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Smolensk, Russia

Syntomium japonicum Watanabe et Shibata, 1960 and Coprophilus impressus Sharp, 1889 are firstly recorded from Russia (Kunashir Island). New synonymy is established: Coprophilus sibiricus Bernhauer, 1915 = Coprophilus adachii Watanabe et Shibata, 1961, syn. n. © Far Eastern entomologist (Far East. entomol.). Source

Ershov D.K.,Smolensk State University
Russian Physics Journal | Year: 2012

Effective nucleus charges Z eff are calculated for electrons of 2s 1/2- and 2p 1/2-shells in atoms of heavy elements with the use of the Dirac-Sommerfeld relativistic formula. It is established that starting from Z = 87, a change of {increment}Z eff > 1 is observed when going to the subsequent element ({increment}Z = 1), that is, anti-screening of a certain type takes place. © 2012 Springer Science+Business Media, Inc. Source

The paper presents a description of the new species, Thinobius (s. str.) endroedyi from Namibia. The lectotype of Th. (s. str.) iridiventris Bernhauer, 1934 is designated, and a supplemented description of this species is provided. A key to the representatives of the genus Thinobius from tropical Africa is given. © 2015, Pleiades Publishing, Inc. Source

The type material of the Oriental Carpelimus species from five museums have been investigated. Thirty four lectotypes are designated for the following species: Trogophloeus bengalensis Cameron, 1930; T. bicolor Cameron, 1940; T. calcut-tanus Bernhauer, 1911; T. chatterjeei Cameron, 1930; T. congruus Cameron, 1930; T. coriaceus Cameron, 1930; T. flavi-pennis Cameron, 1930; T. formosae Cameron, 1940; T. formosanus Cameron, 1940; T. foveicollis Kraatz, 1859; T. gratus Cameron, 1930; T. halophiloides Cameron, 1918; T. javanicus Cameron, 1936; T. laticeps Cameron, 1930; T. lepidicornis Fauvel, 1904; T. littoralis Cameron, 1918; T. louwerensi Cameron, 1938; T. lucens Cameron, 1918; T. nitidipennis Cam-eron, 1919; T. palitans Cameron, 1930; T. pallidicornis Cameron, 1945; T. papuensis Fauvel, 1879; T. piceicollis Camer-on, 1930; T. planicollis Bernhauer, 1902; T. praelongus Bernhauer, 1938; T. pusae Cameron, 1930; T. ruficornis Cameron, 1930; T. rufoniger Cameron, 1945; T. sadiyanus Cameron, 1945; T. saigonensis Cameron, 1940; T. scabrosus Kraatz, 1859; T. simplex Motschulsky, 1857; T. Taprobanae Walker, 1859; T. Trivialis Cameron, 1930. The genital figures for all species (except T. flavipennis) are presented. Copyright © 2013 Magnolia Press. Source

Yurchinskij V.J.,Smolensk State University
Advances in Gerontology | Year: 2016

A comparative morphological study on Hassall’s corpuscles of different maturity in vertebrate animals and humans with consideration of the age was carried out by light microscopy. It was found that the number and size of Hassall’s corpuscles of different maturity depend on age, as well as the environmental conditions. Conclusions on the functional role of Hassall’s corpuscles were drawn based on the present study. © 2016, Pleiades Publishing, Ltd. Source

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