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Sharmila N.,Shrimati Indira Gandhi College | Sundar T.V.,National College Autonomous | Puratchikody A.,Anna University | Sridhar B.,Indian Institute of Chemical Technology
Acta Crystallographica Section E: Structure Reports Online | Year: 2014

The title molecular salt, C13H15N2 +·Br-, crystallized with two independent ion pairs (A and B) in the asymmetric unit. In the cations, the planes of the pyridine and benzene rings are inclined to one another by 79.32(8) and 82.30(10)° in ion pairs A and B, respectively. In the crystal, the anions and cations are connected by N-H⋯Br hydrogen bonds, forming a centrosymmetric tetramer-like unit enclosing an R8 4(16) ring motif. These units are linked via C-H⋯Br hydrogen bonds, forming a three-dimensional network. © 2014.

Shanthi S.,Shrimati Indira Gandhi College | Sivakumar N.,Sultan Qaboos University | Rajapandian K.,Srimad Andavan Arts and Science College | Panneerselvam A.,Avvm Sri Pushpam College | Radha N.,Seemalakshmi Ramasamy College
Asian Journal of Microbiology, Biotechnology and Environmental Sciences | Year: 2015

Bactericidal effects of different extracts of cow urine and neem (Azadirachta indica A. Juss) was studied against Xanthomonas oryzae pv oryzae, the causative agent of bacterial leaf blight disease of paddy. Fresh, incubated, condensed and chloroform extracts of cow urine were tested against X. oryzae pv oryzae. Similarly aqueous, hexane, chloroform, ethyl acetate, methanol, alcohol and cow urine extracts of A. indica were tested for their anüxanthomonas activity. Cow urine extract of A. indica was more effective than the other extracts. Maximum antibacterial activity of cow urine extract of A. indica against X. oryzae pv oryzae was observed at 1600 μg concentration. Phytochemical analysis of incubated cow urine extract of A. indica showed the presence of flavonoids, quinines, alkaloids, coumarin, tannin, saponin and phenol. The GC-MS and FT-ER studies revealed the presence of oxiranes, dibutyl thalate, phenol, benzene dicarboxylic acid which could be the possible essential antimicrobial principles against X. oryzae. © Global Science Publications.

Vinodhini J.,Thiagarajar College of Engineering | Malaikozhundan B.,Thiagarajar College of Engineering | Malaikozhundan B.,Shrimati Indira Gandhi College
Indian Journal of Animal Research | Year: 2011

A field study was carried out to find out the effect of different botanical pesticides and a chemical pesticide on the sucking pests of cotton, Gossypium hirsutum. Insitu count of leafhopper (Amrasca devastans) and aphids (Aphis gossypii) were made prior to the pesticide application and on 1st, 3rd, and 7th day after application of pesticides. Of the different botanicals used, neem seed kernel extract (5%) was found to be effective followed by Pongamia glabra seed kernel extract (5%), neem oil (3%) and Pongamia glabra oil (3%) against the sucking pests (Leafhopper and Aphids) of cotton. Maximum population reduction was noticed on the 3rd day after treatment.

Meena K.,Bharathidasan University | Vijayalakshmi N.,Shrimati Indira Gandhi College
Indian Journal of Public Health Research and Development | Year: 2015

Statistical Hypothesis Testing methods and Association Rule Mining through Frequent Item-set Mining have been used to analyze and mine knowledge on significant factors causing infertility in women. Even though there are a number of factors causing infertility in women, only three significant factors namely Age, Body Mass Index and Thyroid Stimulating Hormone Levels during prenatal periods have been taken for analysis. Sample data was collected from the case sheets of outpatients visiting a Fertility centre and Maternity Hospital at Trichy. Out of several independent attributes collected about outpatients, only three attributes considered to be significant have been taken up for preliminary study. The aim of the study is to assess the significance of the said factors in the light of fertility in women. Common attributes have been considered among an equal sample size of fertile and infertile outpatients. The results of the study show that the attributes considered are significant in determining fertility of women both individually and together. It is found that age significantly influences Body Mass Index and Thyroid Stimulating Hormone Levels. It is also found that obesity triggers changes in hormonal levels. © 2015, Indian Journal of Public Health Research and Development. All Rights Reserved.

Meena K.,Bharathidasan University | Gomathy M.,Shrimati Indira Gandhi College
ARPN Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences | Year: 2016

Cloud computing provides computing resource in an on-demand manner. It is provisioned resources from huge data centers situated in different geographical locations in the world. It mainly supports small and medium scale enterprises to startup their business in globally. It has many advantages in resource provisioning and other services but it also has some security related problems. Cloud enables outsourced computing. The nature of outsourced computing brings up many security issues in cloud environment. Due to the security issues in cloud, users are not willing adopt the cloud. This paper presents an elaborated study on different security framework and data protection techniques in cloud environment. Each framework works on their functionality and address security issues in public cloud environment. Finally, paper discusses results of each framework and data protection techniques. © 2006-2016 Asian Research Publishing Network (ARPN). All rights reserved.

Firdous J.,University of Kuala Lumpur | Bharathi,Shrimati Indira Gandhi College | Muhamad N.,University of Kuala Lumpur | Zaini F.,University of Kuala Lumpur
International Journal of Pharmacy and Technology | Year: 2016

Medicinal plants are the alternative remedy for antibiotics in treating human diseases for centuries because they contain numerous active constituents of therapeutic importance. The medicinal value of plant extracts is due to their target sites other than those used by antibiotics will be active against drug-resistant microbial pathogens. In the present study,the antimicrobial activity of Picrorhiza kurroa extract was analysed and evaluated using thin layer chromatography and fourier transform infra-red spectroscopy. The phytochemical screening of the plant extract in previous studies done by us showed the presence of alkaloids,tannins,steroids,flavonoids,saponins,tannins and phenolics. The presence of various bioactive compounds justifies the use of the plant for various ailments by traditional practitioners. As a result,Picrorhiza kurroa extract possesses antimicrobial activity as the zone of inhibition was observed for both gram positive as well as gram negative bacterial strains. The organic compounds responsible for such activity was also evaluated using TLC and FTIR. © 2016,International Journal of Pharmacy and Technology. All rights reserved.

Karthikeyan B.,Bishop Heber College | Kanimozhi N.,Shrimati Indira Gandhi College | Hari Ganesh S.,Bishop Heber College
ARPN Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences | Year: 2016

Resent days Mobile Ad Hoc Network (MANET) mostly uses reactive on-demand routing protocols where routes are launch only when the node needed. Most of the protocols which one is belongs to this category are not including proper security facilities. A MANET is a collection of autonomous mobile nodes with self-configuring, self-administrating features. The Mobile ad hoc environment is accessible by both genuine network users and malicious network attackers. Packets that are routed during route discovery itself it has to be protected in such a way that it has minimum chance of having a malicious node in path formed. In this paper the proposed En-SIm AODV (Encrypt-Security Improved Ad Hoc on Demand Distance Vector Routing Protocol) is the upgraded version of the SIm AODV (Security Improved Ad Hoc on Demand Distance Vector Routing Protocol) which one comes from the previous work. The proposed work uses the private key encryption and decryption to avoid intrusions. © 2006-2016 Asian Research Publishing Network (ARPN).

Varalakshmi B.,Shrimati Indira Gandhi College | Karpagam T.,Shrimati Indira Gandhi College | Barani M.,Shrimati Indira Gandhi College
International Journal of Pharma and Bio Sciences | Year: 2011

Diabetes mellitus is a major endocrine disorder. Herbal treatments are becoming increasingly popular, as the herbal preparations have no or least side effects than synthetic hypoglycaemic drugs. Hence research has been focused on scientific evaluation of traditional hypoglycaemic drugs of plant origin. In our present study the methanolic extract of hyperglycaemic was investigated for its anti-hyperglycaemic activity at two different doses (100 mg/kg, 200mg/kg body weight hyperglycaemic on blood glucose, lipid profile and antioxidant levels in alloxan induced diabetic rats against standard drug Glibenclamide (600 μg/kg b.w). Results of biochemical estimations were reported as mean ± SD. It was conclude that from these studies the extract prepared from the leaves of Caesalpinia bonduc (L.)Roxb possess potential hypoglycaemic effects when compared with standard drug Glibenclamide. Even though both the concentrations showed varying degree of anti-hyperglycaemic activity, 200mg/kg b.w dosage showed better anti-hyperglycaemic activity.

Gomathy M.,Shrimati Indira Gandhi College | Devi V.K.,Shrimati Indira Gandhi College | Meenakshi D.,Shrimati Indira Gandhi College
Proceedings - 2014 World Congress on Computing and Communication Technologies, WCCCT 2014 | Year: 2014

A framework for detecting and recording the flaws that happen during the usage of web applications is designed and a library functionality to perform this is discussed in this paper. The recorded information can be stored at different levels of detail, commonly called the logging levels. For some modules more than others, it may be required to store more detailed information about any error that arises during its usage according to its importance. A Web Application also needs to print the stack trace containing the error information on the web page when an error occurs for the user to understand the nature of the error. When dealing with legacy web applications, it is difficult to insert code. The proposed and designed framework is tested with a web application called Kic Kart. © 2014 IEEE.

Menaka K.,Shrimati Indira Gandhi College
Proceedings - 2014 World Congress on Computing and Communication Technologies, WCCCT 2014 | Year: 2014

Data hiding is the skill of hiding messages in such a way that only the sender and the receiver of the message know that the message has been hidden. In the contexts of secured information transmission and reception, efficient techniques for data encryption and decryption are very much essential. Though many algorithms have been developed for hiding the data, DNA sequences based data encryption seems to be a promising strategy for fulfilling the current information security needs. In this paper, an algorithm using DNA sequences for data hiding is proposed and discussed for secure data transmission and reception. © 2014 IEEE.

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