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Wlodarczyk P.,Silesian University | Kaminski K.,Silesian University | Haracz S.,Silesian University | Dulski M.,Silesian University | And 3 more authors.
Journal of Chemical Physics | Year: 2010

Dielectric spectroscopy has been recently used to monitor mutarotation in undercooled D-fructose. This method can be viewed as a universal method to study mutarotation phenomenon in the whole family of monosaccharides. In this paper, we studied kinetics of mutaration of anhydrous D-ribose at ambient pressure as well as pressure effect on the rate constant of this process. Ribose mutarotation behavior is compared to the one obtained for D-fructose. In addition, we attempted to determine the "direction" of mutarotation in undercooled monosaccharides after quenching the melted sample. To this end, analysis of dipole moments of different tautomers of D-fructose and D-ribose have been performed. Conformational analysis of studied carbohydrates was done with use of density functional theory. Geometry optimizations as well as calculations of dipole moments were done on the 6-311++G (d,p) /B3LYP level. Finally, it turned out that data obtained from the mutarotation experiment might be helpful in understanding the origin of γ -process occurring in the whole family of carbohydrates. © 2010 American Institute of Physics.

Bergler-Czop B.,Silesian Medical University in Katowice
International Journal of Cosmetic Science | Year: 2014

Synopsis Acne vulgaris is the most frequently diagnosed dermatosis in patients between 11 and 30. It is believed that it affects about 80% of persons in this age group or even, taking into account lesions of low intensity, 100% of young people. The aetiopathogenesis of acne is multifactorial. In all patients with acne, the following symptoms occur: excessive sebum production, excessive keratosis of excretory ducts and openings of sebaceous glands, development of bacterial flora and release of inflammatory mediators in the skin. Development of molecular biology, genetics and immunology contributed to a significant progress in studies on the pathogenesis of acne. © 2014 Society of Cosmetic Scientists and the Société Française de Cosmétologie.

Pasierbek M.,Silesian Medical University in Katowice
Lymphatic Research and Biology | Year: 2014

Background: The lymphatic system remains poorly recognized, yet for oncological reasons, it appears to be of great interest to both scientists and physicians. Methods and Results: Protocols were performed on 55 adult male Wistar rats. All procedures were conducted after intraperitoneal administration of 4% chloral hydrate and artificial ventilation. The observations of the rats' anatomy of lymphatic structures and observations of lymphatic drainage were conducted after injection of the tracer (ink suspension and/or 1% solution of fluorescein isothiocyanate dextran) into the thoracic wall, intraperitoneally, and into bile ducts, as well as after experimental cutting of the outflow of the lymph from the liver to the mediastinal lymph nodes. The author's own terminology was suggested: medial mediastinal lymph node and lateral mediastinal lymph node. The presence of the tracer was found in the mediastinal nodes after its injection into the posterior wall of the thoracic wall, intraperitoneally, and into bile ducts. After injection into bile ducts, the tracer was observed only in the left mediastinal nodes. After experimental cutting of the basic outflow of the lymph from the liver to the mediastinal nodes, the whole outflow took place through the thoracic duct to the left venous angle. Conclusions: 1. The locations of the lymph nodes in the thorax as well as the drainage area of those nodes are asymmetrical. 2. Left-sided nodes show larger range of drainage. 3. Cutting the basic lymph outflow from the liver to the mediastinal nodes stops immunological information being transferred to regional nodes of the liver situated in the mediastinum. © Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. 2014.

Sowa P.,Silesian Medical University in Katowice
Journal of physiology and pharmacology : an official journal of the Polish Physiological Society | Year: 2013

The bleeding and haemorrhage is strictly related with accidents and many medical procedures. In some conditions it leads to hypovolaemia and further to hypovolaemic shock. Under conditions of haemorrhagic shock, heart rate and blood pressure critically collapse. Reversing the sympathoinhibitory phase of hypovolaemia could be crucial for clinical management of injured patients after haemorrhage. Systemic administration of 5-HT1A agonists seams to produce resuscitating effects. The aim of this study was to investigate the participation of central serotonin and, in particular, 5-HT1A receptors in cardiovascular regulation in haemorrhagic shock in rats. Intracerebroventricular (i.c.v.) administration of serotonin (5-HT) increased the heart rate (HR), mean arterial pressure (MAP) and implicated that all haemorrhaged animals survived for the whole observation time (2 hours). Similar, although significantly more minor, effects were achieved after selective 5-HT1A activation. Moreover, the i.c.v. administration of selective 5-HT1A antagonist before i.c.v. 5-HT injection partially inhibited 5-HT induced changes. The results of the present work indicate that 5-HT plays an important role in the reversal of the haemorrhagic shock in rats. These effects are at least partially dependent on activation of 5-HT1A receptors.

Nawarycz L.O.,Medical University of Lodz | Krzyaniak A.,Poznan University of Medical Sciences | Stawinska-Witoszynska B.,Poznan University of Medical Sciences | Krzywinska-Wiewiorowska M.,Poznan University of Medical Sciences | And 4 more authors.
Obesity Reviews | Year: 2010

The aim of the study was to develop waist circumference (WC) percentiles in Polish children and youth and to compare these with the results obtained in other countries. The study comprised a random group of 5663 Polish children aged 7-18 years. Smoothed WC percentile curves were computed using the LMS method. The curves displaying the values of the 50th (WC50) and the 90th (WC90) percentile were then compared with the results of similar studies carried out in children from the UK, Spain, Germany, Turkey, Cyprus, Canada and the USA. WC increased with age in both boys and girls and in all observed age periods the boys were seen to dominate. For 18-year-old Polish boys and girls the values of WC90 were 86.5 and 78.2, respectively, and were lower than the current criteria developed by the International Diabetes Federation. Both WC50 and WC90 were higher in Polish boys and girls compared with their counterparts in the UK, Turkey and Canada and significantly lower than in children from the USA, Cyprus and Spain. The percentile curves for Polish children and youth, which were developed here for the first time, are base curves that can be applied in analysing trends as well as making comparisons with results of similar studies performed in other countries. © 2009 International Association for the Study of Obesity.

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