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Munich, Germany

Siemens AG is a German multinational conglomerate company headquartered in Berlin and Munich. It is the largest engineering company in Europe. The principal divisions of the company are Industry, Energy, Healthcare, and Infrastructure & Cities, which represent the main activities of the company. The company is a prominent maker of medical diagnostics equipment and its medical health-care division, which generates about 12 percent of the company's total sales, is its second-most profitable unit, after the industrial automation division.Siemens and its subsidiaries employ approximately 343,000 people worldwide and reported global revenue of around €71.9 billion in 2014 according to their annual report. Wikipedia.

A telecontrol arrangement observes and/or controls an installation. The telecontrol arrangement is set up to communicate with field devices of the installation and with a control center arrangement. In order to specify a comparatively flexible telecontrol arrangement which can be adapted to change intended purposes with a smaller amount of effort, provision is made for the telecontrol arrangement to be formed in a data processing cloud.

A method and an apparatus for creating a correction map for electronic correction of digital projection data from which it is possible to reconstruct a tomosynthetic 3D X-ray image. Furthermore, a method and apparatus are described for electronic correction of digital projection data. In order to allow particularly simple correction of digital projection data, the creation of the correction map includes a reconstruction of the lowermost layer of the 3D X-ray image to be reconstructed from the digital projection data, which lowermost layer corresponds to the detector plane of the digital X-ray detector.

Siemens AG | Date: 2015-08-12

A magnetic resonance scan sequence is executed in which nuclear spins are prepared in a preparation region with preparation parameters. The scan sequence provides first image data that image a scan region. The first image data are based on magnetic resonance data acquired with ultrashort echo times. The first image data are combined with reference image data that map the scan region, in order to obtain a resultant image.

A system improves analysis, diagnosis and characterization of cardiac function signals (including surface ECG signals and intra-cardiac electrograms) based on cardiac electrophysiological activity momentum computation, characterization and mapping. The system calculates an electrophysiological signal momentum of different portions of cardiac signals including a timing, location and severity of cardiac pathology and improves reliability of diagnosis, detection, mapping to an identified medical condition, and characterization. The system improves identification of cardiac disorders, differentiation of cardiac arrhythmias, characterization of pathological severity, prediction of life-threatening events and supports evaluation of drug administration effects.

Siemens AG | Date: 2015-04-06

A rotor blade of a wind turbine with a first rotor blade segment and a second rotor blade segment is provided. The rotor blade has a hollow space surrounded by a shell. The first rotor blade segment is connected with the second rotor blade segment by a bolt connection. The bolt connection has a first connection of the first rotor blade segment, a second connection of the second rotor blade segment, and a bolt establishing a bolted joint between the first connection and the second connection. At least the bolt is situated in the hollow space of the rotor blade. Furthermore, a method of connecting a first rotor blade segment of a rotor blade of a wind turbine and a second rotor blade segment of the rotor blade is provided.

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