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Liu L.,Sichuan Agricultural University | Wang J.,Sichuan Agricultural University | Lei Q.,Sichuan Provincial Tobacco Company | Huang Y.,Sichuan Agricultural University | And 2 more authors.
Tobacco Science and Technology

In order to recognize the producing areas of flue-cured tobacco leaves, the characteristic volatile aroma components in the leaf samples collected from 11 counties in Liangshan and Yibin, including Ningnan, Dechang, Puge, Huidong, Huili, Yanyuan, Mianning, Yuexi, Xingwen, Gongxian, and Junlian, were analyzed by GC/ MS, and then the cluster analysis was performed. The results showed that: 1) 46 of the identified volatile components were common to all the samples and were treated as the variables in cluster analysis. The samples were clustered into three groups by producing areas i. e. southern Liangshan, northern Liangshan and Yibin. 2) 7 volatile components (nicotine, farnesyl acetone, palmitic acid, ledol, geraniol, α-cembratriene-diol and β-cembratriene-diol) of higher relative contents and more stable in the samples from southern Liangshan and Yibin were selected as the variables for further cluster analysis, and the results were basically the same as those with the 46 volatile components. It was believed that the characteristic volatile components with higher relative contents and more stable in leaves could be used for the discrimination of producing areas of tobacco. Source

Li A.,China Tobacco Chuanyu Industrial Co. | Fan J.,China Tobacco Chuanyu Industrial Co. | Qin Y.,Sichuan Provincial Tobacco Company | Song S.,China Tobacco Chuanyu Industrial Co. | And 4 more authors.
Acta Tabacaria Sinica

Quality differences between Hainan and Indonesian wrapper leaves in the appearance, physical properties, chemical composition, and sensory quality were analyzed. Results showed that appearance and physical properties of Hainan wrappers were near to Indonesia wrappers, and parts of indexes, i.e. chrominance, oil, and stem percentage were even higher, while the status was thicker and lateral veins were larger than those of Indonesia wrapper. As for chemical quality, total nitrogen and potassium of Hainan wrapper was appropriate, while ratios of nitrogen to nicotine and potassium to chlorine were imbalance. Sensory quality scores of Hainan wrapper were lower than Indonesian scored either by total or by single parameter. Source

Yang X.,Sichuan Dazhou Municipal Tobacco Company | Shi H.,Henan Agricultural University | Qin Y.,Sichuan Provincial Tobacco Company | Zhou K.,Sichuan Dazhou Municipal Tobacco Company | And 3 more authors.
Acta Tabacaria Sinica

This paper analyzed the basic conditions in Dazhou tobacco growing areas such as tobacco planting climate factors, soil nutrient status and burley tobacco leaf quality characters. Results show that: (1) Dazhou tobacco growing areas were rich in energy resources, and featured high temperature, precipitation and air humidity. Its landform type featured low hills and low mountains with purple soil, red soil, red yellow soil, alluvial soil and paddy soil being its major soil type. Thus Dazhou tobacco area proved to be suitable for the growth of tobacco. (2) Nutrients were not evenly distributed in Dazhou tobacco-growing soil. Soil in most parts showed weak acidity and had medium level of organic content. Potassium fertilizer, boron, magnesium and other trace elements supplement should be added as supplement. (3) Sensory quality of burley tobacco in Dazhou tobacco growing area was as good as its physical characters and chemical composition and its sensory quality for smoking was relatively good. ©, 2015, State Tobacco Monopoly Bureau and China Tobacco Society. All right reserved. Source

Cao L.,Sichuan Agricultural University | Wang C.,Sichuan Agricultural University | Zhang Y.,Sichuan Agricultural University | Li B.,Sichuan Agricultural University | And 4 more authors.
Acta Tabacaria Sinica

The use of traditional data-based WebGIS is restricted due to weak scalability, poor sharing and development difficulty. The use of RIA and REST can enhance GIS interactivity and simplify service processes. Fertilization model was set up according to soil fertility difference, soil nutrient supplying capacity, and utilization rate of fertilizers. Decision-making system of Panzhihua tobacco production and fertilization management was developed through RIA Web GIS development framework based on Flex API& REST API& SQL in combination with well-established data library, expert knowledge base and fertilization scheme.. With high degree of coupling between crops production and intelligent fertilization decisions, the system achieved quick and efficient online access to information. Results showed that this system could provide farmers with scientific and rational fertilization program. The development framework of RIA/REST showed more flexibility in deployment, simplicity in development and strong retroactivity. ©, 2015, State Tobacco Monopoly Bureau and China Tobacco Society. All right reserved. Source

Liu Y.,Sichuan Provincial Tobacco Company | Zeng H.,Sichuan Provincial Tobacco Company | Zeng H.,Chengdu Sincerest Business Logistics Co.
Acta Tabacaria Sinica

An evaluation index system consisting of logistics cost, customer service, operation & management and innovation & learning was established to evaluate the lean logistics in tobacco commercial enterprises on the basis of balanced score card. A two-dimensional classification evaluation model (L-S model) was designed based on two dimension theory with logistics cost, customer service and operation & management representing logistics operation level (L-Level) and innovation & learning representing lean improvement ability (S-Skill).. Evaluation results on L-S grid showed that reference for decision-making could be made for enterprise management by classifying lean level into different groups and analyzing where the enterprise stands on the L-S and what potential problems are. ©, 2015, State Tobacco Monopoly Bureau and China Tobacco Society. All right reserved. Source

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