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Calgary, Canada

Smart Technologies Corporation is a publicly traded company headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Founded in 1987, Smart Technologies is best known as the developer of the Smart Board interactive whiteboard. As of the 2011 fiscal year end, Smart Board interactive whiteboards lead the interactive whiteboard category with a 63% share in the United States, 44% share in EMEA and 47% share globally. Interactive Displays / ICT Products Market: Quarterly Insight State of the Market Report, Quarter 4 2010, 31 March 2011. On July 15, 2010, Smart Technologies placed an initial public offering .In 2011, the Smart Technologies Headquarters in Calgary, Alberta, received Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Gold standard certification. Wikipedia.

SMART Technologies | Date: 2015-06-15

A pen tool for use with an interactive input system comprises an elongate body, at least one switch assembly accommodated by the body and a controller accommodated by the body and communicating with the at least one switch assembly. The at least one switch assembly is actualable when the pen tool is brought into contact with an input surface of the interactive input system. The controller is responsive to actuation of the at least one switch assembly. The at least one switch assembly comprises a contact circuit and a plunger assembly having a conductive element thereon that is generally aligned with the contact circuit. The plunger assembly is moveable into the body to bring the conductive element into contact with the contact circuit thereby actuate the at least one switch assembly.

A method is described for manipulating a view displayed on one or more follower participants devices to track a view displayed on a lead participants device. A request to manipulate the view displayed on the one or more follower participant devices is received. The lead participant is identified. The follower participants are identified. A lead view of the lead participant is determined. The lead view is communicated to the follower participants computing devices for display. A computing device and a non-transitory computer readable medium having instructions configured to implement the method are also described.

An interactive input system, method and computer readable medium for handling objects representing annotations on an interactive input system are disclosed. The method includes creating an annotation on the interactive input system, associating the annotation with a temporary grouping region, and in the event that a threshold amount of time passes before a further annotation is created within a threshold distance of the temporary grouping region, disabling the temporary grouping region to thereafter prevent automatic grouping with the annotation of any further annotation.

SMART Technologies | Date: 2015-06-17

A system for evaluating communicative acts between communicative pairs to determine a social perception network representation. Each communicative pair includes two entities participating in a communicative act. The system includes a patterns database storing behavior recognition patterns defining particular behaviors that may be used in the communicative acts and a social perception score associated with each of the particular behaviors. The scoring processor determines a first pairwise social perception score for each communicative pair based on the particular behaviors in the communicative acts occurring during a first time frame. The scoring processor determines a different first pairwise social perception score for each of the communicative pairs during a first time frame and determines a different second social perception score for each of the communicative pairs during a second time frame. The communications network aggregation processor combines the pairwise social perception scores into a first social perception network representation.

SMART Technologies | Date: 2015-01-20

A method comprises mapping elements of an image on a digitizer surface to functions of a widget executed on a computing device that communicates with the digitizer; and responsive to user interaction with the elements, executing the widget functions mapped to the elements.

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