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Dong J.,Chengdu University of Technology | Dong J.,Sichuan Institute of Geological Engineering Investigation | Chen C.,Southwestern Architectural Design Institute Co.
Energy Education Science and Technology Part A: Energy Science and Research | Year: 2013

Based on the features of fuzzy evaluation index classification theory, this paper combines the AHP method with the optimal comprehensive evaluation model, and conducts the two model comprehensive evaluation from the viewpoint of system theory. Taking Kunming International Airport terminal area as an example, according to the analysis on the stability of the foundation influencing factors and hierarchical fuzzy comprehensive evaluation model, two fuzzy comprehensive evaluation models is established, the subjection function of each influencing factor is given, and two fuzzy comprehensive evaluation model of the foundation stability is completed as well. The results show that the influence of fault plays a controlling role in fuzzy comprehensive evaluation, and the development of fissure and rock types play the most significant role in foundation stability in the primary index; the calculation results show that the stability of the whole terminal area foundation is good, but as to the local region in the F10 fault zone and the C2w area, the foundation is basically stable because of the influence of structure and the action of corrosion. © Sila Science.

Yu B.,Chengdu University of Technology | Zhu Y.,Chengdu University of Technology | Wang T.,Chengdu University of Technology | Chen Y.,Chengdu University of Technology | And 2 more authors.
Natural Hazards | Year: 2014

Many debris flows were triggered within and also outside the Dayi area of the Guizhou Province, China, during a rainstorm in 2011. High-intensity short-duration rainfall was the main triggering factor for these gully-type debris flows which are probably triggered by a runoff-induced mechanism. A revised prediction model was introduced for this kind of gully-type debris flows with factors related to topography, geology, and hydrology (rainfall) and applied to the Wangmo River catchment. Regarding the geological factor, the “soft lithology” and “loose sediments” in the channel were added to the list of the average firmness coefficient for the lithology. Also, the chemical weathering was taken into account for the revised geological factor. Concerning the hydrological factor, a coefficient of variation of rainfall was introduced for the normalization of the rainfall factor. The prediction model for debris flows proposed in this paper delivered three classes of the probability of debris flow occurrence. The model was successfully validated in debris flow gullies with the same initiation mechanism in other areas of southwest China. The generic character of the model is explained by the fact that its factors are partly based on the initiation mechanisms and not only on the statistical analyses of a unique variety of local factors. The research provides a new way to predict the occurrence of debris flows initiated by a runoff-induced mechanism. © 2014, Springer Science+Business Media Dordrecht.

Zhang S.,Chengdu University of Technology | Zhang S.,Hong Kong University of Science and Technology | Xu Q.,Chengdu University of Technology | Hu Z.,Sichuan Institute of Geological Engineering Investigation
Engineering Geology | Year: 2016

Red mudstone landslides are widespread in southwest of China. The development and distribution of deep-seated landsides with slow inclination are closely related to the special soft rock properties of the red mudstone layers. Most previous studies focused on the failure mechanisms of rain-induced shallow landslides. Studies on deep-seated landslides in red layer zones are still limited. In order to ascertain the basic failure mechanisms of red layer landslides with a gentle inclination, a fatal landslide named as Shibangou landslide, which occurred in Sichuan, China, was investigated. This paper aims to (1) conduct laboratory tests on the reduction in shear strength of a red layer to identify the water-rock coupling effect; (2) investigate variations in the microscopic structure of the soft rock found within a red layer after rainfall infiltration; (3) discuss the failure mechanisms of red layer landslides with slow inclination. Results from shear test of mudstone from the Shibangou landslide revealed that there is a tendency that behavior of soft rock can be transferred to soil in different days of immersion. The delineation threshold of shear strength of the red layer is determined as 6 days of immersion. Microstructures of clay minerals become loose and porous due to the contacts between the particles transferred from the face-edges, face-face associations into edge-edge, and face-edge associations. Therefore, the intramolecular and cemented expansions of illite are the basic mechanisms which lead to structural damage, structural decay, and strength attenuation of soft rock in red layer under the condition of rainwater infiltration. © 2016 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

Pan J.,Jiangxi University of Science and Technology | Tian J.,Sichuan Institute of Geological Engineering Investigation | Liu X.,Jiangxi University of Science and Technology
Advanced Materials Research | Year: 2012

Body size of unstable rock and the impact scope of disasters are simply presented in Duba elementary school in Beichuan county, Sichuan, China. Based on the disaster's nature, developmental history and characteristics of destruction, the law of disasters such as the movement mechanism, catastrophic failure modes, have been studied. The stability of post-earthquake unstable rock is analyzed and evaluated, and such the disaster prevention principles against unstable rock are advanced. © (2012) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.

Huang C.,University of Maryland University College | Huang C.,Sichuan Institute of Geological Engineering Investigation | Rokita S.E.,University of Maryland University College | Rokita S.E.,Johns Hopkins University
Frontiers of Chemical Science and Engineering | Year: 2015

Biological application of conjugates derived from oligonucleotides and quinone methides have previously been limited by the slow exchange of their covalent self-adducts and subsequent alkylation of target nucleic acids. To enhance the rates of these processes, a new quinone methide precursor with an electron donating substituent has been prepared. Additionally, this substituent has been placed para to the nascent exo-methylene group of the quinone methide for maximum effect. A conjugate made from this precursor and a 5'-aminohexyloligonucleotide accelerates formation of its reversible self-adduct and alkylation of its complementary DNA as predicted from prior model studies.[Figure not available: see fulltext.] © 2015 Higher Education Press and Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg

Fan X.,Southwest University of Science and Technology | Zhang Y.,Southwest University of Science and Technology | Yang J.,Sichuan Institute of Geological Engineering Investigation
Journal of Natural Disasters | Year: 2012

Wenchuan earthquake is the most serious natural disaster in China in the recent years. The earthquake induced a large number of landslides which brought about serious casualty and property loss. Based on the investigation and surveying of seismic landslides in Beichuan, Sichuan Province, the characteristics and influence factors of landslide development were studied. The purpose of this study is to provide a valuable theoretical basis for the reduction and prevention of the seismic landslide disaster. In this paper, the advantageous gradient extensions and the most favorable gradients of seismic landslides were studied. The results show that, the area-frequency distribution of the seismic landslides follows logarithmic distribution, which differs from the rainfall landslide which follows power distribution. The angle between the fault rupture direction and the landslide direction controls the distribution of frequency, gradient and area of the seismic landslides. When the landslide direction agrees with fault rupture direction, the proportion of landslide frequency and area are larger and the average gradient is smaller because of throwing out action under earthquake. When landslide direction is opposite to the fault rupture direction and the same with the fault incline direction, the proportion of landslide frequency and area are smaller and the average gradient is larger due to collision and crash in the earthquake.

Liu D.-L.,Chengdu University of Information Technology | Zhou Z.-Y.,China University of Petroleum - Beijing | Wu Q.,Sichuan Institute of Geological Engineering Investigation | Tang D.,Chengdu University of Information Technology
Petroleum Science | Year: 2016

Symbols are considered as the language of a map; hence, accurate understanding of the meaning of symbols is crucial when obtaining geographical information from a map: the symbolisation of spatial data is of key importance in cartography. A geographical information system (GIS) provides a convenient mapping platform and powerful functions for spatial data symbolisation, while the presence of various mapping standards impedes the understanding of maps and sharing of map information. On the other hand, the available GIS platforms find it difficult to deal with automatic conversion between maps and different mapping standards. To resolve this problem, an approach for symbol recognition and automatic conversion is proposed, and a conversion system based on the approach and the ArcGIS Engine platform is developed to realise automatic conversion between maps produced based on different mapping standards. To test these conversion effects of the proposed system, the petroleum sector is chosen as the research field and the mutual conversion of a map in practical work among the three mapping standards (i.e. the Chinese Petroleum, Shell and USGS standards) governing this field is taken as a case study. The results show that the conversion system has a high conversion accuracy and strong applicability. © 2015, The Author(s).

Luo M.,Sichuan Institute of Geological Engineering Investigation | Zhu J.-B.,Sichuan Institute of Geological Engineering Investigation | Ren R.,Sichuan Institute of Geological Engineering Investigation
Journal of Chengdu University of Technology (Science and Technology Edition) | Year: 2013

Using the numerical simulation method, the authors forecast the impacts of a hydropower station project construction on the plain of Dadu River on the groundwater to provide references for the construction. The results show that, when the project is completed, the anti-seepage wall blocks the contact between the river and the groundwater in the terrace, so the two terraces on the right bank become more closed hydrogeological units than before. In dry season, the groundwater water-level will draw down larger in the two closed terraces. Compared with the current dry period, it will decline 0. 43∼0. 97m and 0. 47∼ 1.59 m, respectively. In the high water period, the waterlogging may appear in local low-lying areas. In the left bank area, the relationship between groundwater and rivers is still maintained and the groundwater will be less influenced. The authors recommend that the problem of drinking water for the villagers should be properly settled and the surface drainage measures be done well.

Jian W.-X.,China Three Gorges University | Jian W.-X.,Chengdu University of Technology | Xu Q.,Chengdu University of Technology | Wu H.,China Three Gorges University | Tong L.-Y.,Sichuan Institute of Geological Engineering Investigation
Yantu Lixue/Rock and Soil Mechanics | Year: 2014

Unsaturated hydraulic parameters are very important for calculating rainfall infiltration process and stability of landslides. Double rings infiltration tests are conducted on Huangtupo landslide in Three Gorges reservoir area to obtain the saturated hydraulic conductivities of the shallow soil deposits of the landslide. The water content and matric suction of the shallow soil deposits of the landslide are monitored using real-time monitoring system; and a large amount of data is gotten. The soil-water characteristic curves and their fitting parameters are simulated with the van Genuchten's three-parameter model for the soil-water characteristic curve. Substituting the saturated hydraulic conductivities and the fitting parameters into van Genuchten's hydraulic conductivity model yields the hydraulic conductivity function of the shallow soil deposits of Huangtupo landslide under unsaturated condition. Therefore, the hydraulic parameters for calculating stability of Huangtupo landslide under rainfall effect are obtained. ©, 2014, Academia Sinica. All right reserved.

Zhou X.-Y.,Sichuan Institute of Geological Engineering Investigation | Deng A.-F.,Chongqing University
Yantu Lixue/Rock and Soil Mechanics | Year: 2010

Analyzing three dimension is the developmental trend of numerical manifold method. Three-dimensional manifold element with hexahedral finite element covers is constructed by cover displacement function of numerical manifold method, strain matrix, stiffness matrix and equilibrium equations are derived. Simultaneity, linear elastic model is mostly adopted on numerical manifold method for problem analysising persently, but nonlinear model is researched very little, calculating formulations of numerical manifold method for nonlinear analysis based on the characters of numerical manifold method and constitutive models of rock and soil mass is presented. The elastic modulus of E-μ model and K-G model is altered to describe the nonlinear relationship by midpoint incremental method; in fact subsection linear ralationship is substituted for nonlinear ralationship. Finally, an example of foundation settlement calculation is given; the calculation result shows the validity of nonlinear analysis of three-dimensional numerical manifold method for rock and soil mass.

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