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Loudonville, NY, United States

Siena College is an independent Roman Catholic liberal arts college in Loudonville, Albany County, New York, United States. Siena is a four-year, coeducational, independent college in the Franciscan tradition, founded by the Order of Friars Minor, in 1937. It has 3,000 full-time students and offers undergraduate degrees in business, liberal arts, and science.The college was named after Saint Bernardino of Siena, a 15th-century Italian Franciscan friar and preacher. St. Bernardine of Siena Friary is located on campus.The current president of the college, Fr. Kevin Mullen, is retiring on August 4th, with Br. F. Edward Coughlin becoming interim president. Wikipedia.

Eccarius-Kelly V.,Siena College
Terrorism and Political Violence | Year: 2012

The Armed Revolutionary Forces of Columbia (FARC) and Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) have both demonstrated an uncanny ability to transform themselves and adapt to changing environmental conditions. Integral to the groups are webbed criminal enterprises, cross-border sanctuaries, and internationally-oriented advocacy networks. Both organizations avoided catastrophic breakdowns through a combination of organic survival mechanisms and precise organizational restructuring. Since 2008, the FARC moved away from a centralized wheel structure model toward a system of multiple decision-making nodes. Guerrilla units now operate in an atomized manner since they are often disconnected from the central leadership. This encouraged a growing number of FARC commanders to focus on narco-profits rather than the organization's ideological goals. Meanwhile, the PKK functions in an octopus-like manner, extending its tentacles into neighboring countries and Europe. However, the process of democratization in Turkey and improved international law enforcement collaboration increased internal as well as external pressure on the PKK to restructure. As a result the PKK is struggling to keep its far-reaching tentacles coordinated. The PKK misjudged its ability to manage political groups which weakened its ideological grip, yet the organization's control over criminal and guerrilla branches continues to be as fierce as ever. The FARC's and the PKK's organizational changes suggest that security agencies in Colombia and Turkey need to adapt their counterterrorism strategies also. © 2012 Taylor & Francis Group, LLC. Source

Fraser D.F.,Siena College | Lamphere B.A.,North Carolina State University
Ecology | Year: 2013

Predator-prey relationships in poikilotherms are often size dependent, such as when adults of two interacting species are capable of eating juveniles of the other species. Such bi-directional predation can be important during the establishment and spread of an invading species, but its role remains poorly understood. Using a combination of laboratory and mesocosm experiments and field introductions, we demonstrate that guppies, Poecilia reticulata, prey on juvenile killifish, Rivulus hartii, and thereby facilitate their establishment in the habitat of a potential predator. Laboratory studies found that mature guppies can consume larval Rivulus, and experimental stream studies showed that guppies reduced the number of Rivulus surviving from eggs. Growth trials found that interspecific competition, while significant, cannot account for the declines in the survival of juvenile Rivulus seen in field surveys. Finally, a field experiment, in which guppies were introduced into previously guppyfree stream reaches, resulted in a marked reduction in the abundance of juvenile Rivulus relative to guppy-free controls. Together, these results indicate that reducing the native Rivulus population represents an important mechanism promoting guppy invasion success. © 2013 by the Ecological Society of America. Source

Sknepnek R.,Northwestern University | Vernizzi G.,Siena College | Olvera De La Cruz M.,Northwestern University
Soft Matter | Year: 2012

We explore the effects of line tension on the shape of two component elastic shells. Segregation between components with different elastic properties combined with the subtleties related to the spherical topology leads to a rich variety of shapes. They range from irregular polyhedra at weak segregation to Janus-like morphologies with spherical and buckled regions coexisting on the same shell for large values of the line tension. We use Monte Carlo simulations to map a detailed phase diagram as a function of the relative fraction of the two components, the ratio of their bending rigidities, and the strength of the line tension. © 2012 The Royal Society of Chemistry. Source

Agency: NSF | Branch: Standard Grant | Program: | Phase: S-STEM:SCHLR SCI TECH ENG&MATH | Award Amount: 618.69K | Year: 2014

The Computer Science and Physics & Astronomy Departments at Siena College, through their Scholarships for Tech Valley Scholars in Computational, Mathematical and Physical Sciences (CMPS), are providing scholarships for a total of forty talented undergraduates with financial need who are majoring in Computer Science, Mathematics, or Physics. By increasing the number and quality of STEM majors through focused recruitment, retention, and career placement practices, the Tech Valley Scholars (TVS) program is helping to meet regional workforce development needs in New Yorks greater Hudson Valley.

Key project elements include cohort support activities centered on a TVS one-credit seminar each semester, continuous mentoring and guidance of students throughout the program, and creation of an innovative learning environment using the latest developments in STEM education research. As TVS participants, undergraduate students gain experience working on teams and developing skills and perspectives that are necessary for innovations in the application of STEM technologies.

Agency: NSF | Branch: Continuing grant | Program: | Phase: Polar Special Initiatives | Award Amount: 105.48K | Year: 2015

The near-Earth environment (Geospace) is mostly controlled by the Earths magnetic field, which provides the Earth with protection from phenomena of electromagnetic nature, such as solar flares, coronal mass ejection, etc.; some of these events could be very dangerous and affect and even damage satellites, their instrumentation, and their communication with ground centers. However, the Earths magnetic field has some specific regions where it is exposed to all these impacts from outer space. The polar caps are specific areas around the geomagnetic poles where geomagnetic field lines are open and directly interact with the interplanetary magnetic field (that is an extended magnetic field of the Sun). During strong geomagnetic disturbances, the polar caps increase their size - sometimes dramatically. Monitoring the Earths polar regions, geomagnetic disturbances, currents that flow over these regions, polar cap boundary dynamics, etc., are important issues of space weather studies. Hundreds of magnetometers observe the Northern hemisphere polar cap and auroral zone on a regular basis. However, the Southern hemisphere has many fewer observatories. Having a large network of magnetometers for monitoring the geomagnetic environment is vital for understanding space weather-related events and their impact on environments, since the number of satellites in Geospace continues to grow very fast.

One of the major problems in developing an observational infrastructure in Antarctica is the enormous difficulty for people to reach the region and to stay there. This factor makes any scientific project extremely expensive. Therefore, the development of Automatic Geophysical Observatories (AGO) that can function autonomously with minimal human interaction and maintenance provides a unique opportunity that can solve the problem. The arrangement of instrumentation produces data with a high potential to provide key advances in the field and that are highly demanded by scientific community. The science questions to be addressed in this research effort are: (1) Is the synoptic fluxgate magnetometer determination of the open-closed magnetic field boundary (OCB) valid; (2) What are impacts of solar wind structures on the OCB morphology; (3) How synoptic structures of GPS scintillations are relevant to OCB dynamics, and (4) Could the Iridiums Short Burst Data system be used to transmit fluxgate magnetometer data at a 1-hour time lag. The research is a cost-effective investment that will advance the state of knowledge of the Geospace domain and provide scientific community with vital observations.

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