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Portuguese_languageSichuan International Studies University is a public university located in Chongqing, China. It is colloquially known in Chinese as Chuan Wai . Originally founded as Russian Training School of Southwest Military University of PLA in May 1950, it is the only university specialized in foreign language studies in the Southwest region of China. Due to its close relationship with Ministry of Foreign Affairs, it is one of the few direct recruitment spots of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of People's Republic of China. The total student body amounts to 11,000, including foreign students and short-term students. According to the latest Wu Shulian Chinese Universities Rankings, Sichuan International Studies University is ranked No. 4 among all Chinese international studies universities. Sichuan International Studies University is an important base for foreign language education and scientific research and information consultancy center in the southwest as well. Over the past six decades, plenty of foreign language teaching and research talents have gathered here in the university, we have accumulated rich experience in foreign language teaching, made remarkable achievements in foreign language research, built advanced philosophy for foreign language teaching, created good environment for foreign language learning, and deposited profound cultural heritage on the campus.Foreign languages offered in the college include Portuguese language / Portuguese, Russian, English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Korean, Japanese and Arabic . A number of non-language specialties have been added to its curriculum, such as law, journalism, Chinese as a foreign language, advertising, and tourism management. Six master degree programs have been offered, namely, Portuguese, Russian Language and Literature, English Language and Literature, French Language and Literature, German Language and Literature, Japanese Language and Literature, Comparative Literature and World Literature. Wikipedia.

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Zhang L.,Chongqing University | Zhang L.,Sichuan International Studies University | Li Y.-R.,Chongqing University | Wu C.-M.,Chongqing University
International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer | Year: 2017

In order to understand the effect of surface heat dissipation on thermocapillary convection of low Prandtl number in a shallow annular pool, a series of three-dimensional numerical simulations were carried out by using the finite volume method. Results indicate that with the increase of surface heat dissipation, the thermocapillary convection intensity increases at first, and then decreases slightly; furthermore, the center of the thermocapillary convective cell moves gradually to the hot outer wall. With the increase of Marangoni number, the stable axisymmetric flow bifurcates orderly to the three-dimensional steady flow and the three-dimensional oscillatory flow at a weak surface heat dissipation. However, it bifurcates directly to the three-dimensional oscillatory flow at a strong heat dissipation. After thermocapillary convection destabilizes, the hydrothermal waves appear at the weak surface heat dissipation, but the longitudinal rolls near the outer wall are dominant at the strong heat dissipation. The flow pattern transition is always accompanied by the variations of the temperature fluctuation amplitude, the oscillatory frequency and the wave number. © 2017 Elsevier Ltd

Dang W.,Sichuan International Studies University | Chen W.,Sichuan International Studies University
RISTI - Revista Iberica de Sistemas e Tecnologias de Informacao | Year: 2016

As for the structural arrangement of spatial econometric analysis, this paper firstly studies the geospatial interaction and overflow effect of marketization processes of all regions in China from the perspective of spatial analysis by using Moran's I spatial autocorrelation computing method; then, in consideration of the endogen effect of spatial agglomeration, based on the traditional C-D production function, this paper inspects influences of the marketization index scales, fixed capitals, talent capital inputs and other determinants of all regions on regional economic growth by using the geographically weighted regression method and the spatial error model and spatial lag model of spatial econometrics. © AISTI 2016.

Liu Y.,Sichuan International Studies University | Taber K.S.,University of Cambridge
Chemistry Education Research and Practice | Year: 2016

Symbolic expressions are essential resources for producing knowledge, yet they are a source of learning difficulties in chemistry education. This study aims to employ social semiotics to analyse the symbolic representation of chemistry from two complementary perspectives, referred to here as contextual (i.e., historical) and functional. First, the contextual account demonstrates that symbolism was introduced to represent compounds according to their elemental composition, to quantify chemistry, and to explain reactivity. Further to this, the functional analysis shows that symbolic expressions entail a range of unique grammatical resources to create specialised forms of knowledge, which cannot be made by natural language alone. It is found that historically the symbolic representation was not originally directly related to the submicroscopic domain, nor did it develop sufficient means to offer particulate explanations, although an indirect link could be set up between Berzelian formulae and the submicroscopic theoretical models. It is also found that understanding the quantitative aspects is a necessary but not sufficient condition for effective engagement with the symbolic representation of chemistry. Finally the present study discusses the pedagogic implications stemming from the social semiotic account of chemical symbolism. © 2016 The Royal Society of Chemistry.

Huang L.,Chongqing University | Liu X.,University of London | Xu L.,Sichuan International Studies University
Regional Studies | Year: 2012

Huang L., Liu X. and Xu L. Regional innovation and spillover effects of foreign direct investment in China: a threshold approach, Regional Studies. Using a data set on twenty-nine Chinese provinces for the period 1985-2008, this paper establishes a threshold model to analyse the relationship between spillover effects of foreign direct investment (FDI) and regional innovation in China. There is clear evidence of double-threshold effects of regional innovation on productivity spillovers from FDI. Specifically, only when the level of regional innovation reaches the minimum innovation threshold will FDI in the region begin to produce positive productivity spillovers. Furthermore, positive productivity spillovers from FDI will be substantial only when the level of regional innovation attains a higher threshold. The double threshold divides Chinese provinces into three super-regions in terms of innovation, with most provinces positioned within the middle-level innovation super-region. Policy implications are discussed. © 2012 Copyright Regional Studies Association.

Li Z.,Chongqing University | Chai Y.,Chongqing University | Zhong Y.,Sichuan International Studies University
Journal of Computational Information Systems | Year: 2012

For the fusion problem of the multifocus images of the same scene, a novel scheme is proposed based on lifting stationary wavelet transform (LSWT) and a new m-channel pulse coupled neural network (PCNN). By using LSWT, we can calculate a flexible multiscale and shift-invariant representation of registered images. In order to overcome the shortcoming of PCNN which is not convenient and economical for a real system, a new m-channel PCNN is proposed and used to fuse the subband coefficients of LSWT. For choosing the low frequency subband coefficients, we take energy of Laplacian of image, which can effectively represent the salient features and sharp boundaries of image in LSWT domain, as input to motivate the m-channel PCNN. When choosing the bandpass subband coefficients, the local neighborhood sum of Laplacian (LNSL) measurement is introduced and taken as external stimulus to motivate the m-channel PCNN. The algorithm has been used to merge several sets of multi-focus images; both visual and quantitative analysis show that, comparing with conventional image fusion algorithms, the proposed approach can provide a more satisfactory fusion outcome. © 2011 by Binary Information Press.

Gong X.-X.,Sichuan International Studies University | Zhong M.-Y.,Chongqing University
19th International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management | Year: 2013

In research of TESOL, the most important issue is how to determine the course content scientifically and how to solve students' problems accurately, and the existing researches have not provided effective solutions yet, therefore the Ontology Technology-supported English Teaching Scheme has been proposed, in which ontology-based problem detection and resource recommendation method has been used to fulfill this goal. Finally, the results of the application experiment have verified the feasibility and superiority of the proposed scheme. © 2013 Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg.

He R.,Sichuan International Studies University | Xiong Y.,Chongqing University | Xiong Y.,Northumbria University | Lin Z.,Northumbria University
Journal of Cleaner Production | Year: 2016

Analyzing carbon emissions is critical for successfully managing sustainable production and consumption. In a dual channel supply chain that includes traditional retailers and online e-tailers, consumer free riding often occurs when consumers enjoy the services provided by a traditional retailer but make purchases at a lower price from an e-tailer. The specific aim of this paper, therefore, is to evaluate the impact of consumer free riding on carbon emissions in a product's life cycle across a dual channel closed loop supply chain and to assess the effect of governmental e-commerce tax on carbon emissions. The study comprises a systematic comparison and numerical analysis of cases in which consumers do or do not free ride. Our results show that although manufacturers may gain economic benefits from consumer free riding behavior, total carbon emissions across the supply chain increase too, and a governmental tax on e-commerce can help reduce consumer free riding and total carbon emissions. Our research also suggests that, a government may have to subsidize the e-tailer in the consideration of maximizing the social welfare. © 2016 Elsevier Ltd.

Cheng P.,Sichuan International Studies University
2011 International Conference on Computer and Management, CAMAN 2011 | Year: 2011

The thesis examines the relationship between managerial ownership and firm performance for 66 samples of Chinese public State-owned enterprises (SOEs) privatized by doing Management Buyout (MBO) over the period from 1997 to 2009. The empirical results indicate that managerial ownership has a negative effect on firm performance. It also finds that firms with high managerial ownership exhibit a worse performance decline. The firms which are under High-low percentage managerial ownership provide a positive effect on OROA, NROA and Tobin's Q surprisingly. The relationship between managerial ownership and firm performance which occurs at High-low levels of managerial ownership experiences better performance compared to High and Low level. ©2011 IEEE.

Jinwu J.,University of Sichuan | Renjia L.,Sichuan International Studies University
Communications in Computer and Information Science | Year: 2013

The key component of wireless sensor network (WSN) is wireless sensor node. This paper introduces the basic structure of the WSN node, which is composed by CC1100, explains the hardware interface circuit and the characteristics of CC1100, and describes in detail in the process of implementing the CC1100 driver within the embedded operating system of Windows CE, which is based on S3C6410, including CC1100 initialization, receiving and sending interruption, and the interface with the kernel of the operating system kernel etc. © Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2013.

PubMed | Third Military Medical University and Sichuan International Studies University
Type: | Journal: Clinical lung cancer | Year: 2017

We present the rationale and study design of the CGMT (combined gefitinib and metformin therapy) trial ( Identifier: NCT01864681), which is aimed at treating locally advanced non-small-cell lung cancer. The CGMT trial is a multicenter, phase II randomized, double-blinded, and placebo-controlled study, which is designed to evaluate the safety and efficacy of metformin in combination with gefitinib as first-line therapy in patients presenting with stage IIIb-IV non-small-cell lung cancer expressing the epidermal growth factor receptor mutant. Two therapies are proposed for this trial. The first regimen is comprised of gefitinib plus metformin. The second therapy is comprised of gefitinib plus placebo. The primary objective of this trail is to compare the progression-free survival rate at year 1 of the study. The secondary objective of this trial is to compare the 2-year overall survival, the 2-year progression-free survival, the objective response rate, and the disease-control rate, and to evaluate the relative safety of both therapies. Based on the statistical design, we plan to enroll approximately 200 patients.

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