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Deng H.,Southwest University | Shi C.,Sichuan Police College
International Journal of Simulation: Systems, Science and Technology | Year: 2016

We aim to improve the accuracy of data classification of hyperspectral image and decrease the dependence on data sets of large size. This paper proposes a prototype space feature extraction method based on weighting fuzzy C mean value. The volume of information included in each wave band (feature) is specially considered so that features with large amount of information can account for relatively high proportion in extracted features. At the same time, convergence certificate of weighting fuzzy C mean value algorithm is given by the paper. Experimental results show that the performance of the scheme still has relatively good stability and high classification accuracy under small data sets compared with prototype space feature extraction algorithm recognized in the industry. Therefore, dependency on the number of data set samples is greatly decreased and efficiency of prototype space feature extraction method is improved. © 2017, UK Simulation Society. All rights reserved.

Jia C.-S.,Southwest Petroleum University | Chen T.,Sichuan Agricultural University | Yi L.-Z.,Sichuan Police College | Lin S.-R.,Sichuan Agricultural University
Journal of Mathematical Chemistry | Year: 2013

By applying the dissociation energy and the equilibrium bond length for a diatomic molecule as explicit parameters, we generate an improved expression for the deformed Rosen-Morse potential energy model. It is found that the deformed Rosen-Morse potential model and the well-known Tietz potential model are the same empirical potential function for diatomic molecules. With the help of the energy spectrum expression of the deformed Rosen-Morse potential model, we obtain exact closed-form expressions of diatomic anharmonicity constants ωeXe and ωeye. © 2013 Springer Science+Business Media New York.

Liu Y.-Z.,Sichuan Police College | Qian B.-Y.,Southwest Jiaotong University
Jiaotong Yunshu Gongcheng Xuebao/Journal of Traffic and Transportation Engineering | Year: 2011

Aimed for the rational limitation of decision-maker, the multi-objective lattice-order decision-making method was introduced into the scheme selection of rail transit network. The evaluation index system of multi-objective lattice-order decision-making for urban rail transit network was constructed. Each index was turned into dimensionless number according to its type. The relative weights of evaluation indexes were worked out by synthesizing the subjective ones of decision-makers and the objective ones of data discrete degrees. Combining with decision matrix, the comprehensive difference degree of each scheme was calculated in order to achieve the lattice order of alternative schemes, and the decision-making method was applied to evaluate four rail transit network plans of some city. Analysis result shows that the comprehensive difference values of four plans are 0.66, 0.56, 0.24, 0.83 respectively, and the order result is consistent with actual situation, so the method is rational.

Gao Y.,CAS Institute of Electronics | Yu W.,CAS Institute of Electronics | Liu Y.,CAS Institute of Electronics | Wang R.,CAS Institute of Electronics | Shi C.,Sichuan Police College
IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Letters | Year: 2014

A novel autofocusing technique is developed for image from stripmap-mode synthetic aperture radar (SAR) data. The approach is based on maximizing the image sharpness function that induces the solution to maximum-posterior estimation. In this letter, closed-form expressions are derived for the gradients of the sharpness function with respect to the coefficients of the polynomial expansion, which makes the use of conjugate gradient algorithm available. Additionally, we also design a modified adaptive-order searching strategy, and it helps to remarkably reduce the computational load while maintaining the accuracy. Real airborne SAR data experiments and comparisons demonstrate the validity and effectiveness of the proposed algorithm. © 2004-2012 IEEE.

Pei Z.,Xihua University | Yi L.,Sichuan Police College
International Journal of Computational Intelligence Systems | Year: 2015

In this paper, properties of operations and algebraic structures of hesitant fuzzy sets are investigated. Semilattices of hesitant fuzzy sets with union and intersection are discussed, respectively. By using ⊕ and ⊗ operators, the commutative monoid of hesitant fuzzy sets is provided, moreover, the lattice and distributive lattice of hesitant fuzzy sets are defined on the equivalence class of hesitant fuzzy sets. Based on the distributive lattice of hesitant fuzzy sets, the residuated lattices of hesitant fuzzy sets are constructed by residual implications, which are induced by intersection and ⊗, respectively. From the theoretical point of view, algebraic structures of hesitant fuzzy sets are useful for approximate reasoning and decision making to deal with hesitancy of information. © 2015, the authors.

Zhang K.,Dalian University of Technology | Dai Y.,Sichuan Police College | Zhang X.,Dalian University of Technology | Xiao Y.,Dalian University of Technology
Dyes and Pigments | Year: 2013

Three novel ladder-conjugated chromophores indicated as LT1-LT3 were synthesized and characterized. Further studies on linear, nonlinear optics and electrochemical properties demonstrated their photophysical features respectively. Compound LT1 shows good two-photon absorption cross-section (δ) up to~1200GM at 810nm in tetrahydrofuran, which is attributed to intramolecular charge transfer effect, as supported by density functional theory theoretical calculations. Compound LT2 and LT3 show considerable molar extinction coefficients, which are more than 105, and higher quantum yields. Structure-function relationship is further discussed, suggesting a rational strategy to develop ladder-conjugated small molecules. © 2013 Elsevier Ltd.

Dai Y.,Sichuan Police College | Dai Y.,Dalian University of Technology | Lv B.-K.,Liaoning Water Environment Monitoring Center | Zhang X.-F.,Dalian University of Technology | Xiao Y.,Dalian University of Technology
Chinese Chemical Letters | Year: 2014

PAHPN, a naphthalimide-based mitotracker with reasonable two-photon excitation emission activity and polarity-sensitive fluorescence properties has been efficiently synthesized and studied in two-photon, co-localization, and FLIM imaging. © 2014 Bao-Kuo Lv and Yi Xiao.

Yu H.,Dalian University of Technology | Jin L.,Dalian University of Technology | Dai Y.,Sichuan Police College | Li H.,Dalian University of Technology | Xiao Y.,Dalian University of Technology
New Journal of Chemistry | Year: 2013

Based on a FRET scaffold bearing BODIPY and TMR fluorophores, a ratiometric fluorescent probe BRP-NO highly sensitive and selective to nitric oxide was developed and employed for imaging intracellular nitric oxide released from NOC13. © 2013 The Royal Society of Chemistry and the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique.

Hu G.,Sichuan Police College
ICCET 2010 - 2010 International Conference on Computer Engineering and Technology, Proceedings | Year: 2010

The paper tries to have made a study of the security keys of USB, which can achieve these functions such as data encryption, digital signature, and identity authentication. Based on the analysis of the security key system, the paper also introduces its formation, functions and cryptosystem while putting forward a file encryption project on the basis of the USB security key. The project adopts the combination of soft hardware, the software conducting the process of file encryption and hardware taking charge of the management of secret key and the encryption of session key. The project makes a full use of the respective advantages upon the Symmetetric-key cryptosystems and the Publed-key cryptosystem, which means to encrypt the electronic documents by using the algorithms of the Symmetetric-key cryptosystems and transmit its secret key by employing the ones of the Public-key cryptosystem. Simultaneously, the validation of the informative integrity and authenticity have been realized by the use of information abstract algorithms. With high secrity, high efficiency and user-friendliness, the project achieves the file encryption with the strong extendibility of the system on the basis of the characteristics of USB security key. © 2010 IEEE.

Yang M.,Sichuan Police College
Chinese Journal of Evidence-Based Medicine | Year: 2014

Objective To evaluate the quality of life of residents in stricken area five years after Wenchuan earthquake, so as to explore the main influential factors such as gender, age, ethnic group, marriage status and the extent affected by the earthquake. Methods Using WHOQOL-BREF, 500 residents from Hanyuan county in Sichuan province were assessed in order to analyze their life quality and related factors. Results The score on the overall WHOQOL-BREF and the level of each factor were significantly lower than the score on the normal people (P<0.001). Male score in the factor of social relations significantly higher than female (t=3.963, P<0.001). The overall score and the score of social factor were significantly lower in the minor than in the adults (t= -2.667, P<0.01; t= -19.287, P<0.001). And the quality score of social relationship was significantly lower in the single than in the married and cohabiting couples (P<0.001; P<0.01). Conclusion The quality of life of residents in stricken area five years after Wenchuan earthquake was significantly lower than the national norm. There are significant differences in terms of gender, age, marriage status and earthquake damage on social relations. Steady intimate relationships with others help improve the quality of life of residents in stricken area. Besides, compared those with average damage or no damage, the residents with serious damage are relatively worse in the overall quality of life as well as environmental conditions. © 2014 Editorial Board of Chin J Evid-based Med.

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