different imaging signature are blended to form a frame of the final image providing a relatively high quality image of various objects within the volume being imaged.

Sonosite | Date: 2015-10-19

The use of power-efficient transmitters to establish acoustic wave energy having low undesirable harmonics is achieved by adjusting the transmitter output waveform to minimize the undesirable harmonics. In one embodiment both the timing and slope of the waveform edges are adjusted to produce the desired output waveform having little or no second harmonics. In the embodiment, output waveform timing adjustments on the order of fractions of the system clock interval are provided. This then allows for very fine control of a coarsely produced waveform. In one embodiment, the user can select the fine tuning to match the transmitter output signal to a particular load transducer.

Sonosite | Date: 2014-03-11

Matching layers configured for use with ultrasound transducers are disclosed herein. In one embodiment, a transducer stack can include a capacitive micromachined ultrasound transducer (CMUT), an acoustic lens, and a matching layer therebetween. The matching layer can be made from a compliant material (e.g. an elastomer and/or an liquid) and configured for use with CMUTs. The matching layer can include a bottom surface overlying a top surface of the transducer and a top surface underlying a bottom surface of the lens.

A progressive beamformer in an imaging system includes a number of stages. A first stage delays and combines a number of received data streams to align the streams to a point of interest on a first beamline. The first stage feeds a number of subsequent stages that operate to buffer and re-delay at least a portion of the data streams received from a previous stage in order to align the data streams to a point of interest on a new beamline. In one embodiment, each stage operates to reduce the number of data streams that are passed to a subsequent stage without suffering from grating lobes. A beam reclamation process includes a number of stages that receive data streams from end elements in order to produce reclaimed beams that are added to beamline produced in a mainline beamforming process in order to produce output beamlines.

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