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Silex Microsystems | Date: 2013-04-15

The present interposer makes it possible to tailor the coefficient of thermal expansion of the interposer to match components to be attached thereto within very wide ranges. The semiconductor interposer, includes a substrate of a semiconductor material having a first side and an opposite second side. There is at least one conductive wafer-through via including metal. At least one recess is provided in the first side of the substrate and in the semiconductor material of the substrate, the recess being filled with metal and connected with the wafer-through via providing a routing structure. The exposed surfaces of the metal-filled via and metal-filled recess are essentially flush with the substrate surface on the first side of the substrate. The wafer-through via includes a narrow part and a wider part, and contact elements are provided on the routing structure having an aspect ratio, height:diameter, <1:1, preferably 1:1 to 2:1.

Silex Microsystems | Date: 2016-01-12

A wafer level method of making a micro-electronic and/or micro-mechanic device, having a capping with electrical wafer through connections (vias), comprising the steps of providing a first wafer of a semiconductor material having a first and a second side and a plurality of holes and/or recesses in the first side, and a barrier structure extending over the wafer on the second side, said barrier comprising an inner layer an insulating material, such as oxide, and an outer layer of another material. Then, metal is applied in said holes so as to cover the walls in the holes and the bottom of the holes. The barrier structure is removed and contacts are provided to the wafer through connections on the back-side of the wafer. Bonding structures are provided on either of said first side or the second side of the wafer. The wafer is bonded to another wafer carrying electronic and micro-electronic/mechanic components, such that the first wafer forms a capping structure covering the second wafer. Finally the wafer is singulated to individual devices.

A substrate-through electrical connection (

Silex Microsystems | Date: 2013-10-31

Method of making through-substrate-vias in glass substrates includes providing a first substrate on which a plurality of needles protruding vertically from the substrate are made; providing a second substrate made of glass; locating the substrates adjacent each other such that the needles on the first substrate face the second substrate; applying heat to a temperature where the glass softens, by heating the glass or the needle substrate or both; applying a force such that the needles on the first substrate penetrate into the glass to provide impressions in the glass; and finally, removing the first substrate and providing material filling the impressions in the second substrate made of glass. A device includes a silicon substrate having a cavity in which a MEMS component is accommodated, and a cap wafer made of a material having a low dielectric constant, and through substrate vias of metal, is bonded to the silicon substrate.

Silex Microsystems | Date: 2013-06-12

A semiconductor device, includes a semiconductor substrate (

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