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Serrette R.,Santa Clara University | Nolan D.,Solon Inc
Practice Periodical on Structural Design and Construction | Year: 2017

In cold-formed light-frame steel construction, wood structural panels can be connected to framing members with adhesives, staples, pins, and screws. Although screws are the most commonly specified fastener, steel pins have been used in construction for many years. Unlike that of screws, the design of connections with pins is still largely based on manufacturer-provided data. This paper examines the behavior of shear connections in which wood structural panels are attached to cold-formed steel framing using knurled steel pins. The results of a series of tests are presented for a range of thicknesses of cold-formed steel and wood structural panels. On the basis of observed behavior, expressions are proposed to compute connection peak-shear strength. The expressions are given in a form that can be easily adapted for other pin-connection configurations. © 2017 American Society of Civil Engineers.

Farber B.Y.,Solon Inc | Durant B.,Divisional Metallurgical Laboratory | Bedesi N.,Divisional Metallurgical Laboratory
Minerals Engineering | Year: 2011

The effect of media size and properties on milling efficiency, media wear, and power consumption will be discussed. A predictive model has been developed and was verified by analyzing results of laboratory trials in a mineral grinding application. Recent developments in high density media capabilities for a range of feed types and particle sizes will be presented. © 2011 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

Topper R.,Maine Stay Design | Kessler K.,Solon Inc
ASHRAE Transactions | Year: 2015

A process in which gases are recovered in a series of regenerative filters, which contain internal heat exchangers, is presented. Gases that are collected on the sorbent material are then recovered during regeneration at high temperature. Finally, the filters are cooled and placed back into service. The focus of this paper is the use of a vapor-compression refrigeration system to recover heat from the filter being cooled and transferring it to the filter undergoing regeneration. Most importantly, a flash-gas phase is incorporated, by which a major portion of the total heat exchange is accomplished. At the beginning of a cycle change, the filters to be heated and cooled are isolated from the system and their pressures are equalized. Liquid refrigerant is then admitted to the high-temperature filter wherein it flashes, cooling that filter and increasing local pressure. The flash gas then migrates to the low-temperature filter, where it condenses at the lower saturation pressure, thereby transferring heat to that device. The flashing continues until both components reach equilibrium temperature and pressure. This flash heat transfer is essentially instantaneous, and, compared to using only vapor compression, it greatly reduces cycle time and conserves energy. © 2015 ASHRAE.

Tye J.,Solon Inc
Trustee : the journal for hospital governing boards | Year: 2012

Organizational culture and values can impact every aspect of hospital operations.

Different aspects of industrial zirconia oxygen sensor probes, i.e., design and application limits are discussed in details. Special consideration is given to the practical aspects of the oxygen sensor design.

Paffel K.,Solon Inc
Chemical Engineering (United States) | Year: 2013

Steam-trap sizing refers to the internal discharge orifice for condensate, not to be confused with the size of the steam trap's end connections. Three pieces of information will assist you in finding a steam trap with a properly sized orifice: differential pressure across the orifice, condensate capacity, and maximum steam pressure in the system. When consulting tables or approaching the manufacturer's sales representative, you will need this information. Also, you should have on hand your maximum system temperature. Finally, you will specify the end connection or piping size (for instance, 3/4-inch). To increase your chances of succeeding, consider training in sizing and installation. Further, standardize wherever possible within your plant. For example, limit the number of manufacturers of steam traps in your plant to no more than two.

Shuk P.,Solon Inc | Jantz R.,Solon Inc | Guth H.-U.,TU Dresden
International Journal on Smart Sensing and Intelligent Systems | Year: 2012

Calcium doped lanthanum and yttrium manganite electrode materials with oxygen deficiency and low polarization resistance (<30Ω*cm 2 at 600°C) were tested in new advanced electrochemical sensor for the oxygen measurements. Oxygen sensor with oxide electrodes was showing fast response(t 95~5s at 600°C), good reproducibility (±0.04% O2) and long term stability at different oxygen concentration.

Shuk P.,Solon Inc | Jantzt R.,Solon Inc
Proceedings of the International Conference on Sensing Technology, ICST | Year: 2014

NEMCA known for the increasing the catalytic activity/selectivity of the gas exposed electrodes was investigated for the potentiometric zirconia oxygen sensor activation. Electrochemical promotion of O2-sensors with Pt-cermet electrodes aged in the field was significant with up to 5 times in the impedance reduction. Stability test on the NEMCA activated O2-sensors was showing just a minor impedance increase. Sensor response time was reduced by NEMCA effect by ~5-10% with up to 3 times signal noise reduction on the aged O2-sensors.

Tye J.,Solon Inc
Trustee : the journal for hospital governing boards | Year: 2010

A struggling hospital re-examines its values and turns employee and patint satisfaction around.

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