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Shin Kobe Electrical Machinery Co. | Date: 2015-03-06

Provided herein is a lead-acid battery for which the risk of breakage of a current collecting lug part of a plate while in use is eliminated by simple means. At least a positive plate group of the lead-acid battery includes: one or more plates each including a current collector having a current collecting portion formed by expanding or punching a lead alloy sheet manufactured by cold rolling, and one or more current collecting lug parts unitarily formed with the current collecting portion; and a strap formed by a cast-on strap casting method and coupled to the one or more current collecting lug parts. The current collecting lug part is formed with an elongated protrusion extending in a direction away from the current collecting portion. The elongated protrusion continuously extends in a direction toward the current collecting portion of the plate from inside the strap.

Shin Kobe Electrical Machinery Co. | Date: 2013-06-27

A thin film is used in a metallic collector in order to increase the volume energy density. However, the strength of the thin film is low, so when a negative plate or a positive plate is directly joined to a terminal base portion, even an insignificant load might cause damage, such as cutting of the metallic collector. Even in a structure where the metallic collector is joined to a highly-conductive plate-like metal or a highly-conductive plate-like resin, and where the collecting plate is joined to a terminal base portion, the connection between the collecting plate and the terminal base portion affects the battery properties. The present invention provides a rechargeable battery including an electrode group in which a metallic collector having a negative active material layer formed on a surface, a separator retaining an electrolyte, and another metallic collector having a positive active material layer formed on a surface are alternately disposed in a layered manner into a strip shape such that the separator is interposed between the two kinds of metallic collectors, and electrode plate tabs formed at ends of the two kinds of metallic collectors are joined to each of metallic collecting plates by a predetermined number, and the metallic collecting plates are joined together with pressing plates, by fitting between a bolt and a nuts, to a terminal base portion having a through-hole for the bolt.

SHIN KOBE Electrical MACHINERY CO. | Date: 2013-10-23

A lead acid storage battery composed of plates, the lead acid storage battery being obtained by packing an active material into a grid plate provided with a frame section having a quadrangular profile shape, and lateral grid strands and longitudinal grid strands that form a grid inside the frame section. The lateral grid strands are composed of thick lateral strands having a thickness equal to the thickness of the frame section, and thin lateral strands of smaller width and thickness than the thick strands, the longitudinal grid strands being composed of thick longitudinal strands that have a thickness that is less than thickness of the frame section, one end in the thickness direction being arranged in the same plane as one end of the frame section in the thickness direction, and thin longitudinal strands of smaller width and thickness than the thick longitudinal strands.

Shin Kobe Electrical Machinery Co. | Date: 2012-08-01

A battery-state monitoring system capable of precisely and efficiently estimating the state and service life of a plurality of storage batteries charged with power generated by utilizing natural energy and constantly connected to an equipment is provided. The system includes a power supply control device that detects a current in each battery, an end device that measures temperature, voltage, and internal resistance of each battery, the internal resistance being measured by using two or more kinds of frequencies, and a prime monitoring device that acquires measurement data from the end device corresponding to each battery and issues an instruction related to an operation to the power supply control device and the end device. The prime monitoring device estimates degradation of each battery based on at least one of temperature, voltage, and internal resistance.

Shin Kobe Electrical Machinery Co. | Date: 2015-09-14

A high-input and high-output battery having a large capacity while guaranteeing safety is provided. As a composition of an electrolytic solution, a composition ratio of ethylene carbonate (EC) is 20 vol % or more and 30 vol % or less, and a composition ratio of dimethyl carbonate (DMC) is 36 vol % or more and 50 vol % or less, and a composition ratio (DMC/EMC) of dimethyl carbonate (DMC) and ethyl methyl carbonate (EMC) is 1.01.7. Furthermore, a composition ratio of an additive is 0.1 wt. % or more and 1.0 wt. % or less, and a concentration of lithium salt is 1.0 mol/L or more and 1.5 mol/L or less.

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