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Shuttle Inc. | Date: 2015-07-09

The present invention discloses a portable home device managing system. The system may include a private cloud having a first home device and a wireless access point connected thereto, wherein the first home device is equipped with a first communication element capable of communicating with the wireless access point via a first communication protocol, and wherein the wireless access point is connected to the Internet; and a mobile device authorized to access the private cloud through the Internet, wherein the mobile device transmits an instruction to said first home device as a server to a client so as to control the first home device via a software APP installed on the mobile device.

A method is provided to control a display screen of an electronic apparatus having an accelerometer and a light sensor. The accelerometer acquires a z-axis value and the z-axis value is compared to a first threshold value. The light sensor acquires a brightness value and the brightness value is compared to a second threshold value if the z-axis value is less than the first threshold value. When the z-axis value is less than the first threshold value and the brightness value is less than the second threshold value, the display screen is turned off. In addition, it is to automatically turn on or turn off the display screen by judging detection values of the accelerometer and the light sensor, thereby increasing convenience of operating the electronic apparatus. Further, the detection values are judged to overcome the misjudgement problem of the electronic apparatus.

Shuttle Inc. | Date: 2010-05-25

An integral keyboard assembly is provided. The integral keyboard assembly includes a top casing, a keyboard module, and a support plate. The first surface of the top casing is defined a keyboard bonding area where a plurality of openings is arranged as a keyboard structure distribution. The keyboard module includes multiple keys with interspaces formed therebetween. Each of the keys is inserted into a corresponding one of the openings. The support plate is coupled to the top casing so that the keyboard module is sandwiched between the top casing and the support plate. By implementing the present invention, the keyboard assembly has better integrity and space impression. Furthermore, the keyboard module is provided with improved support by utilizing the support plate.

The present invention discloses a method and system of searching accounts by arranging phone numbers. An individual user table is set up in a general user database and the individual user table includes predetermined phone numbers and predetermined accounts. In addition, each predetermined phone number has at least one corresponding predetermined account. The system will search and show the corresponding predetermined account or the corresponding predetermined phone number after a phone number or an account is input.

Shuttle Inc. | Date: 2011-04-22

The present invention discloses an expedited computer boot system and method. The expedited computer boot system includes: ROM, RAM, and a module for selecting a boot mode. The module for selecting a boot mode at least includes: a detecting unit and a fast boot unit. The fast boot unit reads configuration settings stored in the RAM and loads into operating system based on the configuration settings if the detecting unit detects no device changed. Otherwise, the fast boot unit reads ROM and Power-On Self Test (POST) is executed if any device is changed. Therefore, the computer system can quickly boot and the time for booting computer is shortened.

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