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Yokohama-shi, Japan

Shincron Co. | Date: 2012-09-17

Provided is a thin film forming apparatus for reducing operation time and cost by forming a film only on a specific portion on substrates. A substrate holding mechanism provided in the apparatus includes: substrate holding members holding substrates in a manner that a part of a non-film forming portion of a substrate overlaps the other substrate and a film forming portion is exposed, a support member supporting the substrate holding members, and a rotation member which rotates the support member. The substrate holding members include: holding surfaces holding the substrates and disposed between a film forming source and the substrates, step portions formed between the holding surfaces in a manner that ends of the substrates respectively contact with the step portions, and opening portions formed on the holding surfaces of the portion corresponding to the film forming portion when the ends of the substrates contact with the step portions.

Shincron Co. | Date: 2011-08-02

A film deposition method of a silicon carbide thin film having a high transmissivity and high film strength applicable for optical use purposes is provided. The film can be formed safely and efficiently in a short time and on a low heat resistance substrate. The method can include depositing a silicon carbide thin film on a moving substrate by using a film formation apparatus configured such that a reaction process region and film formation process regions are arranged spatially separated from one another in a vacuum container. Silicon targets can be sputtered in one region and carbon targets can be sputtered in another region. Thereby, an interlayer thin film containing silicon and carbon is formed on the substrate. Next, in another region, the interlayer thin film can be exposed to plasma generated in an atmosphere of a mixed gas including inert gas and hydrogen.

Shincron Co. | Date: 2012-09-26

Provided is a film formation apparatus with which an anti-fouling film having high usability and antiwear performance may be formed efficiently. According to a film formation apparatus (

An optical film thickness measuring device, enabling direct measurement of a film thickness of a product in real time accurately without a monitor substrate, includes: a projector, a light receiver, inner beam splitters disposed in a base substrate holder to reflect a measurement beam to a base substrate, an inner optical reflector that totally reflects a measurement beam from the closest inner beam splitter, external beam splitters the measurement beam from the inner beam splitters toward the light receiver, and an outer optical reflector that reflects the measurement beam from the optical reflector toward the light receiver. The measurement beam reflected by the inner beam splitters and the inner optical reflector is passed through the base substrate and then reflected by the external beam splitters and the outer optical reflector to be guided to the light receiver, so that the measurement beam is received by the light receiver.

SHINCRON Co. | Date: 2012-02-16

A translucent hard thin film having high transmissivity and film strength is provided. The translucent hard thin film can be composed of a laminated film formed on a substrate surface, wherein the laminated film has a superlattice structure obtained by stacking a plurality of SiO

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