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Silicon Laboratories, Inc. is a mixed signal fabless semiconductor company based in Austin, Texas.The company was founded in 1996 by three veterans from the former Crystal Semiconductor – Nav Sooch, Dave Welland and Jeff Scott. The company's CEO is Tyson Tuttle. The company went public in 2000. Silicon Labs leverages its intellectual property to develop mixed-signal ICs that typically integrate a number of discrete functions on a single CMOS die. The company has leveraged its technology portfolio to expand into a number of large markets. The company has three main businesses: Access - which includes analog modems for set-top boxes, point of sale terminals and multi-function printers, SLICs for VoIP gateways, and PoE devices for networking Broadcast - which includes single-chip AM/FM radios and silicon TV tuners and demodulators Broad-based - which includes 8-bit and 32-bit microcontrollers, low power wireless ICs and sensors targeted at the Internet of Things, and timing clocks, oscillators buffers and digital isolators targeted at internet infrastructure.Silicon Labs has about 1,050 employees worldwide and research and development offices located throughout the US, Europe, and Asia. Wikipedia.

Silicon Laboratories | Date: 2015-09-21

An apparatus includes a signal generator and a control circuit. The signal generator includes a control terminal and includes a current electrode coupled to a terminal that is configured to couple to a power line to receive direct current (DC) power from a power generator. The control circuit is coupled to the current electrode and the control terminal of the signal generator. The control circuit determines an impedance associated with the power generator and applies a control signal to the control terminal of the signal generator to produce an impedance adjustment signal on the current electrode for communication to the power generator through the power line in response determining the impedance.

Silicon Laboratories | Date: 2016-01-11

An integrated circuit (IC) includes a plurality of pads adapted to send or receive signals, and a plurality of mixed signal interface blocks, each of which is coupled to a corresponding pad in the plurality of pads. Furthermore, each mixed signal interface block in the plurality of mixed signal interface blocks is adapted to be configurable to provide selected functionality independently of the other mixed signal interface blocks.

Silicon Laboratories | Date: 2015-12-15

An apparatus includes an input terminal to receive a radio frequency (RF) signal and to communicate the RF signal to a low noise amplifier (LNA) via an input signal path, and a capacitor attenuator coupled to the input terminal to attenuate the RF signal by a controllable amount and having a first portion controllable to include a used part configured on the input signal path and an unused part coupled between the input signal path and an AC reference node, and a second portion coupled between the LNA and the AC reference node.

Silicon Laboratories | Date: 2015-05-21

In some cases, it may be desirable to limit the number of routers in a mesh network. Various techniques to limit the number of routers, without affecting connectivity, are disclosed. In some embodiments, a node enables its router capability if there are less than a predetermined number of routers already in the network. In other embodiments, a node enables its routing capability only is it is necessary to resolve a connectivity issue or a biconnectivity issue. In some cases, a node, which previously enabled its router capability, may no longer be required to be a router. In some embodiments, this node, upon making this determination, disables its routing capability.

Silicon Laboratories | Date: 2015-12-31

A phase-locked loop (PLL) includes a time to voltage converter to convert a phase error between a reference signal and a feedback signal of the PLL to one or more voltage signals. An oscillator-based analog to digital converter (ADC) receives the one or more voltage signals and controls one or more oscillators according to the voltages. The oscillator-based ADC determines a digital value corresponding to the phase error based on the frequencies of the one or more oscillators.

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