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Bratislava, Slovakia

Kardos I.,Slovensky cukrovarnicky spolok
Listy Cukrovarnicke a Reparske | Year: 2012

We can evaluate the Sugar campaign 2011/2012 in Slovakia as very successful. Favorable weather conditions made it possible to harvest the entire originally sown area of 17,768 hectares. This area was farmed by 186 agricultural enterprises. A good start and sufficiency of soil moisture especially in the beginning of the period resulted in good growth of sugar beet. The harvest total in Slovakia reached a record average amount of 63.05 tons per hectare. Favourable level of sunshine in the later vegetative phases also contributed positively to the high sugar content which reached a record average of 18.05 %. This figure even increased by 2.23 % compared with previous year. Good weather conditions lasted almost whole harvesting period and therefore the technological quality and purity of sugar beet was excellent. Both sugar companies together processed 1,086,595 tons of sugar beet and achieved average daily processing capacity of 9,174 tons per day. The total sugar production of 175,168 tons is the highest in Slovakia to date after the EU restructuralization of sugar industry and it notably outmatched the Slovak sugar quota (112,319.5 t). At the same time it is possible to observe that the changes in the acreage of sugar beet are not as notable as the production of sugar and sugar beet achieved. This is also an evidence of the tendency to grow smaller amounts of sugar beet with higher sugar content. The difference of 62,848.5 t will be used within relevant legislation.

Janicek D.,Slovensky cukrovarnicky spolok
Listy Cukrovarnicke a Reparske | Year: 2010

During the marketing year 2009/10 in Slovakia, sugar beet was grown on the area of 15,887 ha, which is an increase by 4,857 ha in comparison with the preceding year. The average sugar beet yield was 56.95 t.ha-1. Although it was a slight decrease in comparison with the record-breaking yield in the previous year, we still consider it satisfactory. During the campaign, sugar beet of 904,775 t was processed. The average yield of polarised sugar reached the value of 9.62 t.ha-1, and thus, the production effectiveness being 88.56%, the average white sugar yield was 8,52 t.ha-1. Sugar content slightly dropped from the last year's 17.51% to 16.89%. The total amount of sugar produced was 140,365 t, 135,303 t were produced from sugar beet that was grown in Slovakia. Two sugar factories in Trenčianska Teplá and Sereď took part in the campaign.

This article describes the modern history of the Slovak Association of Sugar Producers that dates since year 1990. The Association was established as a response to the development of the sugar market after year 1989, which was influenced by many factors, when it came to distinctive changes in the political system, system of the state management, same as in the entrepreneurial environment. Those changes subsequently required the establishment of the institution able to support and obtain a brief from the sugar producers at home. The gradually growing pressure on the administration of the operations and activities lead to professionalization of the sugar industry association since year 1998. During this short history, Slovak sugar industry went through fundamental changes, such as division of Czechoslovakia, implementation of certain protective measures on the sugar market, changes of the legal system, entering the EU, destructuralization of the sugar industry of EU. The stated destructuralization brought the need for the transformation of the regulations and provisions into the conditions of SR, on which the sugar industry association took part together with the association of the sugar beet cultivators SR and state organs. A plumbless part of the activity takes the participation with the foreign partners and international institutions.

Straka R.,Slovensky cukrovarnicky spolok
Listy Cukrovarnicke a Reparske | Year: 2010

The development of the sugar industry in Slovakia after year 1938 until 1948 was influenced by military events. After year 1948 followed the road of sugar production that was supposed to ensure self-sufficiency of Slovakia, reliant on the refilling from the Czech sugar factories. The construction of new sugar industry capacities and reconstruction of the original capacities was aiming towards this goal. The production overstepping 230 thousand tons was managed to get secured only after year 2000. The significant changes after year 1989 meant a necessity to match mainly the ownership changes and adaptation on the market environment, for the Slovak sugar industry. This status has changed mainly after year 2006 when the owner of the sugar factory Dunajská Streda, with a 36% share on the market, decided to stop the sugar production. The balance of the sugar consumption will have to be solved in a foreseeable time by means of import.

Janicek D.,Slovensky cukrovarnicky spolok
Listy Cukrovarnicke a Reparske | Year: 2011

Results of 2010/2011 sugar beet campaign in Slovakia were affected especially by the crop of sugar beet, but also by its quality and technological results. Sugar beet was grown by 187 agricultural enterprises in total, in originally sown area of 17,800 hectares of which only 16,874 hectares were harvested due to huge rainfalls and subsequent floods. High number of specimens, heavy rainfalls and good nutrition of sugar beet adumbrated record hectare crops. In Slovakia, in average historically the highest production of sugar beet (60.98 tons per hectare) from one hectare was achieved. However, due to high precipitation amount and shortage of sunshine polarised sugar production was smaller than in previous years. Sugar content in comparison with the previous year dropped below 16 %. Campaign average for Slovakia was 15.82 % which means a drop by more than 1 % against the previous years. Per one hectare of the sugar beet sown area the production of only 8.29 tons of white sugar was achieved. Low sugar content was the main reason for decrease in yield to 86 %. Only two companies whose processing capacity has been stabilized at the level of 9,300 tons in recent years are carrying on the sugar-industry business. Its full utilisation in 2010/2011 campaign was precluded by unfavourable weather conditions when sugar factories did not have in September enough of sugar beet and had to limit daily processing. Real capacity utilisation was 9,174 tons of sugar beet per day. Real sugar production in 2010/11 campaign reached the amount of 141,173 tons. The difference, i. e. 28,853.5 tons, which came from the surplus production against current Slovak quota at the amount of 112,319.5 tons, will be treated in accordance with EU legislation.

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