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Chengdu, China

Sichuan Sunfor Light Co. and CAS Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry | Date: 2015-04-30

The invention relates to a yellow light afterglow material and a preparation method thereof as well as an LED illuminating device using the same. The yellow light afterglow material comprises the chemical formula of aY

Sichuan Sunfor Light Co. | Date: 2012-12-25

The present invention discloses a white LED light emitting device driven directly by constant current in manner of being supplied with alternating current. N parallel branches, consisting of LED modules and constant current units which are in series connection with the LED modules, are connected to an output terminal of a rectification circuit, and by setting the current value, the turning-off voltage, and the turning-on voltage of the constant current unit of each branch, the periodic flickers generated due to changes in the voltage of the alternating current can be avoided. Because the current of each branch is constant, the changes in junction temperatures do not result in the current changing in LED, and the reliability is improved. Along with the increase of the number of the branches, the driving current waveform approximates a sine wave, and the power factor and the efficiency of the light emitting device are improved.

Sichuan Sunfor Light Co. and CAS Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry | Date: 2015-10-02

An Alternate Current (AC) white Light-Emitting Diode (LED) device is provided, which belongs to the technical field of white LED manufacturing. The problem to be solved by the present invention is to low-costly overcome a series of deficiencies such as the stroboflash of an AC driven LED, and the heat dissipation difficulty caused by an integrated packaging of multiple LEDs. A white LED unit includes an LED chip and a light emitting material that can emit light when being excited by the LED chip. The luminous lifetime of the light emitting material is 1100 ms. The LED chip only comprises one PN junction. The light emitted by the LED chip is mixed with the light emitted by the light emitting material to form white light. The white LED unit is driven by AC with a frequency not more than 100 Hz. The white LED device of prevent invention uses the single PN junction chip, rather than the prior integrated packaged AC multi-LED chip.

University of Electronic Science, Technology of China and Sichuan Sunfor Light Co. | Date: 2013-12-27

The present disclosure discloses a multipath current source switching device, including a switching control unit, N current paths, and N loads. Each current path is formed by a constant current source circuit and a switching circuit. One terminal of a first load is coupled to a load power supply, and the other terminal of the first load is coupled to an output terminal of a constant current source circuit of a first current path and one terminal of a second load; one terminal of an i

Sichuan Sunfor Light Co. | Date: 2013-10-25

Disclosed is an alternating current dimming drive circuit for an LED, comprising a rectification unit and N stages of LED direct current drive circuits. In the i

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