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Lu L.,CSIRO | Edenton A.,CSIRO | Meng Q.,Sinosteel Anshan Research Institute of Thermo energy Co. | Mahoney M.R.,University of Newcastle
AISTech - Iron and Steel Technology Conference Proceedings | Year: 2015

Sole heated ovens (SHO) are an important tool for understanding the coking behavior of coals because of their simulation of the heat transfer that occurs in a commercial oven. They have applications in estimating the coking pressure of coals and also in estimating coke strength. They are particularly prominent in China where the X and Y indices using the Sapozhnikov plastometer are an integral part of the Chinese coal classification system. However, a detailed mechanistic understanding of the processes occurring inside the sole heated oven has not previously been achieved, and would help with understanding the effect of process variables and coal properties on the sole heated oven results. In the present study, a suite of coals of varying properties are tested using a fully automated plastometer to understand the phenomena occurring inside the oven. The test results are then correlated to the properties of coals tested. AISTech 2015 Proceedings © 2015 by AIST.

Wang B.,University Of Science And Technology Liaoning | Liu L.,Sinosteel Anshan Research Institute of Thermo energy Co.
CSAE 2012 - Proceedings, 2012 IEEE International Conference on Computer Science and Automation Engineering | Year: 2012

The enterprise management diagnosis is always subject to the human factors. Therefore, the Multi-Agent System is used to substitute for the artificial diagnosis in order to improve diagnostic accuracy and efficiency. This paper introduces the construction process of the enterprise management diagnosis ontologies and puts forward the Jadex transformation model and the specific transformation method which enables the extended Jadex to support the use of ontology to describe the beliefs. Thus the ontology in Multi-Agent System can be used to describe objects and the common understandings of the relationships. It can promote communication and collaboration efficiency between multi-agents. Meanwhile, it can also improve understanding of domain knowledge. At last, through the ontology-based enterprise diagnostic concept, we establish the multi-agent diagnosis system of enterprise management, and the experiments demonstrate that the ontology-based multi-agent diagnostic system is feasible and efficient for the enterprise management diagnosis. © 2012 IEEE.

Wang B.,University Of Science And Technology Liaoning | Liu L.,Sinosteel Anshan Research Institute of Thermo energy Co. | Qiu L.,Anshan Bozong Science and Technology CO.
International Journal of Control and Automation | Year: 2014

The lack of management on paper currency sorters and low work efficiency in paper currency sorting process make the low level of automation and information in current Chinese bank branch's currency counting and sorting system. To solve this problem, a new process management system was designed for paper currency sorters by the integrated use of sensor technology, serial communication technology, image recognition technology and information technology. The system consists of paper currency automatic sorting subsystem and management and control subsystem, and realizes functions such as sorter work data display, storage and analysis as well as management and control of paper currency sorters, through real-time data acquisition from multiple paper currency sorters. After systematic testing, this system has been successfully applied to practical work. The results show that this system is stable with good performance and high scalability. © 2014 SERSC.

Xie Y.,Northeastern University China | Pan Y.,Sinosteel Anshan Research Institute of Thermo energy Co. | Bai B.,Northeastern University China | Xu Z.,Northeastern University China | And 4 more authors.
Journal of Computational and Theoretical Nanoscience | Year: 2015

Two bacteria as Pseudomonas Putida and Citrobacter Freundii were selected to degrading nonyphenol (NP). The degradation performance and the optimal parameters were investigated. The results showed that the optimal parameters were culture temperature of 30 C, initial culture medium pH of 6~7, initial NP dosage of 5 μg/mL, initial bacteria dosage of 2% (V/V) and co-metabolic substrate of 2.0 mg/mL peptone. Under the optimal parameters, the highest degradation efficiencies were 49% and 50% for Pseudomonas Putida and Citrobacter Freundii, respectively. The degradation mainly occurred in the first 36 hrs. The mixture of two bacteria presented mutual promotion effect in degrading NP. The optimal ratio of Pseudomonas Putida to Citrobacter Freundii, was 3:2 and the highest NP degradation efficiency achieved about 53%. © 2015 American Scientific Publishers All rights reserved.

Shi J.,University Of Science And Technology Liaoning | Yu Z.,University Of Science And Technology Liaoning | Jiang K.,Sinosteel Anshan Research Institute of Thermo energy Co.
Applied Mechanics and Materials | Year: 2012

The solid models of the mechanical parts were built in ProE software to on the basis of the analysis of the structural characteristics and movement of the interior transmission mechanism of the hoist, and assemble the mechanical parts of the solid models through certain constraint conditions, and simulate the process of its transmission. By simulating tracing the specified key point to get the its variation curve of displacement, the stabilization of the transmission mechanism was verified; comparing the velocity curve of the input shaft and the drum, we can get a conclusion that the transmission ratios of the ProE movement simulation are consistent with the theoretical calculation value, which providing data fundmenatal for further design, analysis and manufacturing of the interior transmission mechanism of the hoist. © (2012) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.

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