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PubMed | Wayne State University, Smt Nhl Medical Municipal College and 8iversity Health Center
Type: | Journal: Journal of neuroimmunology | Year: 2016

Sjogrens syndrome is a chronic autoimmune disorder which affects the exocrine glands with lymphocytic infiltration, and occasionally involves central nervous system. It is usually rare and manifests as a lesion in the trigeminal nerve. Our case discusses the involvement of the oculomotor and abducens nerves along with the prevalence of such cases as seen on literature review. We describe a case of a middle aged woman who presented with ophthalmoplegic symptoms. The symptoms resolved in response to steroid therapy and serum analysis was positive for anti SSA antibodies. Increasing use of imaging modalities has enabled identifying cranial nerve enhancements easily. Correlating this to serum analysis, as in our case; has helped identify more cases of third and sixth cranial nerve involvement than was previously known to occur with primary Sjogrens syndrome.

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