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San Jose, CA, United States

Solar Junction Corporation | Date: 2015-01-30

Multijunction solar cells having at least four subcells are disclosed, in which at least one of the subcells comprises a base layer formed of an alloy of one or more elements from group III on the periodic table, nitrogen, arsenic, and at least one element selected from the group consisting of Sb and Bi, and each of the subcells is substantially lattice matched. Methods of manufacturing solar cells and photovoltaic systems comprising at least one of the multijunction solar cells are also disclosed.

Solar Junction Corporation | Date: 2015-02-05

Resonant cavity power converters for converting radiation in the wavelength range from 1 micron to 1.55 micron are disclosed. The resonant cavity power converters can be formed from one or more lattice matched GaInNAsSb junctions and can include distributed Bragg reflectors and/or mirrored surfaces for increasing the power conversion efficiency.

Solar Junction Corporation | Date: 2015-11-06

A lattice-matched solar cell having a dilute nitride-based sub-cell has exponential doping to thereby control current-carrying capacity of the solar cell. Specifically a solar cell with at least one dilute nitride sub-cell that has a variably doped base or emitter is disclosed. In one embodiment, a lattice matched multi junction solar cell has an upper sub-cell, a middle sub-cell and a lower dilute nitride sub-cell, the lower dilute nitride sub-cell having doping in the base and/or the emitter that is at least partially exponentially doped so as to improve its solar cell performance characteristics. In construction, the dilute nitride sub-cell may have the lowest bandgap and be lattice matched to a substrate, the middle cell typically has a higher bandgap than the dilute nitride sub-cell while it is lattice matched to the dilute nitride sub-cell.

Solar Junction Corporation | Date: 2015-12-28

An alloy composition for a subcell of a solar cell is provided that has a bandgap of at least 0.9 eV, namely, Ga

Solar Junction Corporation | Date: 2014-03-14

Multi junction solar cells and methods for making multi junction solar cells are disclosed. Back-contact-only multi junction solar cells wherein the side facing the sun, is capable of withstanding environments for use in space are disclosed.

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