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Bala Cynwyd, PA, United States

Sigma Phi Epsilon , commonly abbreviated SigEp or SPE, is a social college fraternity for male college students in the United States. It was founded on November 1, 1901, at Richmond College , and its national headquarters remains in Richmond, Virginia. It was founded on three principles: Virtue, Diligence, and Brotherly Love . Sigma Phi Epsilon is the largest social fraternity in the United States in terms of current undergraduate membership. Wikipedia.

Sig | Date: 2015-05-20

An adjustable buttstock clamp for a rifle is disclosed which includes a cam lever having a mechanical locking feature configured to engage with a groove in a buttstock extension shaft when in the locked position. A buttstock recoil pad may be attached to an extension shaft that can telescope in and out of the body of the buttstock, allowing the user to adjust the length of pull of the rifle and angle of the recoil pad. In one embodiment, the shaft includes a number of grooves on its surface along the length of the shaft and the shaft is held in place using a band clamp that is activated by the cam lever. When the cam lever is in the locked position, the locking feature engages with one of the grooves of the shaft to hold the buttstock recoil pad at the desired length and angle.

Hollow point bullets and methods of manufacturing such bullets are herein disclosed. The disclosed bullets include a monolithic core encased by a metal jacket. The jacket includes a plurality of v-shaped channels formed on the inner surface of the sidewall of the jacket. The core includes a conical recess formed therein and a cavity in communication with the conical recess. The cavity formed in the core may have a cross-section shape defined by a plurality of points spaced equidistantly about the circumference of an imaginary circle. A plurality of stress risers may be formed in the core, each stress riser extending from the cavity to a v-shaped channel in coincidence with a point of the cross-section shape of the cavity.

A foldable firearm sight assembly including a leaf spring is disclosed. The disclosed assembly may include a base, a sight arm, and a leaf spring. The base of the sight assembly may be configured to attach to a firearm rail using, for example, a clamp bracket and a clamp bolt. The sight arm may be rotationally coupled to the base, and the leaf spring may be positioned between the base and the sight arm. When installed in the sight assembly, the leaf spring may be deflected and may apply a biasing force to the sight arm, causing the sight arm to favor either a deployed or stowed (undeployed) position. The sight arm may be lockable in stowed and/or deployed positions using a tooth and aperture configuration. In such lockable cases, the arm may be unlocked/released by manually depressing an end of leaf spring.

Sig | Date: 2015-03-06

A mounting apparatus for mounting an accessory to a weapon is disclosed. In some embodiments, the mounting apparatus includes a base plate having a side member parallel to a longitudinal axis of the base plate. The base plate is configured to be coupled to an under barrel of a firearm. The mounting apparatus further includes one or more opposing side elements. Each side element is detachably coupled to the respective side member of the base plate such that the side element is positioned adjacent to a movable slide mechanism of the firearm while the base plate is coupled to the under barrel. In some embodiments, the mounting apparatus includes an adapter bridge and/or a barrel weight, which, in combination with the side elements, straddles, and avoids interfering with, the movable slide mechanism while the assembly is mounted to the firearm.

Sig | Date: 2015-08-24

A charging handle that may be assembled to a firearm in either of multiple configurations to enable actuation of the charging handle from either a left hand side or a right hand side of the firearm.

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