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Yanggu, South Korea

Smc Corporation | Date: 2015-08-18

To provide a snap-fit type valve which can be easily attached to and removed from a piping base member. A snap-fit type valve includes a pair of mounting levers on side surfaces of a valve body so as to engage with a base member in a snap-fit manner, wherein the mounting lever includes a shoulder which extends from the valve body, an arm connected to a distal end of the shoulder and an engaging section formed at a distal end of the arm, and is elastically deformable in a direction in which a distance between the engaging sections increases, a first mounting lever which is one of the pair has the shoulder and the arm connected to each other via an arch shaped connecting section and is formed to be elastically deformable at a position of the connecting section, and a second mounting lever which is the other of the pair is formed to be deformable at a position of the shoulder, and has an operation section to elastically deform the shoulder.

SMC Corporation | Date: 2015-08-05

A rotary actuator is equipped with an end cover disposed on one end surface of a cylinder main body, a first plug that is engaged with a wall surface constituting an opening on another end side of a first cylinder hole, and a second plug that is engaged with a wall surface constituting an opening on another end side of a second cylinder hole. A first port communicating with a first front cylinder chamber and a second rear cylinder chamber, and a second port communicating with a second front cylinder chamber and a first rear cylinder chamber are formed in the end cover.

A detecting unit detects a first output signal and a second output signal, which are output by a first sensor and a second sensor disposed on an actuator, and outputs a first detection signal and a second detection signal to a measurement unit. Based on the first detection signal and the second detection signal, the measurement unit measures a tact time taken for a piston to move from one end to another end of a movement range.

Smc Corporation | Date: 2015-01-23

A solenoid valve is arranged in a flow path in which a fluid flows in both directions, and is constituted from a solenoid valve mounting portion, in which a first port and a second port are formed, and a single solenoid valve portion. A first flow rate stabilizing orifice is disposed between the first port and a valve body of the solenoid valve portion, and a second flow rate stabilizing orifice is disposed between the second port and the valve body. A bypass orifice is disposed in a bypass flow path that bypasses the first flow rate stabilizing orifice and the second flow rate stabilizing orifice.

Smc Corporation | Date: 2015-01-13

Branch flow channels configured respectively to supply compressed air to two sieve beds respectively are provided with air supply valves each including a diaphragm valve and an electromagnetic pilot valve for driving the diaphragm valve and configured to open and close the respective branch flow channels, a pilot flow channel configured to supply pilot air to the electromagnetic pilot valves is branched from the branch flow channels, and a check valve for preventing pilot air from flowing reversely is provided in the pilot flow channel.

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