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Simplicity | Date: 2011-03-23

Disclosed is a portable device for winding thread around a bobbin from a spool of thread. The device includes a height adjustable thread holder configured to receive the spool of thread, a thread guide bar pivotable between a stored position and an operative position, and an adjustable tension feed device for applying tension to the thread during winding. The device also includes a spindle slot configured to receive one of a plurality of rotatable spindles that are interchangeable within the spindle slot so that different corresponding spindles can be used with the device. Also, a speed control knob for adjusting a speed at which the spindle rotates and thus at which thread is wound around the bobbin from the spool of thread, a fill knob for adjusting the amount of thread to be wound on the bobbin, and an automatic shut off mechanism are disclosed.

Simplicity | Date: 2012-03-06

Manufacturing process for the production of flexible three-dimensional items which entails: cutting the pieces (

Simplicity | Date: 2013-11-19

A method for thermoforming flexible sheet pieces via a tool having a deformable surface (

Simplicity | Date: 2014-09-04

A nasal dilator and bougie is disclosed. The dilator includes, for example, an elongated member terminating in an end and a slidable member having a terminal end movable to the end of the elongated member in a first position. A dilation portion at the end of the elongated member has a first diameter and a second diameter greater than the first diameter when the slidable member is in the first position. An actuator can move the slidable member.

A joint prosthesis for mounting in a first bone and presenting a prosthetic joint surface for engaging an opposing joint surface of a second bone, the joint prosthesis comprising: a sleeve which is adapted for partial disposition in an opening formed in the first bone; a center adapter which is adapted for disposition within the sleeve; and a prosthetic joint surface mounted to the center adapter; wherein the disposition of the center adapter is adjustable, both longitudinally and rotationally, relative to the sleeve, so that the disposition of the prosthetic joint surface is adjustable, both longitudinally and rotationally, relative to the opposing joint surface of the second bone.

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