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Ducheng, China

Song T.-J.,Hong Kong Baptist University | Leng H.-F.,Hong Kong Baptist University | Zhong L.L.D.,Hong Kong Baptist University | Wu T.-X.,Si Chuan University | Bian Z.-X.,Hong Kong Baptist University
Trials | Year: 2015

The Consolidated Standards of Reporting Trials (CONSORT) Statement was published in 1996, and first introduced to China in 2001. Although CONSORT has been widely accepted in high-quality international journals, we still need to have more investigation on how many Chinese journals have adopted the CONSORT Statement, and whether the quality of reporting has improved. A systematic search of the "Instructions to authors" in all Chinese medical journals in China Academic Journals (CAJ) Full-text Database was conducted up to February 2012 and only 7 journals officially listed the requirements of the CONSORT Statement. The research articles about randomized controlled trials (RCTs) published in 2002, 2004, 2006, 2008, and 2010 from journals which had specifically adopted the CONSORT Statement, and from 30 top journals based on the Chinese Science Citation Index (CSCI) 2011 as the control group, were identified. The quality of both cohorts of articles was assessed using the revised CONSORT Checklist and Jadad scale. A total of 1221 Chinese medical journals was identified. Only seven journals stated clearly in the "Instructions to authors" that authors should adopt the CONSORT requirement in the clinical trial paper. None of these journals is among the control group in the CSCI 2011. In the selected years, a total of 171 articles from 7 journals which had adopted CONSORT and 232 articles in the control were identified as including RCT trials. The average scores according to the revised CONSORT Checklist were 29.47 for the CONSORT-adopting journals and 25.57 for the control group; while the average scores based on the Jadad scale were 2.53 for CONSORT-adopting journals and 1.97 for the control group. Few journals among Chinese medical journals have adopted the CONSORT Statement. The overall quality of RCT reports in the 7 journals which have adopted CONSORT was better than those in the top 30 journals which have not adopteded CONSORT. The quality of RCT reports in Chinese journals needs further improvement, and the CONSORT Statement could be a very helpful guideline. © Song et al. 2015.

Si Chuan University and Sichuan Gooddoctor Pharmaceutical Group Co. | Date: 2012-06-15

The invention belongs to the field of medicaments, and particularly relates to oxazolidinone compounds and their uses in the preparation of antibiotics. A technical problem to be solved by the invention is to provide new oxazolidinone compounds having the structure represented by Formula I. The oxazolidinone compounds of the invention, which are new compounds obtained through numerous screening, have significant antibacterial activity against bacteria such as drug-resistant

Wang W.,Si Chuan University | Wang X.,Si Chuan University
Sensors and Transducers | Year: 2013

A key technology of intelligent video surveillance was demonstrated in this paper. The first human motion detection in video sequences, and then carry on the track, the research on the recognition of human behavior, the abnormal behavior detection. Firstly, the first video image denoising with Gauss low-pass filter, then using the background subtraction method and frame difference method for target detection, and then use morphological image processing, regional connectivity analysis and a series of processing methods, to eliminate the small holes and noise, the moving object is extracted from the video sequence background subtraction method, and compare the advantages and disadvantages and frame difference method. Finally, the analysis and discussion of human behavior recognition method were demonstrated. Methods using the template matching method based on characteristic value for human identification, selection of structure moment features with translation, rotation, scaling invariance of the values, the method overcomes the defects of the traditional template matching method, comparing the similarity of feature extraction value, in order to distinguish between normal and abnormal behavior, to achieve the recognition of human behavior. © 2013 IFSA.

Xuwei,Si Chuan University | Lizhi,Si Chuan University
2010 6th International Conference on Wireless Communications, Networking and Mobile Computing, WiCOM 2010 | Year: 2010

At present most of the WSNs routing protocol only have a single research objective. The overall network performance lacks of multi-objective inspection and evaluation. The basic task of multi-objective routing is to find a route in the network which has sufficient resources to optimize some network parameters and satisfy multiple constrains. A multi-objective model, constrained of bandwidth, is put forward, which optimizes function such as energy consumption, network delay and data packet lost rate. By adjusting the weight of each function, the algorithm adapts well to various services whose requirements for energy cost, delay and lost are different. As it is difficult to optimize multi-objective problem, an advanced ant colony algorithm based on cloud model (AACOCM) is proposed, which can effectively restrict the algorithm to falling in local best. Simulation results show that this novel method has a certain validity and feasibility and be able to adapt to different services requirements. © 2010 IEEE.

Xiang B.,Si Chuan University | Liu J.-X.,Si Chuan University | Sung H.-B.,Si Chuan University | Yan B.,Si Chuan University | And 2 more authors.
Journal of Pediatric Surgery | Year: 2010

Objective: Pneumovesicum allows minimal invasive intravesical surgeries. The possible deleterious effect of intravesical CO2 pressure is not known. We assessed the effect of CO2 pneumovesicum on the urinary tract and renal function. Methods: Pneumovesicum was established and maintained with CO2 at 10 mm Hg in 10 sows. Cohen cross-trigonal reimplantation was carried out on the left ureter by a vesicoscopic approach. The right ureter was cannulated and served as control. CO2 pneumovesicum was maintained for 2 hours. Color Doppler measurements of the upper urinary tract and blood sampling were carried out 30 minutes before and 2 hours after establishing pneumovesicum, and 30 minutes after releasing the pneumovesicum. Results: Compared with the preoperative values, the bilateral anteroposterior diameters of the renal pelves increased significantly after 2 hours of the pneumovesicum (P < .05). Thirty minutes after release of the pneumovesicum, the anteroposterior diameters decreased and showed no statistically significant difference compared with the preoperative values. No air embolus was detected in the ureters, renal pelves, renal veins, or renal arteries on either side 2 hours after establishing the pneumovesicum. There was no statistically significant change in arterial or venous blood flow. There was no significant change in the urea and creatinine levels 2 hours after establishing the pneumovesicum. Conclusion: CO2 pneumovesicum at a pressure of 10 mm Hg for 2 hours did not result in any demonstrable deleterious effect. © 2010 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

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