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Bologna, Italy

Methods and apparatus are described for the processing (for example washing, incubation, etc.) of particles in which the particles suspended in a first fluid are introduced under laminar flow conditions into at least one first microchamber or first region of the same, in which a second fluid is introduced under laminar flow conditions into at least one second region of the microchamber or of a second microchamber, in such a way as not to mix with the first fluid, and in which at least one field of force (F) acting on the particles is activated in the microchamber(s), to provoke a shift of the particles alone in a predetermined direction and to transfer the same in suspension into the second fluid; an apparatus is preferably used including at least three microchambers n microchambers arranged in sequence with each other in one direction and each connected with the microchamber immediately before it and after it with two orifices offset from each other in a direction perpendicular to the direction of sequence of the microchambers.

Silicon Biosystems | Date: 2014-11-14

The present invention relates to a method for the diagnosis of tumoural conditions and/or of the corresponding state of advance, wherein a sample from a patient comprising at least one tumour cell is obtained. According to the invention, a purified specimen of the at least one tumour cell is obtained by individually selecting and isolating single cells in a microfluidic device the purified specimen having a purity of at least 90%. On the purified specimen thus obtained there is subsequently performed a molecular analysis such as to highlight a characteristic thereof suited to enabling diagnosis.

Method and apparatus for the manipulation and/or control of the position of particles using time-variable fields of force; the fields of force can be of dielectrophoresis (positive or negative), electrophoresis, electrohydrodynamic or electrowetting on dielectric, possessing a set of stable points of equilibrium for the particles.

Method and device (

Silicon Biosystems | Date: 2012-12-28

Method for the treatment of a biological sample comprising at least one cell and a liquid component; according to the method, a force is applied to the sample inserted in an inner chamber of a hollow device towards a filter which has pores with diameters from 2 nm to 1 m, so that at least part of the liquid component passes through the filter and the cell remains in the inner chamber, thus obtaining a concentrated sample; the filter has a surface facing the inner chamber of less than 12.6 mm

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