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Moissy-Cramayel, France

Snecma S.A. is a French multinational aircraft and rocket engine manufacturer headquartered in Courcouronnes, France. Alone or in partnership, Snecma designs, develops, produces and markets engines for civil and military aircraft, launch vehicles and satellites. The company also offers a complete range of engine support services to airlines, armed forces and other operators. Snecma is a subsidiary of Safran. Wikipedia.

A method is provided for determining at least one faulty piece of equipment from amongst a plurality of pieces of equipment of an aircraft. A system is also provided that implements the method. The method comprises the steps of reading a plurality of predetermined parameters for monitoring said equipment; defining a list of symptoms associated with said parameters read, using a predetermined correspondence table; attributing a value associated with each symptom according to the parameters read, which value is selected from amongst a predetermined list of values; evaluating for each piece of equipment an occurrence of one or more fault modes for said piece of equipment on the basis of at least one predetermined truth table which associates a fault mode with each combination of symptom values; and determining at least one faulty piece of equipment from amongst one or more pieces of equipment, of which at least one fault mode is currently occurring, referred to as potentially faulty equipment.

Snecma | Date: 2015-10-05

Monitoring the propulsion system of an aircraft includes selecting elements representative of operation of the propulsion system, modeling the propulsion system by a model including the selected elements, a set of exogenic parameters of the propulsion system and interdependence relations between the elements, operation of a given element being modelled by at least one endogenic parameter dependent on at least one of the exogenic parameters and/or on at least one parameter of another element, and analyzing elements, the analysis of the given element including the expression of the at least one endogenic parameter of the given element as a function only of exogenic parameters of the propulsion system and being made by layers of different levels, a layer of a given level being capable of taking account of at least one parameter that is the result of a layer of a different analysis level of another element.

Snecma | Date: 2015-09-29

A rotating assembly for a turbine engine, comprising a disc having an outer periphery having alternating slots and teeth, blades radially extending from the disc and roots of which are axially engaged in the slots, with spaces called slot cavities being provided between the roots of the blades and the slots, platforms laterally extending from the blades and circumferentially arranged end-to-end, so as to form spaces called inter-blade cavities, and a downstream annular shroud, comprising an outer annular sealing lip opposite the downstream ends of the platforms. The downstream shroud further comprises an intermediate annular sealing lip opposite the downstream faces of the teeth of the disc, radially between the slot cavities and the inter-blade cavities.

Snecma | Date: 2015-04-23

A rotating assembly for a turbomachine, including a disc having an external periphery with alternating recesses and teeth, blades extending radially from the disc and the feet of which are axially engaged and radially retained in the recesses of the disc, platforms extending on the circumference from the blades and being arranged end to end on the circumference, with respect to each other, axial sealing device upstream and/or downstream of an annular zone extending radially from the platforms up to the disc. The sealing device radially includes an internal annular portion and an external annular portion structurally distinct from each other, and the external annular portion of which is elastically constrained radially inwards by the internal annular portion.

Discharge conduit for a turbine engine, comprising an air intake end, an air outlet end and a tubular sleeve for guiding air between said ends, said air intake end being equipped with means for attachment to an intermediate casing of the turbine engine, characterized in that said attachment means are of the resilient snap-in type.

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