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Zeng A.,Shunde Polytechnic
Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research | Year: 2014

Analyzation of computer network security is to integrate resources related to computer network technology and security system to build a computer network security model. This article start with the current situation of security of computer network and analyze the influential elements of computer network security and security property of computer network to provide references for security property of computer network model. © 2014, Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research. All rights reserved.

Yu X.,Shunde Polytechnic
Agro Food Industry Hi-Tech | Year: 2017

The industrial society reform begins and steps into a new knowledge society in nowadays era of knowledge-driven economy. With the development of knowledge characters and connotation, the idea of intellectual property management develops accordingly, which highlights the importance of knowledge protection. However, in the era of knowledge-driven economy, universities are source of the national innovative knowledge, but still have disadvantages in intellectual property management. In this paper, an effective design idea of university intellectual property management system was proposed by combining existing associated research results and functions of the designed system were analyzed. Finally, related countermeasures and suggestions were proposed to perfect the university intellectual property management system in China.

Yang Q.,Shunde Polytechnic
Agro Food Industry Hi-Tech | Year: 2017

Creative education has become the new development direction of education career in present society of constantly advancing and deepening sports teaching reform in China, thus school sports education need to carry forward teaching methods combining theories with practice urgently, and it should be innovative constantly in teaching forms, contents and objects so as to cultivate more high-quality compound sports talents to meet the needs of all walks of life. This paper analyzes the connotations and prerequisites of creative education concept the methods of literature induction, logical analysis and reasoning etc. Then it explores challenges facing with sports teaching by applying creative concepts, and it also proposes specific strategies in theoretical and practical creation of sports teaching methods starting from various aspects of reasonably determining process of sports teaching, implementing emotional sports teaching, designing sports classroom teaching etc.

Li G.,Shunde Polytechnic
Journal of Nanoelectronics and Optoelectronics | Year: 2017

As the optical fiber technology develops constantly, fiber-optical gas sensors that are characterized by high sensitivity, high selectivity and short response time have been extensively applied for gas detection applications. This study is applied to the digital signal processing (DSP) algorithm for the gas detection system of methane. The zero phase distortion filter algorithm in DSP algorithm was used to process the collected data and reasonable results were obtained. Therefore, it can be concluded that applying the DSP algorithm to the fiber-optical gas sensor network is an effective way. Copyright © 2017 by American Scientific Publishers All rights reserved.

Yu X.-W.,Shunde Polytechnic
International Journal of Online Engineering | Year: 2017

Wireless multi-point real-time environmental monitoring system based on Lab VIEW is composed of three parts: Wireless environment information collection node, communication gateway, and host computer monitoring system. The purpose of this study is to explore the application of wireless monitoring technology in industry. Since that it is at the stage of research feasibility, various sensors used for the applications select the level limited to the ordinary teaching using sensor. AGV uses vehicle manipulator developed by Wuhan Depushi Technology Company and some sensors are simulated. The results of simple basic experiments showed that the wireless module can achieve point to multipoint communication. It is concluded that the monitoring interface can simultaneously process the data of a simulated pipeline terminal node with a simulated AGV data and make them work in a closed loop state.

Zhong W.-P.,Shunde Polytechnic | Zhong W.-P.,Texas A&M University at Qatar | Belic M.,Texas A&M University at Qatar | Belic M.,University of Belgrade
Annals of Physics | Year: 2015

We present a class of exact solutions to the coupled (2. +. 1)-dimensional nonlinear Schrödinger equation with spatially modulated nonlinearity and a special external potential, which describe the evolution of two-component vector solitons in defocusing Kerr-type media. We find a robust soliton solution, constructed with the help of Whittaker functions. For specific choices of the topological charge, the radial mode number and the modulation depth, the solitons may exist in various forms, such as the half-moon, necklace-ring, and sawtooth vortex-ring patterns. Our results show that the profile of such solitons can be effectively controlled by the topological charge, the radial mode number, and the modulation depth. © 2014 Elsevier Inc.

Zhong W.-P.,Shunde Polytechnic | Zhong W.-P.,Texas A&M University at Qatar | Belic M.,Texas A&M University at Qatar | Zhang Y.,Xi'an Jiaotong University
Optics Express | Year: 2015

Nonlinear Schrödinger equation with simple quadratic potential modulated by a spatially-varying diffraction coefficient is investigated theoretically. Second-order rogue wave breather solutions of the model are constructed by using the similarity transformation. A modal quantum number is introduced, useful for classifying and controlling the solutions. From the solutions obtained, the behavior of second order Kuznetsov-Ma breathers (KMBs), Akhmediev breathers (ABs), and Peregrine solitons is analyzed in particular, by selecting different modulation frequencies and quantum modal parameter. We show how to generate interesting second order breathers and related hybrid rogue waves. The emergence of true rogue waves - single giant waves that are generated in the interaction of KMBs, ABs, and Peregrine solitons - is explicitly displayed in our analytical solutions. © 2015 Optical Society of America.

Long J.,Shunde Polytechnic
Advanced Materials Research | Year: 2011

Nano-aluminum, which has high thermal conductivity and good compatibility, was added into paraffin to improve its thermal conductivity. Surface modified technology was adopted and dispersant was used to prepare uniform and stable organic phase-change nano-fluid of paraffin and nano-aluminum. Transient plane source method was used to test the thermal conductivity of the prepared organic phase-change nano-fluid. Results showed that the addition of nano-aluminum largely improved the thermal conductivity of paraffin. After the formula of Lu and Lin was modified, a calculation model for thermal conductivity of the organic phase-change nano-fluid was deduced. And experimental results showed that the results of calculation agreed that of experiment very well. © (2011) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.

Bo J.,Shunde Polytechnic
Advances in Intelligent and Soft Computing | Year: 2012

We first introduce the searching mechanism in Gnutella peer-to-peer (P2P) networks, and then analyze the poor scalability in such networks. To improve the search performance of Gnutella networks, we propose a new method which is used to dynamically optimize the network topology. The simulation results show that the policy can effectively reduce the network resources consumption and optimize the load-balance between nodes, and then improve the scalability of Gnutella network and the search efficiency. © 2012 Springer-Verlag GmbH.

Luo Y.,Shunde Polytechnic
International Journal of Security and its Applications | Year: 2015

Information has become the important and strategic resource, and social informatization has become the developing trend and core.The information safety will play an extremely important role in the information society.It is directly relatedto the national security, business and the normal life. Wireless Public Key Infrastrcture(WPKI) is a technology of wireless networks security, which is applied to transform the e-business and the Internet for shopping, banking and transacting with one another in anywhere at anytime by using the wireless devices of mobile phone, PDA, IPAD and so on.Wireless application protocol (WAP) can ensure the secure e-business services and wireless applications.So the structure, principle, security infrastructure, application model and environment of WPKI are described in detail.Then the mobile e-business securitymodel based on WPKI Technology is proposed in this paper.It will analyze and demonstrate how the WPKI technology can provide the security services to mobile E-business with similar security requirements and provide the reader with a high leveltechnical application of the WPKI technology.And a application system provided an excellent example for demonstrating the effectiveness, and the secrecy, identity authentication and non repudiation are studied and analyzed. © 2015 SERSC.

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