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Chen G.-J.,Shougang Institute of Technology | Zhu W.-C.,Shougang Institute of Technology | Hu X.-G.,Shougang Institute of Technology | Cai J.-C.,Shougang Qiangang Company | And 2 more authors.
Kang T'ieh/Iron and Steel (Peking) | Year: 2010

The limited factors of blast temperature were analyzed as to present state of Qiangang No.2 blast furnace system, and the feasibility of high blast temperature was reviewed from hot blast stove, hot pipe and high blast temperature capability of BF. By high blast temperature test in Qiangang No.2 blast furnace, practical measures of realizing high blast temperature were summed up and analyzed. It shows that high blast temperature is related with not only stove operation but also material-fuel and operation of blast furnace. The results show that high blast temperature should be combined with technology such as pulverized coal injection and enriched-oxygen, and the effect of energy-saving will be realized. The aim of high blast temperature to 1280°C is realized by this test of high blast temperature, the study above will offer the referenced role to further improve blast temperature.

Zhu F.D.,ORDOS Vocational College | Zhu B.Y.,ORDOS Vocational College | Liu J.,ShouGang QianGang Company
Advanced Materials Research | Year: 2014

Ni-based cladding coatings are prepared on the surface of hydraulic prop mobile column by high-frequency induction cladding with different current. Microstructures of coatings are analyzed by metallographic microscope as well as SEM, while coatings and matrix elements are analyzed by EDS. The results show that metallurgical bonding is formed among transition regions of matrix and coatings with obvious white band, when cladding frequency is 250KHz and current is 1160A. The microstructures of coatings are eutectics of "austenite + carbide", relatively uniform. During the process of cladding, Fe as well as Mn in matrix permeats to coatings; while Si element in coatings permeats to matrix. As a result, the Fe content of trasition regions is raised, and the contents of Ni and Cr is comparatively reduced. © (2014) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.

Li X.-D.,Northeastern University China | Yuan G.,Northeastern University China | Jiang X.,Shougang Qiangang Company | Wang G.-D.,Northeastern University China
Dongbei Daxue Xuebao/Journal of Northeastern University | Year: 2015

According to the rolling process of X80 pipeline steels and the basic theories of heat transfer, a cooling control model of ultra-fast cooling (UFC) was established. A UFC control strategy of X80 pipeline steel was developed by simulating the temperature field of UFC process for the steel strip. The results showed that the uniform mode starting initial configuration and the use of forward additional strategies were benefited for the high UFC control precision and low temperature deviation between the steel centre and surface. To deal with influences of the technological condition fluctuations, an adaptive system of UFC was developed to correct temperature deviation in real-time and that between steel coils at UFC outlet. A satisfied result was achieved in field practice, which provided technology supports for the implementation of controlled cooling process. ©, 2015, Northeastern University. All right reserved.

Zhao H.-B.,University of Science and Technology Beijing | Cheng S.-S.,University of Science and Technology Beijing | Bai Y.-Q.,University of Science and Technology Beijing | Ma J.-F.,University of Science and Technology Beijing | And 3 more authors.
Kang T'ieh/Iron and Steel (Peking) | Year: 2011

To simulate the effect of iron ore reduction in lumpy zone on the permeability of stock column in BF, the experimental methods were designed according to the actual movement of burden, temperature distribution and gas compositions. The equipments were built which could monitor the pressure drop of burden column and reduction index of ore at real-time. The evaluating indicators for the effects of gradually temperature rise and reduction of ore on the permeability of burden column were given. The pressure drop of burden column and the reduction index of sinter, pellet, lump ore and mixed ores were tested. It is found that the degradation index after gradually temperature rise and reduction has good correlation with the increment rate of pressure drop of burden column, which is more proper to judge the effect of ore reduction in the entire lumpy zone in BF on the permeability of burden column and to evaluate the effect of ore property on BF operation than conventional low temperature test of reduction degradation. The influences of testing factors on the ore degradation were also studied, including original particle size, weight loss by reduction, reduction temperature, reduction time, heating, drumming and soaking.

Xu F.-F.,University of Science and Technology Beijing | Cheng S.-S.,University of Science and Technology Beijing | Zhao H.-B.,University of Science and Technology Beijing | Ma J.-F.,Shougang Qiangang Company | Xie N.-Q.,Shougang Qiangang Company
Journal of Iron and Steel Research | Year: 2013

In the processing of blast furnace, hanging in lump zone is a common problem, which has great influence on smooth operation and high production. Meanwhile, pressure drop of lump zone can directly inflect the possibility of hanging in the lump zone. Therefore, in order to make calculated value consist with the practice of BF, a new mathematic model was built. The relationship among high pressure operation, burden permeability and smooth operation was investigated, which was based on actual production of blast furnace of Qian Steel. The calculating results are in accord with the results of measuring in actual processing. Meanwhile, effective range of changes of burden's diameter and voidage for pressure drop of lump zoon becomes smaller and smaller as the increasing of top pressure. The model can be ported to operate the hanging problems, and used to predict the change trend of lump zone's pressure drop with the variety of top pressure and blast volume, which can give the reference data for operator in the process of dealing with the problem of hanging.

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