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Seongnam, South Korea

Disclosed is a Madin-Darby canine kidney (MDCK)-derived cell line. The MDCK-derived cell line is derived from MDCK cells deposited under accession number ATCC CCL-34. The MDCK-derived cell line can be prepared by serum-free culture and suspension culture. Preferably, the MDCK-derived cell line has low or no tumorigenicity. The MDCK-derived cell line is preferably selected from MDCK Sky1023, MDCK Sky10234 and MDCK Sky3851. Further disclosed are a culture method for growing the MDCK-derived cells and a method for producing a vaccine virus using the MDCK-derived cells.

This disclosure relates to a method for preparing polyarylene sulfide having reduced iodine content while having excellent thermal stability, specifically to a method comprising polymerization reacting a composition comprising diiodide aromatic compounds, sulfur compounds, and a polymerization terminator. The preparation method may effectively reduce iodine content of polyarylene sulfide to prevent corrosion of post processing equipment, improve properties of polyarylene sulfide such as thermal stability, and the like, and thus, it may be usefully applied in the industrial field relating to preparation of polyarylene sulfide.

A polymer resin composition capable of providing a synthetic resin showing physical properties of improved heat resistance or impact resistance is provided, in which the polymer resin composition includes a polyester tetrapolymer containing a residue of a dicarboxylic acid component containing terephthalic acid and a residue of a diol component containing dianhydrohexitol, and one or more terpolymers selected from the group consisting of an unsaturated nitrile-diene-based rubber-aromatic vinyl graft terpolymer, an alkyl methacrylate-diene-based rubber-aromatic vinyl graft terpolymer, and an alkyl methacrylate-silicone/alkyl acrylate graft terpolymer.

SK Chemicals Co. | Date: 2015-01-06

Exemplary embodiments of the present invention relate to a method for preparing a preparation for percutaneous absorption, which includes rotigotine as an active ingredient, and more specifically, to a method for preparing a preparation for percutaneous absorption including mixing rotigotine and an ethylene-vinyl acetate adhesive so as to have a weight ratio of 1:(0.1 to 20), a preparation for percutaneous absorption manufactured by the method, and a percutaneous treatment system. The preparation and the system may prevent separation of the rotigotine, thereby increasing long-term storage stability, and effectively release the rotigotine, and thus can be effectively applied to preparing patch medication containing the rotigotine.

SK Chemicals Co. | Date: 2015-02-03

This disclosure relates to recyclable polyarylene sulfide that may exhibit and maintain excellent mechanical properties, particularly does not exhibit decrease in melt viscosity when it is molten, and thus, exhibit little deterioration of mechanical properties, and a method for preparing the same. The polyarylene sulfide has initial melt viscosity measured at 300 of 300 to 6000 poise, and melt viscosity after heat treated and molten at 300, equal to or greater than the initial melt viscosity

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