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Sintokogio Ltd. | Date: 2013-04-12

To provide an apparatus for reclaiming foundry sand and a method for reclaiming foundry sand that can effectively remove binders and so on that attach to returned foundry sand that has been used. Foundry sand that has been used is supplied from a chute for feeding sand

Sintokogio Ltd. | Date: 2015-03-23

A remote assistant system capable of measuring a vibration velocity and then determining whether or not warning is required includes a vibration sensor unit which measures a vibration velocity, while transmitting information of a measured value of the measurement every ten minutes. A cloud server receives and saves the information of the measured value, while employing as an effective velocity value only a measured value within a range between an effective upper-limit velocity value and an effective lower-limit velocity value. Then, when a latest moving average value calculated by use of a latest effective velocity value and a saved effective velocity value exceeds a velocity threshold previously set as an upper limit for a vibration velocity in a case not requiring inspection, the cloud server transmits a warning e-mail to that effect to a previously set e-mail address.

Sintokogio Ltd. | Date: 2014-02-07

A mold-making device may include a stirring device including a stirring tank and at least one stirring blade. The stirring device may further include a packing port that is configured to open and close on a bottom of the stirring tank. The stirring device may stir a particulate aggregate and at least one additive by rotating the at least one stirring blade within the stirring tank to yield an admixture. A forming mold may communicate with the packing port and mold the admixture into a predetermined shape. A packing device may compress a surface of the admixture within the stirring tank and pack the admixture into the forming mold via the packing port.

A flask for containing mold sand within it prevents any mold shifting or mold dropping. Each of an upper flask

Sintokogio Ltd. | Date: 2013-08-05

A method for detecting powder is performed in a powder detection device including a pair of electrodes arranged to be opposed to each other with a gap interposed therebetween and an electric circuit electrically connected to the pair of electrodes. The method includes detecting powder filling in a case where the electric circuit together with powder and the electrodes forms a closed circuit when the powder fills the gap.

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